Monday, June 6, 2011

Colorful Apples...and Remakes in Black and White!

       A little apple for the teacher?!....Nah! Not this time. This Yellow Distressed Primitive Apple by merritthyde is for the new visitors to the backyard! :-) I thought it was the perfect gift to share with you because it's a little unlike other apples. It's colorful, distressed a bit, and kinda square. Just the same way 'I' am!! LOL
     Welcome to the backyard!! I thought I'd say a direct 'Howdy-Do' since I've noticed that so many of you are honoring me by your comments and attention. I appreciate it very much!!!!...So, pull up a chair, a blanket, a stool, WHATEVER! Get yourself a cold drink from the fridge. You might even find some cold chicken and biscuits in there! The microwave's in the kitchen. Help Yourself!! :-)
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     I hope you all had a good weekend. The weather around our neck of the woods was exquisite! The robins were flitting around all over the backyard. I even thought I saw my Mama robin gathering more building material!!...I say 'thought' because unfortunately she wasn't wearing her pearls and high heels. And without those she looks a lot like the neighbor birdies! ^_^
     Her pretty turquoise egg, from the storm time, is still sitting on the ground there. It's kinda covered up with some leaves and things now. I don't know if she did that or not, but it looked so 'purposefully' protected that I didn't dare bother it.
     Hubby was like a 'hog in slop' this weekend, out there in the garden, with all that sunshine, blue skies, and time on his hands....After a whole lot of napping and catching up on sleep I mean. It was a loooooong week last week!...I'm not gonna bore you with a bunch of green bushes (that's what his plants look like to me now! LOL), but he does have these pretty 'babies' coming up!...
       He was very happy to see these.!..and not so happy to see that something...he said 'mealie bugs', I think...had been nibbling on some of his sunflower plants! O_0 He was taking care of that, while I enjoyed looking at the beautiful freshly cut grass, and.....wait for it!!....HUMMINGBIRDS!!! :-)
     I tried....Oh! How I get some footage of them. Yes, I said 'THEM'!! I had 2 or 3 different ones come to the feeder yesterday!! One of them had the most beautiful blue coloring under his throat!...I'm gonna try to get some video of them today. Don't hold your breath though. I sat there all day yesterday, holding my camera, waiting....waiting....waiting.
     Every time I put the camera down, thinking 'Eh! They're not coming back!', they would pop in, take a sip, air dance, and fly off....before I could get my camera back on and set!!! It was so frustrating!! LOL And it happened like that about 5 times before I finally decided: "Go ahead!! Drink all you want!! I'm not taking your picture!!"...They must have heard me, because no more came back after that anyway. Imagine if I had sat there waiting!!!!
     I had other things to do anyway! I started a new crochet project...Do you remember this scarf?
     Well, it went off to a new home, to live in Mexico, back in November. I said I was going to put another black and white scarf or shawl in the shop to replace it because it got a lot of views the short time it was in the shop. Unfortunately though, I've been kinda preoccupied with Yoyo bags and hats and things...So, now that I have some time between projects, I decided to make another one.
      I'm not making it exactly like the other one, because it was a little stiff to me...although very pretty!
        This one is a bit more......Ummm....flimsy?! That doesn't sound like the right word either. Maybe free-flowing, or drapey. I don't know what the word is, but it'll be soft and easy to flip over your shoulder if you get chilled. Depending on how it looks, I might even make it a bit longer...width-wise....and let it become a shawl. We'll see!
      It's pretty long, length-wise. Think Lauren Bacall, in Casablanca, or Ginger Rogers in ANYTHING!! :-] It's my nod to Old Hollywood...sorta! :-]
     Okay, that's what my weekend was like. What about yours?! Wanna share?! I'd love to hear!


Have you noticed all the sequels?
All the remakes from the past?
I guess I'm not the only one
that likes the shadow old shows cast.

Some are kinda silly.
And still others make me groan.
There are good ones, and some duds,
that, frankly, should have been left alone.

What I think is really funny
is kids today don't have a clue!
They think all these shows and movies
are creative, wild, and new!

I remember 'Charlie's Angels',
Yes, and 'Beverly Hillbillies' too.
What ever happened to 'Little Women'?
and Scooby Doo, where are you?!

They remade 'Leave it to Beaver'.
I think I'm gonna have to mourn it.
Come on, Is there nothing sacred?!
Even 'Spider-man', and 'Green Hornet'?!

Maybe it's just me!
Maybe I'm a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
But, please leave the old shows alone!!
I don't wanna think about what's next!!



  1. Oh more Hummingbirds? Terrific! I do like your Hubby's Petunias. Very cute.

    My weekend um.. nothing and more of

    Enter me!

  2. Alittlesprite, Ohhhh....Petunias! That's what they are?!!....Ha! Ha! Isn't that sad! I don't know what they are, but I like looking at them! ^_^

    And you're entered again! :-)

  3. I used to grow them myself, which is why I recognised them :)

  4. Alittlesprite, I see! Well, thanks for the info. :-)

  5. I agree totally with your poem! I wish they'd leave those classics alone too! They were great the way they were!
    Glad you are finally seeing those hummers!! Mine haven't been around as much. Just too many flowers out there to drink from! LOL
    I love those wooden apples!! Wish I had somewhere to put them.
    Our weekend was a good one too. We took a long walk out on Harbor Island on Friday night. Went to my son and daughter-in-laws for dinner on Sat. night and went for a long walk out to the pier, people watched and rented a movie on Sunday night. Love those kind of weekends!
    I'm luvin' that black and white, by the way! Reminds me of something! LOL
    Enjoy your day and please ENTER ME!

  6. It sounds like you had an awesome and nature filled weekend! I read something by Oprah yesterday about being the poem and I thought of you and your wonderful poetry. Have you ever published any of your poems? I hope you have a wonderful Monday and week!

  7. Shelley, Awwww! Thank you so much for such nice words about my poetry...But now I'm curious...What was it you read by Oprah? And where can I go to see it?!...And the answer to your question is, other than the book of poems I sell in my Wuglyees shop, and one poem (which I didn't get any payment for), no. I've never had any of my poems officially published. I do have about 200 of them at the House of Congress though. :-) Copywritten.

  8. Deb - that black and white scarf is KILLER!! You did a great job in making that one for sure - truly lovely! The little wooden apples are pretty darn cute too!


  9. Vicki, Ahhh! Thank you! I kinda like it too. I'm enjoying making the new one too. It's gonna be more like a shawl though. Same idea as the scarf though. And those apples....SO CUTE!!!

  10. CinLynn, Thanks, about the poem Cin! I just was starting to see too many of the opinion...of the good old time remakes. I mean seriously!! Wasn't the original good enough? Why not just show that? A lot of the kids today haven't seen them?!!..About the hummers (as you call them...*Teehee*), I just heard someone say that you can put Salvia (some kind of flower) in your yard to attract them. Is that what you have?!...Hubby is going looking for some this coming weekend...And it sounds like you had a really good weekend too!...What movie did you guys see?! Have you seen Black Swan? It was recommended to me. I'm hearing mixed reviews from people though. I'm not sure whether to watch it or not! O_0 ...And yes, I know what black and white you're talking about. And it's very pretty! :-]
    Just updating...I just saw the info on 'Black Swan'. Not watching it! It's rated 'R' and apparently has some real dark stuff anyway. NOPE!!!

  11. Ha! square, colorful and a little distressed!!! Totally works for me!

    Be patient with the hummers. Eventually they'll settle in enough to let their photos be taken.

  12. I thought so when I saw them too, Vanessa!! :-)

  13. Holyoke Home, Ha! Ha! like my analogy?! That means you're getting to know me a little! ^_^ And thanks for the encouragement about the hummers. You live close enough for me to take your advice about our local finicky hummingbirds seriously! ^_^ I'm gonna get a picture or two eventually!!

  14. Hello,

    Yes, this weekend was nice. It felt like Spring again. However, this week will be hot!!!
    The scarf is lovely.
    Enter me, please.

  15. Priscila, Yes, it's gonna be a scorcher for a couple of days they said! I already have my air conditioner on...just in case!! LOL And thanks for the nice words about the scarf too! :-) {Putting your name in the box now!}

  16. I love your poem. You are absolutely right some kids just don't know that these movies are remakes. There are just some movies that are wonderful classics that should never, ever be remade but of course they re-do them anyway & they are never the same.

  17. Jo-anne, Thanks for the nice words about my poem, and for the comment too. Sad about the kids, isn't it?! They don't even know what they're missing...unless 'Oldies' like us bring it to their attention 'EVERY CHANCE WE GET'!!!! LOL

  18. I saw the article in an Oprah magazine about being the poem. I am going to go back and find it for you.

  19. Shelley, Thank you so much!!!! I really want to see that! :-)


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