Wednesday, June 29, 2011

They Make 'Organization' and 'Tenacity' Seem Like Bad Words?!!

      Yep! They're at it again!!...............And I'm not talking about the gorgeous summer fruit at the open market!
       These photos are from the blog Hither and Thither, a blog you MUST check out, if you haven't already! When I clicked over there the other day and saw these gorgeous photos my mouth starting watering. But instead of "Wow! Where are these located, so I can run and get me some!",  the first thing I thought...and it definitely shouldn't have been my FIRST thought!...was "I'm glad that gorgeous fruit is not in my backyard right now!!"
       I know... you're probably asking yourself: "Why would she say a 'fool thing' like that?!"...........Well, I hear you! ^_^ I mean...who wouldn't want the most delicious-looking fruits and vegetables you've ever seen in their backyard?!!
     I'll tell you who!....The Wug! Owner of a backyard full of crazy-brain-making ANTS!!!
       UGH!!! They are so tenacious!! And now they're driving my hummingbirds crazy too!! The hummingbirds fly up to the feeder to get a little sip and....WHOA! What's that?! O_0...I see them back up, with wings beating like crazy, tip their heads sideways, and then try to go back in for a sip, and WHOA!!! MOVEMENT!!!...Then they get that crazy-lady-nervous-twitch....and fly off!! :-(
       I've hardly seen any hummingbirds for a couple of days now. The only things I've seen are these...
        And the ones I'm seeing the most now are not the little tiny ants that you  see in commercials or cartoons...NOoooo!! These ants are big Arnold-Swartzeneggar-sized ants!! They look all muscled up, like they've been at 'Ant and Body Basic Boot Camp' or something!! LOL
        And boy are they organized!!! They're like a well-oiled-nectar-thieving machine factory!!!....Uh! Can you tell I've about had it with 'em?!!...UGH!
      I know they're God's creations. And for that reason...and right now it's that reason ALONE...I admire their ability to work out a problem, organize a 'CAN DO' team to fix the problem, and then 'get right on it, and never give up!'
     But I've been known to be pretty tenacious myself!! Hello Mr. Ant...Meet your Wug equal!!...."They call me Wug....Poetess Wug! I like my backyard like James Bond likes his martinis.  Shaken, but not stirred!!" Grrrrrr!
      Something had to be done! I hummingbirds should be able to come and get a drink...and give me endless joy (just saying!)...without having to worry about ants in there drink!....So, since we can't keep applying and re-applying ant repellent every time the sun comes out after the rain...(because, frankly, it rains at a drop of a hat around here lately, and who has time, or the memory, to keep doing it!!)
     Enter....................THE ANT GUARD!!! :-) And since blogger won't allow me to upload anymore photos right now, I guess I'll have to save the rest of that story for tomorrow!...Seriously!! Wouldn't let me load NOTHING!!!!!! UGH!!....Maybe I need to send blogger 'to' Ant and Body Basic Boot Camp!! LOL
    Okay....tomorrow then! :-)

Ode To Me, From Blogger

Don't be happy,
or at peace.
Don't rejoice
at sweet relief.

Don't 'gut-laugh',
or feel serene,
'cause if you do
it might be seen.

Don't relax
Just be on guard.
(Not 'you'. That's best!)

Don't be concerned
or even talk;
Just look for bad,
just like a hawk.

Don't think out loud
that things are good;
Please don't trust it-
even if you should.

Don't think they care,
'cause if you do
the things they do
give you a clue.

They're working through
some dings and dents;
But they're all done
at your expense.

To be annoying
is not their goal;
But this helps them
be in control.

And that control
is their real key;
And it makes me feel
I can't be me!

They switch things up.
I think: "What's wrong?"
The day-I know,
will be real long.

When all is calm,
I try again.
Their there for me.
Like my best friend.

I joke around.
I feel adored;
But that same day,
I get ignored.

I strive to share
what was my day.
My feelings seem
to be in their way.

This up and down
may work for Them,
But I am not
a jungle gym!!

I need to be happy
and at peace,
and to rejoice
at sweet relief.

To just relax,
and every day,
just be myself
in every way.

To be controlled
It will not work-
No! Not on me!!

I will be happy,
and carefree,
'cause Thankfully
I still love me!

Even when Blogger
makes me moan,
my thoughts are in
the happy zone.

You'll find me laughing
with my friends;
Not changing moods,
just like the winds.

So, don't be happy,
or at peace;
Don't rejoice
at sweet relief.

But all alone
is what you'll be,
'cause I'll be happy-
being me.


  1. Ants....they sure can be a pain in the neck!! I'll look forward to the rest of the story tomorrow.
    A bit long winded in that poem today my friend! LOL But I did enjoy it!

    Those fruit and vegetable photos DID look delicious! got my mouth watering too! And I like that song!!

  2. Ha! Ha! Ha! Long-winded...that's me!! ^_^ It's a re-worked poem. I was going to shorten it, but I figured the lines were so short anyway that I would just leave it. Anybody not in the mood to read can always scroll away from it...and I'm sure some people do! LOL...I agree about the fruits and veggies too!...Have a good day Cin!

  3. ANTS...I've heard many people talking about how Ants have been invading their space this Summer...poor hummingbirds!
    Did you see my hummingbird?


  4. We Blog Artists, You have a hummingbird?! Ooooo! I'm slacking!! LOL I better get over there!! ^_^

  5. Gorgeous fruit photos! And ants are seriously amazing little suckers.

    You should totally send blogger your poem!

  6. bwahaha! you crack me up! and make me want all that lovely fruit, too!

  7. Shannon, I thought those photos were great too! As a matter of fact, there is hardly a bad photo on their blog. They're all gorgeous!...And the ants?...Yeah, amazing!!! Grrrr!...As to the poem, I don't want to be caught picking at a scab (if you know what I mean!! LOL)

  8. OttosMom, ^_^ Happy to make you smile!

  9. Anonymous6/29/2011

    A well oiled nectar theiving machinery! Much like my kids and biscuits.
    You made me laugh this morning!

  10. Michele, Ha! Ha! You know...I've heard kids described as little ants and biscuit eaters. ^_^ Now I know why!!!

  11. So the ants are back....I hope that they start to leave the hummingbirds alone. I love summer fruits and those pictures make me want to go straight to the Farmer's Market! I hope that you are having a great Wednesday!

  12. Shelley, Yep! They're back...and wilder than ever too!! Grrrr! Nothing we try is working....yet! ^_^ We're gonna find something though!...And I agree with you about the fruits and vegetables. So fresh looking! Yum!! Have a good rest of the day!

  13. Oh wow that fruit looks amazing. It makes me wish I had a big backyard of my own to grow some of that delicious looking goodness in.

  14. Jo-anne, It sure does look amazing, doesn't it!!...But backyards can grow all kinds of things. And not all of them are good! Some could be...Ohhh!...Ant hills!! UGH! ^_^

  15. Yes you can't forget those pesky ants :(

  16. Jo-anne, ^_^ Right! But I sure wish I could!!!

  17. lol, ants really are hard core aren't they!
    I think millions of years from now they'll be running this place!

  18. Lisa, Ha! Ha! 'Hard Core'! That's a good way to describe them!!!! ^_^ We probably could take a lesson from them too, right?!


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