Thursday, September 26, 2013

Just A Little Peek At My New Wedding Crochet Brooch Set!

      I just have to apologize right off the bat this morning to any of you who are just sick to death of hearing me talk about my new crochet boutonniere and brooch set....Sorry. :-) But here we go again!!
      I'm almost completely done with it, and I needed to do this post as a reference for anybody that wants to look at the whole package in my shop on Etsy. Etsy only gives you five slots for photos, and this big ole 'baby' needs to be seen in more than five photos! ^_^ 
      First, let me show you the bride's brooch (on the right below) again...sitting alongside the flower girl brooch! (on the left below) :-) ...

      The bridal brooch has an extra layer of petals around the outside, and is a little larger. But I figured that whatever little girl the bride chose as her flower girl, she would want them to look as special as her that day. :-)

      And I also figured that the bride would want her bridesmaids to look beautiful, and feel special, too! Not to mention be unified, while they're by her side that day! :-) .... So I made these three bridesmaid brooches (below) for them! :-) ...

      Now, men...generally speaking...don't like huge flowers on their lapel! So I grappled with how to make the groom look special, and stand out, without sticking a huge flower on him. :-)) I asked my hubby for suggestions and he said: "Make his white, but put some blue or silver in the middle.....Nah!...Not silver. Put BLUE in the middle!" So that's what I did...but in 'turquoise', not plain blue!! (groom's boutonniere on the left below) ^_^ ...

      The tiny lapel pin on the right (above) is a ring bearer lapel pin. :-) ... Hey! Little boys have to look kinda special too, don't they?! ^_^

      Speaking of boys...I also made three groomsmen boutonnieres (below)...

      Hubby suggested that the groomsmen boutonnieres should be the opposite color design from the groom (turquoise, with white centers). {Of course, when people order them 'MADE TO ORDER' they can choose whatever colors they want!!! :-)

      That's the package! ^_^ 

1 Bride's 3-layer Brooch 
1 Flower Girl Brooch
3 Bridesmaid 3-layer Brooches
1 Groom's Boutonniere
1 Ring Bearer's Lapel Pin
3 Groomsmen Boutonnieres
(Plus 2 FREE Mother's Brooches...for the mothers of the bride and groom)

    All of the brooches, boutonnieres, and lapel pins can have either a brooch pin, a button, a foldable pin fastener, or a button clutch pin on the back, to wear them...depending on the customer's preference...

      I've made a few with the new clutch pins on the back. Hubby really likes them!!...

      By the way, I'm also gonna be adding an extra couple of brooches to the package as free gifts! ^_^ Two loopier, slightly larger brooches...for the mother of the bride, and the mother of the groom! :-) ...

     The above brooch is one of the mother's brooches that I started last night. It's sorta like the groom's brooch...but bigger...and loopier! ^_^ ... The mother of the bride's brooch will look sorta like it, but with a silver center. :-) I may add them to this post later.

       As of right now, the whole package will be about $110, plus shipping. I think a wedding is worth that, don't you?! ^_^ ... By the way, if you want to make the wedding package your own way...customize it! are the prices:

-- 3-layer Brooches = $11.00 each (add $1.00 for specialty threads, like the silver shown above) 
-- Regular size Brooches and Boutonnieres = $10.50 each
-- tiny Lapel Pins = $9.50 each
-- Mother's Loop-Style Brooches $11.50
-- Bridal Necklaces = Add $1.00 to the price of any brooch (All of the brooches and pins can be converted and made with a leather cord, or a gun metal ball chain and bar necklace.) 

      Just give me your order by going over to my Wuglyees Etsy shop and leaving me a message in the "Contact the shop owner" section. Each package will be MADE TO ORDER within 2-4 weeks! (Sometimes shorter, depending on how busy I am at the time.)

     So there's my 'PEEK'! :-) ...

      Now I'm off to get that mother's brooch finished! :-) Have a good day, Everybody!!

New Marriage

Congratulations, You two!
Your new life has just begun.
Each other you may have known,
but what was two, will now be one.

One in your love for each other.
One in your mind and your heart.
One in co-operation.
One in this new life you'll start,
as married folks-never apart.


  1. They're beautiful!! I hope you get a lot of orders too! :)

    1. Thanks, Cindy! ♥ I finally got the photos all done in order to list them too. I'm too tired to do it tonight though....tomorrow!! :-)) Right now it's 'Z Town' for me!! LOL Goodnight, my friend.


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