Thursday, June 30, 2011

Warm, Appealing Turquoise.......Ants?!

       If you saw yesterday's post you know that there was more to the story of the Arnold Swartzeneggar sized ants in my backyard. And you also know that I wasn't able to load anymore photos to that post for some reason! But as you can see by the beautiful fine art travel photograph in my header photo, {I stand each day on the shore by honeytree} I'm back in the 'talking and photo loading business' this morning. ^_^
      And before I get into the ant story...which is not a pretty story...I thought I'd show you something that 'is' a pretty story. A pretty story created by Cindy, of CinLynnBoutique, by way of a pretty Treasury entitled Warm, Appealing Turquoise!
     It's so calming to look at....and after what the ants are doing, I needed some calm!!...Let me show you a few things that are in this treasury, starting with the item of mine that she chose, my Crochet Hand Sandal Bracelet.
     I am so thankful to see my little creation getting some love. :-) Thank you Cindy!
    Here's a few of the other things I liked...
        Bird Print Cushion Cover by ClassicByNature
  Vase and Bowl Set by marymestudio

   Flower Cabochons by dangsworld
   Simplicity-Fine Art Photograph by SherriConley

          Geometric Flower Pattern Oval Plate by emilydyer
            And this beautiful Bird Feeder by cherylwolffgarden
          Oh Yeah.....speaking of bird feeders....*sigh*...the ANTS! I mentioned to you yesterday that we got some 'help'...Ha!...with the ants. The ANT GUARD. Well, say hello to the ANT GUARD.
      I's not a very good picture. (which is probably just as well!!) I'll tell you what it's suppose to do though. The ants can come down onto the top of the dome, and they can go around the outside of the dome. When they go into the hole underneath the dome, where the connecting loop to the feeder is, they can walk around the inside of the hole. But when they go up to try to crawl over and down the wire there's water in the cup! 
       So, the idea is that the ants are not able to....or are not 'suppose to' be able to...reach the middle loop. It's surrounded by water...
        But....therein lies the problem?!...*sigh*....
       These ants were spinning their wheels, going round and round the dome, while my hummingbirds came and sipped away at the nectar in peace, until....*sigh....Well, you have to see for yourself...{If you're squeamish about creepy-crawly things DON'T WATCH! LOL

        They couldn't figure out a way to get to the loop inside the dome, so they could follow it down to the nectar. Their little ant bodies were too small to bridge the gap because it was surrounded by that cup with the water in it. 
      So, they called in the 'Big Guns', the Arnold Swartzeneggar sized ants, the ones that had been to Ant and Body Basics Boot Camp! LOL They were so large that all they had to do was lean over and grab the loop!....Grrrrr!
     Once they figured that out, it was all done. As the day went on we noticed more and more ants down on the actual feeder! Then we saw the whole thing for ourselves, as to what they were doing. They posted 2 or 3 of the 'Big Guns' on the feeder, and when the 'little guys' came they would lay their bodies across the divide and let them walk across and climb down...*sigh*...Using your own body like a bridge...It was genius!!!...Who woulda 'thunk' it?!!.....Ants, that's who!!!! LOL
       Back to the ant repellent!....I'm sorry, but the hummingbirds deserve some peace too, don't they?!....Don't they?! ^_^
       I'm not gonna focus on it. I've got some crocheting to do. Nothing major, but I'm working on using up some leftover yarn....making flowers of course! :-)
         Sure wish I had some of that fruit from the open market right now! {Photo via Hither and Thither}
        Have a good day Everybody!! May it be ant-less!! ^_^

 Backyard sounds

Flitting, flying, flapping, creeping.
Swaying, floating, chirping, leaping.
In our backyard sounds are heaping.
Me and hubby always peeping.


  1. Amazing!! Maybe that's why the Bible says we should go to the ant and learn it's ways. They are amazing creatures for sure! Sorry you still have trouble with them.
    Thanks for showing off my treasury and for all your nice comments too!
    Read the blog post about you by Creating Trouble! Nice!!!

  2. The ants are brilliant!! I am so impressed that they did not just give up but called for 'back-up'. We should definitely learn from the ants about not giving up. Have a wonderful Thursday!

  3. Congrats on the treasury! Its a beauty! Love that blue, so serene and calming. :)

    I skipped over the parts about the crazy ants. . .I am a bit squeemish! lol

  4. Wow. Had no idea ants could do that. Love your crochet...I am a novice crocheter. Thanks for mentioning my stitched oval plate...this is one of my absolute favorite treasuries that I've been in. Happy Summer!

  5. Beautiful treasury, thank you for posting it! Keep up the good work :)

  6. CinLynn, ^_^ EXACTLY!! If we could learn to be that tenacious in our problem solving skills imagine what we could get done!!!...It was my pleasure about the treasury. I'm thankful to you that you showed off my hand sandal. It's been getting no attention whatsoever lately...And wasn't that a nice post Creating Trouble did?! {} Had me smiling the big smile...and a tear...Thanks Cindy!! Have a good day!

  7. Shelley, Yes! Brilliant!...and annoying! LOL {Except for the lesson they teach us...about stick-to-a-tism'!! I GOT IT!!!..Now, how do I apply it to things other than hummingbird feeders?! ^_^ Although, as a Jehovah's Witness, some people may joke that we already learned this our ministry!! ^_^}

  8. Cathy, Thank you for the nice words about the treasury...And I TOTALLY understand about you not wanting to look at the ants. I don't either!!! LOL

  9. Emily, I guess now we know how ants seem to get into everything, right?! ^_^ They sacrifice their own body and everything!! Instinctively wise!...It was my pleasure to show your gorgeous plate. Do you show or sell any of your crochet work? I'd love to see it!...I'm gonna go back and check out your shop again! ^_^

  10. Classic by Nature, It was a beautiful treasury, wasn't it! She's got a good eye...And you keep up the good work too! Maybe we'll end up somewhere together again! :-)

  11. I think as son as we decide to put up ant barriers, they are telepathically notified and make every effort to defy any obstacle! Good luck!
    Love your new colors for the flowers. And it's a good thing those berries aren't here...I am a pig when it comes to such things!

  12. Art and Sew Forth, I think those little ants get nosy about what's new in the neighborhood, and, just like humans, they can't stop until they check it out! But then they see something they really like and they become like the 'bad seed' of the neighborhood. Stealing and 'getting all up in grown folk business'! ^_^ ... Thanks, by the way, for the nice words about my newest crochet project. I love those colors too. I've made other things out of it, and gave them away. Now I'll be making something that actually will be going in the shop...Have a good rest of the day!

  13. Hi! I'm Pammy Sue's big sister. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I love your blog. I also write poetry and I like what you have written here. That's great that you can provide a poem at the end of each post. I would be hard-pressed to do that! Your photography is beautiful too!

  14. oceankisses, Hi! How nice to have you come and say hello! :-) And to say such nice things too! What a good guest you are!...I'd love to see some of your poetry. I just write what pops in my head. I never took any classes on poetry or anything. It just kinda comes out! LOL {Some poets would probably say: "Yeah! We noticed!!" ^_^} Anyway...come again, ya hear!

  15. Those ants are persistent little creatures. They never give up. Maybe we (well me really) need to have that kind of attitude :)
    How's the tennis going? I noticed that our young Aussie lost his match the other night. I bet he will be a big player in years to come.

  16. Arnald Swartzeneggar sized ants... hilarious!

    Turquoise is so pretty. And that first image is dreamy...

  17. Jo-anne, Yes they are persistent! In fact, hubby removed the feeder from the tree and left the ant guard up to see if he could deter them, and they were still coming ALL DAY, going all the way down to the hook and then turning around! LOL By nightfall we were down to seeing just one or two every once in a while. Hubby decided to wait until tomorrow to reattach the nectar feeder to see what happens. I'll keep you posted! ^_^ As to the tennis....WOW!! Federer is out!!! But Tomic is some player, isn't he?!! I never saw much of him before this year. I'll be keeping my eye on him from now on though! I can't wait until tomorrow's matches! Nadal versus Murray, and Djokovic versus Tsonga!!!! Ooooo! Gonna be a good day! :-]

  18. Priscila, ^_^ If you saw these ants in person you'd agree with me!!...And I'm so glad you liked the turquoise...and the boat photo. I find myself staring at it too! :-)

  19. Smart little critters aren't they!

    enter me!

  20. Alittlesprite, Indeed they are! :-) (And you're entered)


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