Thursday, June 9, 2011

Can You Call '2 Days' A Heat Wave?!

Thanks WWLP, for the photo of the electric light show our skies were putting off yesterday!! WOW! Pretty, but....Uh...kinda scary considering what happened last week with the weather around here!

Thankfully, even though we saw some of the 'dancing light show', we only heard a few thunder boomers before we went to bed...We saw the forecast on the weather map though, and we saw that all of that green, yellow, and 'RED' was heading our way...on a direct path! And that's why I went to bed!! ^_^

I've had enough of this 'watching the weather maps' thing, over the last week or so, to last me a lifetime!! Sometimes you just can't worry about things you can't do anything about anyway, and you just have to go to sleep!!!...Now, today, we'll do it all over again!! UGH!

This will be the 2nd day of our heat wave. That is, if you can call 2 days a 'Heat Wave'!!...I say: "Yes!" Especially when it's going to be between 94-98 degrees!! And also have the chance of damaging winds, hail, and so forth!...It's almost enough for a 'Martha and the Vandellas' song!! ^_^

Thankfully though, not everything having to do with Electricity and heat yesterday was bad!...I saw this cute Electric Company Pendant by effulgentstudios on Etsy...
...And when we got our Light Bill from the Holyoke Gas & Electric Company yesterday...{Wait! It's good news!!! :-)}...we noticed that there was something else wrapped up in there with the bill. Hmmmm....Since when did the Electric company start doing this?!

They're tickets to a local game!!! :-)

WOW!! Really?! What are you trying to tell us Mr. Electric Company?! That we've paid you so much money over the last year that we probably could own some stock in your company, and since that's so embarrassing you felt like you had to send us a gift?!....Or, that you just want to acknowledge that we are good customers, always paying our bill on matter how ridiculously high it is?! ^_^

Whatever the case...we'll take 'em!!!...But there is a little problem. We might not be able to go. :-( Well...I wouldn't go anyway, but hubby would.
But they're on the same night as our weekly meeting at the Kingdom Hall!...So, unless some schedules get juggled, which happens sometimes because we share our Hall with two other Congregations, these poor little tickets will go to waste...Unless we can trade them or give them away. Anybody in the local area up for a trade?! :-) What-cha-got?!! ^_^

While I'm waiting for all of the offers to come pouring in, I'm gonna be crocheting away on my black and white shawl, and listening to some music. And here's a little bit for you too! :-)

Have a good day Everybody!!! :-)

It's Like...Weather!

It's like a heat wave going on,
with lots of lightening in the sky.
Lots of tree branch-looking lasers,
high up there where birdies fly.

It's like a thunder storm of weather,
big loud 'BOOMS!' out from the dark.
They'll be no picnics, and no golfing.
No kids playing at the park.

It's like a Tropical Depression.
So much rain and wind and stuff.
Puts a kink in all your planning,
making 'Rolling With It' tough!!


  1. What a great "gift" from the electric company! Isn't that the way it ALWAYS goes? Always on a meeting night! I wonder why?? wink wink! My hubby wants to go to a Detroit Tigers game this summer (yep...they're doing good so far this year). I'll bet our electric company doesn't give us any tickets! LOL
    Stay cool and listen to Martha! Love the poem as usual too!

  2. CinLynn, I Know...with the meeting night thing!!! That happened once when hubbygot all excited about a Red Sox game too! {That's his team. I'm a Yankees fan. Well...I used to be. Since we've moved here, and they black out some Yankees games...THE NERVE!!...I'm starting to actually like the Red Sox!! It's 'bad association' run a muck!!! LOL By the way, thanks for the nice words about my 'last minute' poem. You're encouraging me. Watch out!!! LOL

  3. Wow...nice little gift but wait...maybe the stands are empty and this is the way to fill them?
    Great choice on music!!!

  4. Kelly, You know...I never thought of that!!! It's a ploy!! LOL Well...Ha Ha to them! It's not gonna work!! LOL...And I'm glad you liked the music! :-]

  5. I would LOVE some rain about now!

  6. Similar to you lovely folks out east, we have had quite a volatile 2011 weather-wise. Hope the storms aren't too severe. We had the same weather you are experiencing a couple of days ago. Early this morning we were woken up by teeming rain, booming thunder and the most amazing lightning display. Now it is 55 degrees. Yesterday it was 98! Crazy weather! Love Martha and the Vandellas! Listening to those fabulous tunes will certainly take your mind off the weather. I'm very surprised that the electric company would offer free tickets to a local game. Our electric company only offers a price hike for a gift (to themselves!)

  7. That was a lovely surprise from you electric company! I wish mine did that. All I get is a 3% discount if I pay my account on time.
    I hope you managed to stay cool today :)

  8. The weather has been nutty! I live in Enfield, and I has been nervous...glad everyone on your side is all right

  9. Shannon, Really?!...Come and get it!! LOL We got tons of it today!! ^_^

  10. Hello,

    A lot of rain... last night and this afternoon.
    What?? Are they sending tickets now?? We got the bill yesterday, but no tickets here...

    Have a nice evening

  11. Julie, Guess what?! We had the same thing today too!! Strong winds, rain like crazy, thunder, lightening, and hail!! No kidding!! We had the conditions to spawn the tornadoes again too, but THANKFULLY we didn't get any!!...Tomorrow our humidity levels are suppose to go down, and the temperature is 'ONLY' going to be 83 or so. The next day it's suppose to be about 20 degrees lower than that!!...So fun, this weather...NOT!!! LOL At least I have Martha and the Vandellas...and free tickets!! ^_^ {I thought your comment about the 'free gift' your electric company was giving out was hilarious!! ^_^ Now you know why I was so surprised about the tickets! That free gift is the same one we usually get!! LOL...Have a good weekend!

  12. Jo-anne, :-)) Too bad you don't live closer to here! Maybe you could take the tickets and have a good time at the game! Maybe I would even crochet you another scarf to wear!! :-)) ... And Oh Yeah! I stayed cool! Tucked in my air conditioned cocoon! :-)

  13. Jacy, Ohhh! You're right on the border. You must have gotten some of that lovely storm we got today too!...I'm glad you made it too! So fun, isn't it?!! UGH!

  14. Priscila, Yep! We got all of that too!...And winds, lightening, thunder...and hail!! O_0 It didn't last very long. About an hour or so...and that was ENOUGH!!!...Hey! You didn't get tickets?!! Wonder what that's all about?! Are you going to the game?!...Do you want to?!


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