Friday, June 24, 2011

Go Forth AND ENJOY!!!

       Okay....get ready to Oooo and Ahhhhh! The header photo is Two Jack Lake. It's one of the lakes just below Banff in the Canadian Rocky Mountains area. Vicki and her husband, from the blog 2 Bags Full, recently went on an extended vacation to the Canadian Rockies...and brought back lots of pictures!! This is a photo from the 4th blog post about the trip.
     If you want to see some real beauty from this part of the world you just have to see all 4 full blog posts, with tons of gorgeous photos, and explanations as if Vicki is a tour guide. :-) And she's a pretty good tour guide too!
      The first installment had them in Calgary, home of the 1988 Winter Olympics. In this photo Vicki was trying not to look scared. This is a view from the top of the Calgary Tower. 
             Wow, right?!!!!...And Whoa too! :-))
      In the 3rd post Vicki shared some history and some beautiful photos of the Lake Louise area. Her and her hubby stayed at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. 
         What a gorgeous Hotel!...Look at the pretty rounded windows.
        This is a view from inside the lobby area, which is now a beautiful restaurant.
          Vicki and her husband sat in this spot for lunch, with this breath-taking view of Lake Victoria and the glacier in the background.
       And in the 4th, and last...for now (because the last post of the trip is still to come!)...there's some truly awesome photos and an adventure to 'Quitter's Rock'! Here's a little taste...
        Oh Yeah! There's animals too!!! :-) You just have to see for yourself!...Part One is HERE...Part Two (Banff) is HERE...Part Three (Lake Louise) is HERE...and Part Four (Quitter's Rock) is HERE.
     I'm going forth and enjoying some more tennis, and getting ready for my 'Date Night'. Who knows where we'll 'go' tonight!! :-)  You?! What are you doing?!...For now...Go forth and enjoy the Canadian Rockies....or whatever you're doing today! LOL


Do I regret the lack of travel,
staying home and going nowhere?
To do so would be depressing.
So I don't! I don't even care!

I've had my days and weeks of 'going'.
And if the hips get better, who knows!
In the future I could wander off
and travel where the trade wind blows.

I've traveled a lot in my life.
Enough to now have no regrets.
It was easy for just the two of us,
with good health, no kids, no pets.

We've seen sunny skies and rainbows.
Oh! The waterfalls and sculptures we've viewed!
We've danced our way through places,
and cooked and tasted all their food.

We've seen shows and met all kinds of people,
in our car, on a plane, and a bus.
So if we never go one more place
It'll be totally alright with us!

       {On a sad note, I just wanted to mention to those of you who follow my blog list, that one of our fellow bloggers died recently. :-( Char, of the blog "Ramblins...".  I found this obituary about her:

Charlane Killough Griffith (1958 - 2011)

Charlane Killough Griffith of Montgomery, Alabama, and previously of Birmingham, Alabama, passed away unexpectedly and went to rest with her mother and father on Monday, June 6, 2011 at the age of 53. She was proceeded in death by her father, Charles E. Killough, and her mother, Marian E. Killough.

Ms. Griffith is survived by:

Her brother Peter K. Killough;
Her brother Jon D. Killough and wife Heather;
Her sister Jean-Marie K. Mapp;
Her nephews Patrick E. Mapp and Jacob R. Mapp;
Her nieces GeorgeAnn E. Killough and Mary Ellis J. Killough.

Charlane was a graduate of the University of Alabama-Birmingham and worked as a Project Manager with the Alabama Medicaid Agency.

      Death truly is, as the Bible says, the 'Enemy'.


  1. Nice to post this trip! Beautiful scenery. And thanks for posting the obituary too. Have a great day and date night too.

    enter me

  2. Wow! These images are so beautiful! Love the hotel, too. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a lovely weekend, Debbie

  3. CinLynn, I just thought that she had such beautiful photos that they should be seen...So many beautiful places in the world to see! :-)...You're entered.

  4. Priscila, I'm glad you liked them. I thought they were gorgeous images of the mountains...and the animals!...Have a good weekend!!

  5. wow!!!!!!!! Hoping your weekend is a nice one. Thinking of you and sending ♥

  6. Gasp!!! I just dropped by to pay you a visit and what a surprise - YOU TOTALLY ROCK!! What a sweet heart you are girlfriend!

    Can I just take this little space to say that I so appreciate you being a part of my blogging family - you do mean the world to me~~


  7. Katherine's Corner, WOW is right, isn't it!! :-) And if you check out the rest of the posts you'll really say wow!! :-) ... Thank you so much for the nice thoughts. Have a good weekend too! :-)

  8. Vicki, YAY! I was hoping that would happen!! :-) You just made my day!...Those were such great photos that I figured they should be seen!! What great blogging!...And a great Giveaway you got going on there too! :-)) And thank you for the nice words also. I feel the same about you...obviously! ^_^

  9. It is beautiful country out there!
    Tonight is movie night! (well, stay at home and wait for the musketeers to fall asleep and settle for a movie on TV movie night, but exciting none the less).
    Hope you have a great evening and weekend!


  10. Lisa, Ha! Ha! "...stay at home and wait for the musketeers to fall asleep and settle for a movie on TV movie night..." Sounds like a good night!! It's still a 'Date Night'...with a twist! ^_^ Have a good time...and a good weekend too! :-)

  11. What amazing photos! Now I just want to go and make a trip to Canada...

    I'm sorry to hear about Charlane, it's lovely that you have given her an obituary here.

  12. Creating Trouble, I know! I want to go too!! :-) Those views were just spectacular!!...And Char's obituary wasn't mine. I found it online...I'm still wondering what happened, but oh well. Some things are not a blogger's business.

  13. What a beautiful tour of Canada. Thank you for sharing these photos. I'm off to check out Vicki's blog to see the rest of the tour :)

  14. Jo-anne, It really was a beautiful tour of Canada. And if you saw, and commented on one of the other blog posts, you're probably also now in the running for that GREAT giveaway she has going for commenters! :-)


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