Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This Post Is 'Going To The Dogs'!

      Say hello to 'Encore'. He belongs to the owner of the blog A "Cheery" Disposition. :-) This photo, showing off 'his' cheery disposition, was the perfect header for today's post about my bloggie pal's beloved pooches.
     The idea for this post came to my mind because I haven't been feeling all that great the last few days. {Allergies I think.} I've been exhausted, stuffy, head-achy on occasion, and just plain lethargic. I've just been wanting to cuddle up in one spot and do.....NOTHING! :-) Like I did when I was a kid.
       On sick days when I was a kid I would hang out on my bed, watching T.V., eating soup and crackers, and cuddling with my beloved sympathy-eyed doggie, Tracy...*Pause: Taking a moment for an 'Awwwww feeling'*...She was all I needed at that time, to make the blues and the sickie girl feelings go away...And as I look around Blog-Land I can see that my pooch didn't 'break the mold' on what a good pooch's roll is in a family!
    Art and Sew Forth loves her dogs too!
        *Teehee*....What?!....So what if he's not a 'real' doggie! He's a doggie just the same! :-)) And, by the way, she also loves her same pet-like cats.
        And just to acknowledge that everybody loves their pets, no matter what kind of pets they are, here's a nod to a few other pet loving bloggers: Jo-anne of Blooming Lovely. Her ginger Kitty, C.K.,  just recently had a Yarn Caper that'll make you laugh! ^_^)
      Cindy of CinLynn Boutique loves her kitties...; Bumpkin loves her bears! :-) And Things I'll Forget By Tomorrow has some NOT so pet-worthy squirrels! (Another post that might have anyone that's ever had a squirrel in their yard laugh. LOL
     I may do another post in the future on everybody's pets, but today this post is strictly going to the dogs!...
      Say a big hello to Morgan, a resident of the blog Holyoke Home.
        I have found myself howling with laughter at the posts she's done with Morgan 'talking'...kinda! LOL
      And Tuppence hasn't been Mythreebeez's resident very long...
     ...but it's clear that he couldn't be any more loved if he wanted to be already!
          And who couldn't love this face?! :-]
        This little loved one is from the blog Framed Cooks. An ad in the paper for him would read: loves days with, or without, snow...probably more without! Loves people. And loves eating stuff off of the floor that falls there while it's owner is preparing food to show other people! ^_^ 
       He'll never see a wanted ad though. He's too good of a friend...and foot warmer. :-))
          This lovable little pooch is kinda new to me. I only recently started following the blog OLD BRAND NEW.
      But I can see that he's full of personality! I'm gonna keep my eye on him. I'll let you know if anything interesting happens...before he destroys the brand new rug I mean. LOL
     Puppies, you make me happy! :-) And you make me feel better just looking at you!...Speaking of which, here's a couple of doggie commercials that made me giggle. They're only about a minute each, but you'll be able to see right away why these pooches were used for these commercials. ^_^


And I'm throwing this short video in here just because it made me smile the big smile!!!...And because I'm married and have good memories of my proposal...And because I love creativity...And there actually might be a picture of a dog in it!!....A hot dog! ^_^

Have a good day Everybody!!! :-)


They're blogs of folks I hardly know.
Why do I like looking at them so?

I watch their children laugh and grow,
and every bead and artwork crow.

No, I don't do it for the 'dough'!
On my blog there's no money flow.

I like to scroll and take it slow.
An easy read, and 'Peep and Go'!

Updated blogs, all in a row,
and a new day. What will they show?!

I'm not some kind of stalker though.
I'm just a blogger/looker pro!


  1. This blog has gone to the dogs for sure today! But it's great as usual! The commercials are funny. I've seen them before. I should spend a bit more time reading the blogs I follow. Hard to find the time these days. Have a great one and I hope you feel better.

    enter me

  2. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! It has indeed!! But thank you for the complement about it just the same. :-] I hadn't seen the 'Cat Burglar' ad until yesterday. So funny!!...Time-wise, we have completely different schedules. Don't ever feel bad about 'making sure of the more important things'!! I'd love to be able to have your schedule. We both do what we do. You be 'you'! I'll be 'Me'!! :-) Have a good day, My Friend!!

  3. Love the cat burgler video! Great poem - blogger/looker pro sounds so much better than "stalker". Thanks for the mention! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. I don't know how you do it, but you pick the best videos! Love the marriage video, and the dogs.
    hope you feel better.

  5. Darlene, Ha! Ha! I loved that video too! I just saw it for the first time yesterday...I agree too about the 'stalker' reference! I mean, who wants people to know that you're stalking them. 'Looking at them' sounds so much better! LOL Have a good day! :-)

  6. Susan, :-) Thank you!...I'm always looking around, and I've got a lot of the old music up in my head too. I wasn't kidding a while back when I said that I wake up with a song in my head. It's true! Apparently all of my dreams are not only in color. They have a theme song for background! LOL...Have a good rest of the day!

  7. I just love dogs and cats come to that! pets are so cheering when you feel down or ill, they just know and will sit for hours with you :) hope you are feeling a little better, sending you love and hugs :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    Enter me

  8. Deb loved reading your blog today. The dog commercial of worry is my all time favorite. The engagement proposal sure was something different and neat. It all made me smile as did your poem. Hope it brought your spirits up like it did mine. Thank you

  9. Bee Happy, You have one over on me, talking about the cats. I've never, in my whole life, had a cat as a pet. Hubby and I 'baby sat' a stray for a day or two once, but that's it. So I'll take your word for their 'cuddle-ability'. :-)) But dogs?...Dogs I know! And you're right about them! ^_^ Have a good rest of the day! You're entered too.

  10. SnowflakeDreams1, I'm so glad!! And yes, they gave me a smile too! ^_^ I like the 'worry' song in that commercial. And I love the whole vision of the 'cat burglar' in the 2nd one! :-))) Glad you liked the poem too. Have a good rest of the day Velma. The weather is gorgeous here today. Pre-rain......UGH!

  11. i totally relate to this. i feel like best friends with so many strangers because of their blogs :)

  12. A big fat awwwwwwwwwwwwwww bless them all so cute ;-)) And the first dogs ears did make me giggle ;-) Sorry to hear your not feeling well sending you a hug, i am in the process of making you a little something so expect a little parcel in the post over the next weeks. take care, dee x

  13. I'd never seen those commercials. They are really funny! I don't understand why more companies don't put more effort into commercials that are clever enough to catch attention. Speaking of 'the dogs', watch for a Morgan post on Thursday!

  14. I know this post has a lot of (cute!!!) pets but I'm curious to know about your proposal! :)

  15. s + b, ^_^ Exactly! They're like a little bundle of tail-wagging love, whether they're yours or someone else's! :-)

  16. delia, You know, I hadn't paid that close attention to his ears! :-)) But you're right! That's part of where his charm is...in his ears! {Now how many 'people' can you say that about?! LOL}...And Ooooo! 'What 'cha making?!!' :-] I can't wait to see!!!

  17. Holyoke Home, :-)) I hadn't seen the 'cat burglar' one until yesterday myself! But once I did, I knew I just had to share! ^_^ And great!, about Morgan! I'll be looking for the post!! :-)

  18. ag., I talked about my proposal in a blog post somewhere. I can't find it now. But I was proposed to in a Nursing Home...It's a long story! LOL

  19. Ohhh... a post after my own heart. All the pups are so adorable! Doesn't Tuppence remind you of a small version of my Mr. Bojangles?! LOL... The insurance video is one of my favorites. I just love this one. It also reminds me of Bo and his bones. :-) xo

  20. Aww, I hope you start feeling better :( and i soooo remember those sick days as a kid. bringing the tv into my bedroom, eating cinnamon toast, and snoozing allll dayyy longggg. i'd like a day like that now too! ps. i love my dog even if she is way annoying. and pps. that proposal video brought a tear to my eye! too sweet!

  21. Joyce, :-) I'm glad you liked it. I have a good time going around to the different blogs and seeing what all of them are up to...And I just saw another commercial last night that I'd never seen that would have gone great in this post too! :-)) I guess I'm not the only one recognizing the super-ness of the pups! ^_^

  22. OttosMom, I hope I start feeling better too, but I'm afraid this tired-ness may be with me until the season is over. Every time the door to outside is opened it just starts the cycle again...I need to be a turtle!!! LOL And just so you know, I could do a whole other post on the annoying things doggies do!! ^_^ They cuddle very well, but I have memories of clothes and shoes being chewed up or slobbed on to within an inch of their life! ^_^

  23. What a lovely post about bloggers & their pets. Thank you for including me. Those dogs look soooo cute!
    Wow that wedding proposal was pretty good. I wonder what their wedding will be like.

  24. Jo-anne, Thank you! :-) And it was my pleasure to talk about your C.K.!!...And you know what? I hadn't even thought about the wedding! ^_^ You're so right! How do you out-do your own self with that proposal?!! LOL


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