Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's A Love Story...I remember....

I thought this beautiful photographic print of a heart-shaped cloud by AlBrydonPhotography was the perfect header photo for my post today. A post about love.

Two young friends of mine just got married last weekend. So young. So good-looking. So excited about what's ahead. So naive and ready for anything...or so they think. :-)) The same way almost all new love is! ^_^ I remember! Yeah, it's been almost 29 years since we got married, and actually almost 34 years since we've been together, but it's my body that's taken a beating by time...NOT my memories...thankfully. :-)

I remember hubby and I buying the cards and writing our invitations by hand...(They weren't as nice as the invitations by Sassyrae)

I remember me hunting for my dress...about a week or so before my wedding! {The dress was the last thing I had thought of! O_0 Isn't that unbelievable?! TRUE though!}...There was only 'ONE' white dress on the rack in my size. No alterations necessary!! And I paid some ridiculous amount for it...less than $100.00!...Waaay less, as I remember!

It didn't look like this beautiful Emily wedding dress, with the pretty train, by bridaldesignsbyerin,...
...but it was perfect for me. :-)

I also remember how exciting it all was for us...planning everything. Renting chairs and a champagne fountain from 'Taylor Rental', folding little paper ruffle dresses that would be used as centerpieces on the tables, picking out a song that would be 'OUR song' to dance to. We were so cheesy...and so in love. :-]
{Digital art images by greenvalley}

I remember that he was the most handsome man I had ever seen...besides my dad of course!...standing there, all six feet something, in his white tux with tails, and his white patent leather shoes. :-) And I remember our wedding cake...Okay, so I don't really remember the cake exactly! LOL What I remember is that one of my sister's made it, and that it was good!!! :-) It was CAKE people!!!
{Crocheted Wedding Cake by etty2504}

I remember my wedding day like it was yesterday. I hope that many years from now my young friends will remember their wedding day as vividly...and with as much love. :-) Even more than that, I hope that many years from now they will have even more memories of their life of love together. Just as me and my hubby have.

One more thing....I wish I had remembered my guests in as such a lovely way as our young married friends have! This is the favor wedding gift we got!
Isn't it pretty?! :-) I edited their names out for privacy reasons. They're on their honeymoon now. Incognito maybe! LOL...And what was inside of the box?!
I have another glass jewelry box!! A heart-shaped one too! :-)...Well, actually TWO!!
And Chocolates too!!!
.....there goes another memory!!! :-)

When We Got Married

We got married in our town,
in a tiny little church,
with paint chipping everywhere
(like a white, long-standing Birch).

We were Oh-so much-in love;
and so our family could know,
we took pictures in the park-
(a week before the rice they'd throw).

It was 'tree-lined Park' sunshine
that poured down upon my face,
just a week before I'd wear
a long white dress, all trimmed in lace.

Dad drove me in his big car,
(all cleaned up, in white, like me.)
Jeff was late-so dad had to
drive around so none would see.

There was no room in the church
for a bride to hide from guests;
They all had to get there first-
(To not be seen was quite a test.)

Jeff made me wait-But it was fine.
He looked so good in his white tux.
He had washed his green Chevette.
It shined just like a million bucks.

My cousin, all dressed up,
opened the door and let me out.
Everything looked kind of hazy
through my veil, all round about.

My sister, oldest, was in front,
as we went, slow, down the aisle.
I just wanted to see Jeff,
down at the end-with his big smile.

We faced each other, hand-in-hand,
and I looked deep into his face.
He looked shocked! and when I smiled
he still just stared off into space.

Thankfully he said: "I do",
and when I did-there was a lull.
I later asked him what was wrong.
He said: "You were so beautiful!"

It was the heat of summer;
The year was 1982.
I became his wife-his 'Puddles'.
He became my 'Bae'-and 'Boo'.

We had a great reception
(Thanks to things from 'Taylor Rental');
And we had it in dad's house,
where I would dance with dad-real gentle.

We had a champagne fountain
(But Jeff and I drank apple juice).
I danced all day, without my shoes.
I was relaxed and feeling loose.

My sisters did the serving
of the food-but not for pay.
Everybody 'cut-a-rug!',
and jeff's best friend,was our D.J.

We drove south, to Florida,
for our one-week honeymoon,
with people honking all the way!
(It was a 'Just Married' car-tune.)

We went to 'Disney World',
'Cypress Gardens' and 'Epcot'.
We also visited 'Busch Gardens'.
(For just one week-we saw a lot!)

For two weeks after we got home,
by Love was how we both were fed,
'cause there wasn't any money.
(Without my biscuits we'd be dead!)

So-all these happy memories
are the reason for the core
of our marriage all these years.
And there will be many more-
If Jehovah takes the score!


  1. Lovely post, great photos, love the cloud heart so pretty!

    Enter me.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Bee Happy, Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it! :-] And you're entered!

  3. Will be 25 yrs for me next year and we did it very simple There are so many wonderful ideas now Thanks for a lovley post

  4. Nelly, That's great! You're not far behind us then!...And you're so right about all of the cool things! We saw a lot of it when we were planning our 20th wedding anniversary party...which went great, by the way! :-)) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh how wonderful. What a lovely post and poem. Thank you.
    I mentioned you in today's post. Big hugs!

  6. I loved your blog and pictures! Hubby and I just celebrated our 32nd. Time goes fast. I hope your friends have a long and happy life together. (We could tell them what to expect, but they wouldn't believe us!) And, it wasn't very nice of you to tempt us with the chocolate!! Your poem was beautiful. Ahh, so many memories!

    And, enter me!

  7. This is such a sweet post! Aww...

    Nice to hear a love story that has lasted the test of time when so many don't these days.

  8. Love weddings! I like the last shots with the candies, sort of a freeze frame of eating them, you should show all the candy packages crumpled up inside the glass heart! lol
    ♥ Lisa

  9. Katherines Corner, Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it! It's very nice to have someone appreciate your personal story (the poem I mean) too! :-) I appreciate it....AND I already went and saw the nice post you did!! I left you a comment too! :-)

  10. Darlene, Thank you for such nice words about the blog and my poem!! You don't know how it blows my mind sometimes to have people take the time to tell me that they like what I'm doing!! It's never taken for granted. :-] And WOW! 32 years!! 'YOU GO'!!!! LOL *head hung down*...Sorry 'bout the chocolate thing...But does entering you in the Giveaway make up for it?! ^_^...DONE!!

  11. Pammy Sue, How sweet of 'you' to stop and say so!! :-) Truth is, there's a lot of us 'Old Married People' out here, happy, holding the fort, and just doing what we do every day, with the person that supports us through it all! We just don't talk about it all the time! Thank you for appreciating it on one of those days that I did talk about it! :-)

  12. Lisa, Ha! Ha! First, I have to tell you that the crumpled papers didn't go back into the heart!! LOL {Didn't want to get chocolate on it!} The wrappers went directly in the trash can after each piece I ate!!! ^_^ And I agree with you about weddings. As I've said in the past: "I'm a sucker for a love story!" :-) Thank you for your comment. Made me smile. :-)

  13. I love being married, and I'm so glad to hear people who have been married much longer than I have say they still love it too. It's very inspiring!

  14. Shannon, I agree!! :-) And I'm happy for you too!

  15. So nice to read this post. So romantic! I love everything about weddings. Dress, cake, invitations, memories....
    I love being married, too.

  16. Priscila, Awwww! Somehow, with all of your pristine spaces, I knew you were a romantic! :-) And congrats on your marriage too!

  17. Weddings are so different than ours were...much more expensive too! My Mom made my beautiful dress as well as all the bridesmaids and my flower girl's dress. We didn't give guests any gifts for coming either. Except the Jordan almonds wrapped in netting at each place setting! We'll be married 37yrs this Aug...time flies when you're having fun! (Or is it fun flies when you're doing time???..)

  18. yaya, You're so right about weddings today!! M-U-C-H more expensive!!! That's so strange too, because the length of marriages has gotten shorter! There's more divorces these days...By the way, I think we might have had some Jordan almonds in some netting somewhere too!! LOL In fact, we still may have them tucked in a box somewhere! Those things were hard as a rock from the 'git go'!!! ^_^ And I think 37 years is fabulous!!! {By the way, I heard the expression this way: "Time flies when you're having fun. Or as the frog said: Time is fun when you're having flies!" ^_^

  19. Beautiful post, beautiful gift, beautiful poem! I loved it all......simply beautiful!


  20. CinLynn, Awwwwww! Why thank you my friend! :-] And for the last time this go round...you're entered! :-)

  21. How lovely it is to reminisce about something so wonderful. I love your poem it just captures your wedding day beautifully I can just picture how things must have looked.

  22. Jo-anne, Thanks! :-) And I'm glad my poem gave you a view of things. That's what I was trying to do!...It worked! ^_^


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