Monday, June 13, 2011

It's A Lemon/Lime Kind Of Monday!

    Hello Everybody! I hope you had a good weekend,....but it's Monday!! The start of another prelude to a weekend. {I look at things my own way! LOL} And since Mondays, after a good weekend, can be kind of tough, I thought a bright, cheery, lemon/lime-ade kind of start to the week was in order.'s my ode to a lemon/lime kind of good week moving forward!! Starting with the Juice-Felt Rose Flower Grapevine Wreath by KnockKnocking in the header photo.

     Speaking of juice, how about this Tangerine Frosted Pitcher and Tumbler Set by ClubChartreuse!
     It's a perfect set for the summer, right?! Well, so are all of these other things I'm gonna share with you now. Be prepared to be Lemon/Limed to the 'eenth' degree!! ^_^

      A medium-sized lime-colored Bangle by BlackbirdChic.
       Some Citrus Fruit hand painted magnetic Clothespin Set by SugarAndPaint.

      A Lemon/Lime Crochet Kleenex Tissue Cover by YCAF.

      Citrus Trio Hair Pins (in green, yellow and orange) by foreverandrea.

      ShireKat yarns (dyed to order) by yarns2dye4.

      Butterfly Earrings by MoonWillowJewelry.

     Yellow Poppy Fine Art Photography by AnneSolfud.

     Lemon Yellow Chalcedony Lotus Petal Custom Earrings by madebysam.

     And last, but not least, this decorative over-sized Lemon-Lime Switch Plate by upcyclecreate.

     So....are you feeling cheerier?! Energized to start your week?! Peppy?! Smiley?!....Like you need something to cut all of the sugar?! LOL Okay! Okay!...Well, I tried anyway! :-)
      Please go by these shops and see all of the cute things they have besides these few I shared here. And go create some stuff of your own so I can share yours next time. You are a pretty crafty bunch! And I'm always looking you know! ^_^
    And now I'm off to do some creating of my that I don't have to sit and hold my finger on the camera button trying to catch a picture of my hummingbirds! :-] I think they're happy about that too! They've been in and out of here like crazy!! I guess they figure there's no reason to play coy anymore. I already got 'em!!! ^_^
      Have a good day Everybody!!! :-)

A Crafty Group

T-Shirts showing pictures,
and the pillows with some too;
Artistic framed creations
done of vegetables and fruit.

Beaded wire-made bracelets;
Things vintage and brand new;
Penguins on a lunch bag;
and, of course, there's flowers too.

Plushy toys and hats;
Kittens, pottery and rings.
Painted yarn and thread;
Priced for paupers, fit for kings.

Reusable, recycled,
some refashioned, now called "green";
No plastic for the landfill,
Just some bags fit for a Queen.

Men's ties that now are 'handles';
Star-shaped soap, a purse with birds.
Wood crafts all hand-painted.
Retro T-Shirts, done with words.

With all the crafts and talent;
place-mats, quilts, and lots of fun,
It's a group of happy people;
every daughter, mom, and son. 


  1. Wonderful colors! I have a meyer lemon tree growing indoors. Does that count? Have a great day

  2. I feel all "lemony-limed!" LOL I love the poppy!! That is awesome!! Everything is else is nice too. Thanks for the perky Monday morning!

  3. I love how you made lemonade out of lemons! xo

  4. Susan, Yes...yes it does!!! :-)) And how cool!! Where did you get your lemon tree?!

  5. CinLynn, Well then...Mission Accomplished! :-)) I hope the rest of your day remains as perky! ^_^

  6. Joyce, Well thank you!! Yep! That was my goal!....DONE!!! :-)) Have a good day!

  7. I love all the lemon-limey colors! Great way to start the week - I mean the prelude to the weekend!

  8. When I was single I had a lemon, lime and orange colour theme in my kitchen. I even have an orange coloured juicer!

  9. Darlene, Thank you! And thanks for buying into the 'prelude to the weekend' thing too! LOL Have a good one!

  10. That pitcher set is right up my alley!! I want!


  11. I am feeling cheery! I love lemon and lime color scheme, especially for inspiration on a Monday! I love the pretty bangle bracelet! Have a wonderful Monday (and prelude to the weekend:)

  12. Alittlesprite, Really?!!! Oooo! For a kitchen that sounds so great! That must have been a great place to 'hang out'!! :-) It's not just an idea for singles! I can soooo see it in my kitchen now!....If I could pay somebody else to go through the work of designing, painting, shopping, and mapping it all out, etc....NEVER MIND!!! LOL

  13. Oooo, so bright and cheerful. Just what I needed on this Monday morning!

  14. Jen, I know!! And it's vintage...the good stuff!!! Go get it girl!! :-))

  15. Shelley, YAY!!! Another opportunity for a mission accomplished! {I may need a music theme! LOL...

    Have a good week!! :-))

  16. Forever Andrea, I'm so glad you liked it!! :-) And thanks for stopping to let me know!

  17. Ahhhh...I can just smell the citrus!!!! Thank you, I just love it!!!!

  18. Oh, lordy, Pammy Sue just sent me over and I see you popped by my garden for a spell. I see by your profile you are truly a kindred spirit of mine. I'm taking a moment to soak up each and every one of your citris goodness and then quickly run over and join you as a follower.

    Kate - The G.B.

  19. Sugar and Paint, :-)) I'm so glad you liked it!! Thank you!

  20. The Garden Bell, :-) Hello!!!!! Welcome to the backyard!! Grab a glass of juice, look around all you want! I'm certainly gonna be checking out your place. I'm kinda 'nosy' like that...I mean 'curious'! LOL Have a good rest of the day!!

  21. Your selection of photos certainly brightened up my day! I love the yarn, the clothes pins and the jewellery.

  22. those magnets & the faceplate are super super cute! i want them! i need them! i'm fighting the urge to go buy them as we speak! thank you for the lemon/lime fest, it totally brightened my monday evening!

  23. Jo-anne, I'm so glad!! They brightened up my day we I saw them originally, so I decided that that was a good reason to do the post. :-) And I 'REALLY' like those clothespins too!

  24. OttosMom, *Teehee*...Well, you're having the same reaction I did! Especially the clothespins!! ^_^ I'm glad I could brighten up your Monday!

  25. wow what a beautiful colorful fruity post today made me smile ;-)) And feel warm to. Some gorgeous handmade items there and like you say there are so many talented women out there it is amazing. Hope you have a lovely week, dee x

  26. delia, Hello!! I'm so glad you're feeling better...and that my lemon/lime post gave you a little smile...Stay well now. And have a good week yourself, making quilts. :-)


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