Friday, June 17, 2011

I Needed Some 'Happy' and......I Got It!!!

      When you're having a bad day, like I was having yesterday, it's nice when you can see that 'someone' is going out of their way to help you get encouragement. :-) And that's what happened to me! 
     I wanted to take a long nap...longer than my usual I mean... ^_^ ...and wake up and have the day have been a bad dream. But no!....It was real alright!! So, the next best thing to a 'Nap-of Forgetfulness' was being able to redirect my mind into a positive place. And thanks to some Bible reading, music, crocheting, and wonderfully encouraging comments from all of you, it worked! I'm in a much better mental place this morning! :-) Your thoughtful words were very appreciated. THANK YOU! 
      And also appreciated was this quote that I saw on the blog bitsotruth..."The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything". I AGREE!!! So, today I'm on a quest to make the best of everything....with my trusty knight in shining armor by my side...Hubby is home! LOL
    He's making me a powerful happiness-inducer called....BREAKFAST right now! ^_^ And in the meantime, I thought I'd show you some things from Etsy that make me happy too! {You can click on any of the items to go to the item or the shop where they're from.}
        Considering that I'm a hummingbird watching fool these days....and they are more and more coming up to the window to watch me!...anything with the hint of a bird on it catches my attention immediately! ^_^ This particular eco-friendly zip pouch is already sold, but there's many more in the shop. Just click on it!
    And is there any surprise as to why I like this 'Flower' cushion?! :-)
     Or this crochet flower necklace! :-)
        And if you have jewelry...any kind of have to have somewhere to put it, right?! And being as I collect jewelry boxes, this one really made my 'clicker finger' twitch!! LOL
       I love the little butterflies on the side!
     And I've told you all about my love of pocketbooks...Look at this natural cotton knitted bag!!...with flowers!!...I'm SMILING!!!
      And this large handbag, with stripes and spots all over it.....Hmmm....reminds me of a certain black and white shawl! :-) {It's finished by the way. I'll show you soon...maybe tomorrow.}
        I don't know why this photograph of the setting sun over a farm caught my eye...but it did! And it made me very happy. :-) Maybe it was remembering a much slower time in my life, or maybe it was the beautiful sky!....Yeah, that's probably it, because we've got more rain...and more rain here in Massachusetts today!
       Why this Glitter Beret makes me happy is obvious! :-)
      And the same goes for these turquoise blue tumblers!
        And, last but not least, some music equipment!! :-)
     Isn't that a beautiful Mandolin?!!.....Reminded me of a song! :-)

Have a good day everybody!! Happy Friday! :-)

Feeling Better

There's no card for "Feeling Better"!
But I think that there should be,
when my friends have sent good wishes;
and been loving up on me.

When they've sent good food to eat,
flowers, cards, emails, and calls.
When they've made it bearable
watching T.V. and 4 walls.

I'd like a card to send them back,
with a smiley face there too,
saying: "Feeling so much better;
and it's all because of you!"


  1. I'm so glad you're happier today! I love all the etsy items that make you happy too! And it's good that hubby is home today to dote on you! And the poem always tells the story! I think it should be a card!
    Have a wonderful Friday, my friend!

  2. I love the happy saying! you have picked some great things from Etsy, love the cushion! hope this weekend is also happy for you :0)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    Enter me!

  3. CinLynn, Thank you my friend. You contributed to that too you know, me being happier today I mean! :-) And thanks for the nice words about the poem too. Maybe 'Hallmark' will call me and offer me a contract. Then I really would be happy!! LOL...Hubby says HI! :-) Have a good day!

  4. Bee Happy, Thank you...I'm thinking of pasting it up on my wall remind me! :-)) And I'm glad you liked the other things too. Have a good day! And I'm entering you now! :-)

  5. Sweet etsy items you showed there. Love both of those purses.

    Glad you are feeling better.

  6. Pammy Sue, Thank you! Glad you liked 'em...And I love those purses too, obviously, right?!! :-) Have a good weekend!

  7. True, that quote is powerful. Love it.
    And I also love that cute pouch... adorable!
    Have a happy weekend, Debbie.

  8. Priscila, :-) It really is!!...And you and a lot of us love those bags!! LOL Thank you for your comment. Have a good weekend!

  9. The best thing about bad days is they really make you appreciate the good one. It's always nice to have that Hubby support to help get you out of the blues. I was feeling it too right along with you (mainly due to my shop not being open). Thanks for sharing the highs and the lows with us!
    Good to keep it real


  10. I love that quote...I feel like it is the mantra I need in my life right now, I've got to make the best of some things that are bringing me down. Glad to hear you are feeling better! And I love today's poem!

    And um, how cool is that crochet flower necklace! Beautiful!

  11. Lisa, I hear what you're saying about bad days, but I think I could appreciate the good ones 'WITHOUT' the bad ones...THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! LOL But you're absolutely right about the hubby's support...I can 'feel you' about your shop not being open too. :-( Although, mine is open and not getting much traffic. So which is worse! :-))...Thank you too, for the appreciation of my sharing 'my life', good or bad, here on the blog. I sometimes think that maybe I should just say 'good' stuff, but FOR ME this would feel very shallow, and would not be at all in line with my personality. I am who I am. I'm glad it's appreciated. :-) Thank you, and have a good weekend!

  12. ag., That quote 'is' a good one!! Applicable every day too!!...We all do well to make the best of things coming at us every day!...Thanks for the nice words about my poem too! :-) Have a good, making-the-best-of-it, weekend! ^_^ I will!

  13. I think you're right - there are just some things that you can't put a positive spin on!
    But I thought I'd give it a shot lol...
    Hope you have a great weekend as well!

  14. So glad to hear your feeling more happy today ;-)) There are some gorgeous things you have found there. i so agree with your little words.."The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything...never a more true word said. Have a lovely weekend, we have horrible rain to, dee x

  15. Lisa, Yeah, some things are very hard, but I wrote a poem a while ago about breathing in and out. For me, whenever I wake up and I'm still doing that, it's a good day! Some people aren't doing that!...And I have a hope for the future, thanks to my faith too. So, I have 'now' and 'then' covered!! LOL

  16. delia, Yes I am! Even with all of the rain. But I think hubby being here, and having steak for breakfast might have helped!! LOL...Just making the best of everything!! ^_^ Have a good weekend Dee!!

  17. Melissa, Thank you very much! :-]

  18. I think we BOTH had bad days. I was blown away with the support and cyber hugs I got from my lovely blogger friends though. You included! Luv you. xx

    Enter Me!

  19. Alittlesprite, I would say yes!...Yes we did!! But look at us! We're working it out...and we're still breathing!...We can't see where we're hobbling off to, but we're still breathing while we're trying to get there! LOL {Seriously though, I hope you're feeling better today too. Things are still the same, but my mood is much better about it.} Have a good weekend...and you're entered.

  20. I'm glad you're feeling happier today :)
    That photo you chose for the header is so true! I think I need o remember that more often.
    Love the photo of the jewellery box. It reminds me of my one but this one looks prettier with all the butterflies on it.

  21. Jo-anne, Yes, I am feeling better...much! And that quote is a good one for all of us to remember! :-) And by the way, I have the same looking jewelry box too, but mine is just butterflies like that pretty one. I almost clicked the button to buy's so pretty. :-)...Okay, I hope you're having a better day today. And have a good weekend too!


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