Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Knew I Wasn't The Only One!!!

      Just looking at the news and weather this morning I could see that I am NOT the only one dealing with rain. WOW! There's all kinds of 'wet' getting dumped on folks all over the place!!...So I decided to talk about what I'm doing while it's raining...
      Yeah! You already pretty much know if you've been following this blog for a while...*Teehee*...because if you've been following my blog, you also know that it's Wimbledon Tennis time too!! Woohoo!!! ^_^ there was a 'chance' that I would say 'crocheting', 'watching old movies', writing poetry', listening to music', or 'EATING'...But not this time!!! It's all about the tennis for the next two weeks!!...And to those who are use to my full attention.....I'm sorry. ^_^
     I'm not the only one into tennis though!! Look at these things I found! (You can click on them to go to the items)
       From alexandraferguson....
      These shots are not about tennis. I just wanted to remind you...IT'S RAINING, PEOPLE!!! Indulge my love of tennis just for a couple of weeks....okay?!...*insert puppy dog face here*...I just want to be as happy about the rain as this little duck I saw on the blog Hither and Thither! :-)
         Okay, now that we're ALL in the right state of mind! ^_^...justforuembroidery has this!...and yes they are embroidery!
       PoetryandLight's tennis net photograph.
       fionadesigns' stationery set.
     MFGifts' sport towel.
     rawartletterpress' Tennis love mug for Wimbledon.
       And last, shannondean4's tennis cupcake toppers.
      Those of you who are not sports lovers, or not tennis lovers, are probably wondering what the big deal is. I mean you hit the ball over the net...and they hit the ball back over the net to you. LOL But aren't you curious, at least a little bit, about a sport that scores by having 'love' mean 'nothing'?! LOL I'd say it's worth watching at least one match just to see what that's all about!! ^_^
      And don't be surprised if that one match leads to another...and another...and Wimbledon!!! ^_^
        Okay, I'm gonna take my sneezy, stuffy self back to my bed...
              ...I've got snacks, water, a T.V. directly in front of me, and nothing too pressing to do this morning except package up the two items I sold last night. YEP! I actually had some sales! Two Wuglyee Key Chains! :-) I hope you all have a good weather, focused and happy day! And tell me....will tennis be on your schedule?!

You Probably Don't Care!

I know you probably don't care,
but I will tell you anyway!
I mean, I have to talk about it.
It's what I do most every day!

I know you have your own things going,
and my things? You could care less.
But I have to spill it, talk,
share, converse, chat, or confess.

Don't you have some days like that,
when you just 'let down your hair'?
Well, today was that for me,
and it's okay if you don't care! :-)


  1. Nope....not a tennis fan. I took lessons as a child, so I understand the sport and I like to play...just not watch it. I have a friend that loves it as much as you though. Enjoy the matches and take care of yourself so you can feel better!
    Love the selections today too!
    Have a great day. I'm off to get dressed, clean my house and photograph some of my destash beads to put in my shop.

    And's a rainy day here too! I probably should get those perennials I bought yesterday in the ground too!

  2. Anonymous6/23/2011

    Well i don't watch tennis, but it is raining here!
    And I saw some cute little duckings in person today.

  3. CinLynn, My friend, I KNOW you're not into my tennis like me!! LOL I'm happy to hear, though, that you have another friend that is annoying you with it as much as me!! ^_^ I'm glad you liked the things I shared though. I guess 'talent' trumps tennis, huh?!...Well, enjoy your rainy day too. Digging in the dirt is something I enjoy as much as....who am I kidding?! LOL You KNOW I don't enjoy that! I just like to look at the flowers that come up! So, 1 for me with my tennis...and 1 for you with your gardening!! ^_^ Later my friend!

  4. Thea, Well, at least the ducklings are enjoying this rain! I hope you find something equally enjoyable to keep your attention as my tennis will do for me! :-)

  5. I love watching Wimbledon too!

  6. Pammy Sue, :-) Me too!!....Obviously, right?! ^_^ I'm really enjoying today's matches too. The Hewitt/Soderling match....EXCELLENT!

  7. I am not such a big fan of rain but I love tennis. I hope that you have a wonderful rainy day inside.

  8. Shelley, Ha! Ha! I know what you mean about the rain. What I wonder is...Does 'rain' have fans the same way that 'tennis' has fans?! ^_^ Not us though!!...You have a good day too!

  9. Hi,

    I'm glad to say that tennis is on my schedule. What a perfect day to relax at home, well, it's rainning a lot lately, as you know.
    Lovely photos of the little bird.

  10. Love the tennis theme... :-) Hope it stops raining for you - we don't know whether to take umbrellas or wear shorts and T-shirts!

  11. Priscila, Hello! Ah! You're watching tennis too?! Great! Do you have a favorite player?!...And the rain is STILL pouring down here. But I'm fine with it as long as I have Roger Federer to watch! ^_^

  12. Creating Trouble, Thank you! I'm glad you liked my tennis things. :-) And as for the rain, it's been going all day, but I'm not bothered by it as long as I have something to I mean. And my hummingbirds have been coming all day too! :-) I hope you're handling your rain as well!

  13. Love tennis! I used to play ALL the time but now my knees are not letting me enjoy it and also the time factor has been an issue..excuses?? Well, today the TV in our break room was all tennis..all day..when we weren't working...unless you were me and I was working nonstop! (if you believe that, I have some rained out property in the Creepy Woods for sale!) Loved the tennis items too!

  14. yaya, YAY! Another tennis lover! I know what you mean about not playing now. Me and hubby used to play regularly too. We stopped before my health got bad though. He got tired of me beating him all the time! LOL Yeah! I said it!!! ^_^ {That's the same reason I don't like playing 'UNO' with him now. He keeps beating 'ME'!! LOL}...You made me laugh about the property you have for sale! ^_^ I have some ocean front property available too, for anybody that thinks I 'hate' wasting all day looking at tennis, crocheting, and napping!! LOL Awwww! I miss break rooms...*sigh*...sorta.

  15. Anonymous6/23/2011

    I am with you. Love watching Tennis. The only sport my husband and I watch. We got the Tennis channel for that very reason. Sorry to hear that your under the weather. Hope you feel better soon. Great blog and poem. Take care. Hugs. Peg

  16. I used to be a tennis fan when my Mum was still alive but the fun of watching it has fallen away. We used to watch it together. Wimbledon is on so late here. It doesn't start on TV until at least 9pm or later.
    Would you believe that we have rain forecast for today as well? It's perfect weather for playing on the computer, doing some crochet and catching up on my favourite TV shows (I should do some housework but not today).

  17. Peg, Yes, I know you guys like tennis as much as us! And the Tennis Channel and I are fast friends. Although ESPN has been taking some of the slack this week too. :-)) And we have a weekend and another week full of tennis to go too!...My allergies will calm down soon I'm sure. I'm just rolling with the punches for now..Thanks for such nice words about my blog and poem too. Have a good night. See you tomorrow!

  18. Jo-anne, Awwww! I was sorry to hear that tennis is not holding a good place with you now. :-( I understand though. I connected my best times watching football with my brothers, who are over over the United States now. I miss seeing every play through their eyes too...And yikes! Wimbledon comes on so late there!! I get my first match at 7 a.m. and then up to 4 or 5 p.m. But they replay the whole thing from 6 p.m. until 3 a.m. again! So REALLY it's on all day!! :-))...And yes, I do believe you have rain! I saw on the weather map how many places were getting it...and worse! The weather...the weather!...*smh* The only good thing is that it's great weather for napping too! :-) Go get a nap!

  19. Hey, I liked your tennis theme so much (and have been watching Murray and Ljubicic) so thought I would 'borrow' (OK, steal) it. Hope you don't mind tooooo much...
    I was also wondering whether you would be my first blog shout out? You've been super super supportive of me over the past few months and I really appreciate it! xx

  20. Creating Trouble, Oooo! The Murray/Ljubicic match was so good, wasn't it?!! :-] Go right ahead and 'borrow' it! :-)) What's involved in being someone's 'shout out'?! {I oly look like I know what I'm doing around here. LOL}...And thank you so much for the nice words too. :-]

  21. Can I steal a picture from your blog and just say a few words about you with a link or two? :-) Not a big artist's feature piece - more like the Etsy shout outs I do each week :-) (although if you'd like an artist's feature I would be more than happy for you to be my artist too!!!)

  22. Creating Trouble, No need to ask. Go right ahead! I'm happy to be included!! :-)


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