Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A World of Wonder...and I'm Included!

     These creatively made Felted Acorns were made by a shop on Etsy called feltjar. They're so cute! And they fit right in with the theme of lovelycrochet's Treasury that they were found in. The Treasury is entitled World of Wonders.

      My life was full of wonder yesterday too...I wondered what was going to happen at the doctor's office with Mr. Wug {He had a follow-up appointment about his cholesterol. O_O He had to have blood taken a few days before...YAY! Found out that his numbers went down a little! Unfortunately, the doctor still wants him to take some kind of medicine for at least the next 4 months...*sigh*....doctors and their MEDCINE!! UGH}.
     Mr. Wug had been fretting for at least a month now about this appointment! He REALLY didn't want to have to take the drug the doctor was recommending he take for the cholesterol. He had heard something about it doing possible liver damage...As it is, he doesn't have to take the one he was fretting about. 
       The doctor is giving him a low dosage of some other drug...O_O...Now 'I'm' the one that's fretting!!! I don't like the idea of him being a guinea pig for some other drug now! So guess what I'm going to be doing today?!...You guessed it! I'm gonna be Googling info about this new drug!!! Something else to wonder about!! O_0
     Okay....enough about all of that!..*jumping up and down, shaking my head, and arms vigorously*...Back to some good things in the World of my Turquoise Green Birds on a Wire Necklace.     
        gildinglillies' When Wishes Shine fine art photograph.
      NzLbags' New Summer Crochet Afghan Handbag.
      And felicitycrew's A Day on the Island fine art photograph.
      All of them are in this Treasury by lovelycrochet! Thanks to her for including us!!...Please go by and check out the other items too.
      Now before I leave this World of Wonders, I have to share one other Wonder-ful thing that happened. Cindy, of the blog CinLynn's Boutique, recently won my Giveaway for the black crocheted hat I made. Well, she received her hat! And she did a blog post about it, sharing some photos with her wearing it!!! :-)
     If you want to see the blog post she did, and the rest of the photos she took, click HERE. THANK YOU CINDY!!! :-] And for anyone interested in winning the red counterpart to the hat she won, click HERE for the rules. That drawing will be on July 1, 2011.
      Okay....I'm off to watch some Tennis!! :-) Congratulations to Serena Williams for her good showing yesterday, in her first game since 11 months ago!! She was very emotional when she won. And I was emotional for her! :-] 
       It felt like she was thinking that it was a wonder she actually won!! :-)) But she did! I'll be watching tomorrow when she plays her next match!!!...Today....her sister Venice is playing!....and my beloved Nadal!! :-) So much artistry in this post! What are you all working on today?! Do you crochet, paint, felt, or play tennis?!

 Artist's ROCK!

Their eyes see what their heart sees,
and in colors on canvas or in yarn.
You can see it in their photographs of foliage,
or the red and brown that's painted on a barn.

Their heart says: "This bead color's perfect!"
Then you see the artist's work on jewelry stands.
They recycle, mix the media and show you,
and collect a lot of now adoring fans!

Whatever medium they work in,
Whether working with their hands or just their eyes,
you can be sure they'll get some ogglers and lookers,
who, like me, will give them "Ahhhs" and "Ooooos" and sighs.


  1. Hello,

    Hope he feels better with that new drug.

    I love tennis, as well. Nadal is a wonderful player!
    Enjoy your day...

  2. Hope your hubby will be ok. Love the acorns, so cute!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    Enter me

  3. Priscila, The thing is..he's being feeling fine! It's just that the doctor says his cholesterol numbers could cause him problems down the road...My thing is that I hope this drug solves more problems than it causes!!...And enjoy the games today! Venice Williams is having a 'TIME' right now! She lost the first set, but won the 2nd. The 3rd is just now coming up...Hold your breath! ^_^

  4. Bee Happy, I think he'll be okay. I won't worry TOO MUCH until I have to. Knowledge is power, right?!...Have a good day! And you're entered! :-]

  5. My uncle, stepdad, and grandma all had high cholesterol and were taking medications for it. Then they all went on a vegan diet for three months and it changed their lives. Not only did they lose weight, but their cholesterol got down to an acceptable level and they all were able to quit taking their medications!

  6. Elle, Hmmmm...but what does 'vegan' mean. Only vegetables? Does that include fish and eggs or no? These are these that have always confused me when people say vegan...that there's different kinds of vegans and that there are'faux' foods (like mayonaise, etc) and things I've never even heard of before! I know that if we hired a cook that did all the cooking and all we had to do was eat we'd be good. The whole shopping around and planning to eat vegan reminds me too much of all of the other umpteen diets and food restrictions I've done in my life!! UGH! I marvel at people who these things work for. More power to 'em!

  7. I hope hubby feels better. One of my best friends has been having some serious issues here in the last couple of days too. Waiting right now to hear if everything's alright.
    Congrats on the treasury and thanks for mentioning my blog too! Who knows, maybe someone will read it and like it!

    By the're mentioned in a blog interview I did. It's posted today. Take a peak when you have time.

    enter me

  8. CinLynn, Thanks for the well wishes for hubby. He feels fine. It's just blood work numbers. You know! And after looking up the info on the drug, now he has to decide whether it's worth taking it. So many decisions 'bad versus worse' in this system!! LOL...Sorry to hear about your friend too. I know how stressful that is, when your friends are having a hard time. :-( I'll be praying for her...and you...I'm off to check out the interview. How exciting!! :-) And you're entered again! Have a good evening my friend.

  9. Hope the medication works well for Mr. Wug. May I suggest the website Medline Plus to look up information on the drug your husbands doctor recommended? I used to volunteer at the medical library of a very large hospital here in Chicago. We used to recommend this well respected site for drug and medical information.
    Those little felted acorns are exquisite!
    Enjoy the tennis matches!

  10. Julie, Thank you so much for the suggestion for the info on the drug for hubby!!!! That means a lot that you would take the time to let me know about it. :-) I'll definitely check it out!...And I agree about the felted acorns too!! Have a good rest of the day!!

  11. Thank you for including my photo on your lovely blog.

  12. I hope hubby will be okay on his new medication & that it does its job well. I too am a big believer in googling new meds or even asking the pharmacist to print off an information sheet. They're very helpful that way.
    Congrats on being included in another treasury but to be honest its no big surprise because your lovely work deserves to be in them :D
    Have fun watching the tennis!

  13. Gilding Lilies, It was my pleasure!! :-]

  14. Jo-anne, Thank you. I hope so too. You know how it is though, when you're about to embark on a new health path, don't you?! :-] Kinda scary!!...And thank you for the nice words about my work. I appreciate it. :-) Have a good rest of the day...or night now!

  15. Love your turquoiose necklace! Who knew that crochet could be so versatile?
    Well you did I guess!!
    Loving the tennis too - shame it's on at the wrong end of the day for me. the Williams sisters are amazing - such good players and they are so resilient.
    Hope hub's cholesterol behaves itself. My hub is on a low cholesterol diet at the mo.

    Enter me! (please)

  16. planettreasures, Thank you for the complement on my necklace! :-) I love making them more than people love buying them right now though I'm afraid! LOL And too bad about the tennis. I'm thoroughly enjoying it enough for the both of us right now though! :-))...My hubby tried the low cho diet too...or at least that was the idea! LOL He's got some 'pastry issues'!! Is it working for your husband?!...Have a good day today!

  17. What a beautiful treasury, those acorns are ADORABLE. Your necklace looks like it's right at home among all those wonderful objects. I hope your hubby feels better, that is no fun to feel that way!

    {ENTER ME!}

  18. Carrie, Thank you so much! I was very happy she though my necklace looked good in there too! :-] Thanks about my hubby too...and you're entered!!


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