Monday, January 28, 2013

Green...In Treasuries And In Marriage!

       Happy Monday, Everybody!...or is it Tuesday where you live?! ^_^ Whatever the case, Happy, Happy!! :-) Let's make the beginning of this week get off to a good start, shall we!...I'm gonna do my part. I'm gonna share my weekend happiness with you! :-)
      My weekend happiness has to do with a well thought out conclusion I came to over the weekend. It has to do with marriage...I even wrote a new poem about it. It's at the end of this post....NO!...I don't want you to scroll down there yet!!! LOL...First let me share something else that made me happy this weekend!...

      My little crochet necklace was chosen for a cute treasury full of my favorite! :-)

       Happy, happy! :-)

     And here are a couple of my favorite items from the treasury, besides the earrings in the header photo I mean...

      Now...the happy conclusion I came to over the weekend is that I'm happy to be a long time married person! ;-) ... I wouldn't go back to being a short time married person if you paid me!!!
      I'm not gonna get into the particulars, but let me just say...newly married people have so much energy!...passion!...emotion!...anxiety!...anxiousness!....Aargh! LOL...Of course they, being short time married people, think it's great! They don't see anything wrong with all of that 'what-are-we-gonna-do-next? Where-are-we-gonna-go-now?' energy!...but as long time married people, hubby and I get tired just watching them navigate the world! LOL
    It's sometimes hard for hubby and I to believe that we used to be like that! We used to bounce from event to event, gathering to gathering...we used to get very upset at the slightest seeming sideways comment...we used to celebrate everything as an anniversary {the anniversaries of our first kiss, our first hand-hold, our first car ride, our first long talk, etc...}...we used to think that no one on the planet loved each other as much as we loved each other! ugh!...we were sickening!!! ^_^
     I was reminded of all of that angst this weekend....and reminded how thankful I am that we're not back in it anymore!!! ^_^ ... All due respect to newly married people. We 'do' get it! You love each other!!! And we're so happy to see true love in the world, but WOW!!! We can't wait to see what you're like at year ten...or twenty!...when you finally realize that just because your husband doesn't finish your every word, or your wife doesn't wanna fix your favorite dish at every meal, that doesn't mean that your love is dying!...ugh! LOL
      At 30 plus years hubby and I are more deeply in love than we ever were! But I still don't think his toenails are cute, and he doesn't love the way I smell early in the morning....Shoot us! LOL...Making sure we hold hands when other people are around is not a priority, and making sure we never argue about ANYTHING is not even close to being what we aspire to! Sometimes an argument is necessary!...We just don't get into calling names or bringing each other's 12-toed relatives into it!! LOL
     As I said...Ahhhhh! The Happiness!!....I was never so happy to see a Monday come!!! LOL...Have a Happy Monday, Everybody!...And you short time marrieds....bring it down a notch for us old timers, will ya!! ^_^

The Long and Short Of It

Long time marriage is not the same as
those just married for a year.
Short time marriages are fearless.
An easier said: "I'm outta here!"

Long time marriages are fearful,
but not of who is gonna leave.
They're more fearful of cleaned closets,
and what clothes their spouse will heave.

Short time marriages are passion filled.
Everything is 'do or die'!
Anniversaries are epic,
usually a feasting for the eye.

Long time marriages are quieter.
Life's a journey. Not a ride.
Their mate's faults, inconsequential.
But their stories, deep and wide.

Short time marriages 'Go! Go! Go!'
Always planning what's next to do.
An excited bride is always learning,
and the groom is learning how to please his 'boo'.

Long time marriages are more settled.
there is nowhere they 'HAVE TO' be.
And if someone else thinks so,
just try to 'Make 'Em' and you'll see!

Don't get me wrong, there's clearly love
in both the short and the long of it.
But the way that they approach it?
Yeah, it varies quite a bit.

Short time lovers, and their in-laws,
wonder how it's gonna go.
Long time lovers know that wonder,
like their in-laws, ebb and flow.

Short time marrieds, always seeking,
feel everything is on the line.
Long time marrieds know they'll make it,
and are just seeking where next to dine!


  1. Anonymous1/28/2013

    Debbie, i can really relate to the marriage stuff. Just celebrated our
    23rd anniversary ....


  2. Happy 23rd anniversary, Jocel!!!...Yep, you guys are long-timers!! ^_^

  3. Anonymous1/28/2013

    Thanks Debbie. Yes we sure are long-timers!!


  4. Hi Deb! I'm enjoying being a long time wife to a great guy! I remember those early days of wedded bliss..hahaha! Drama! Now that I've broken Jack in, I wouldn't trade him for a newer..or older..model!

    1. yay for long time marrieds!!! ^_^ And I know you knew exactly what I was talking about!! LOL...And Shhhh! Stop telling the trade secrets about 'breaking in' the husbands!! lol

  5. I had to laugh at your post. I'm not sure which category Mark & I fit into. We are newly wed but we've been together for 7 years. I certainly don't feel like we're the typical newly wed full of energy couple lol we behave more like the long-timers.

    I love the dangly beads on your necklace and that little owl hat is so cute!

    1. Hmmmmm...I'm not sure which category you're in either, Jo! LOL You may not be in either yet though...strangely enough! ^_^ For sure you're not short time marrieds Whew!! LOL


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