Monday, June 20, 2011

TEXAS....Art, Music and a Butterfly?!

    It's Monday!!! Time to get back to work, shuffle back off to school, get back to the 'Rat Race', the routine, the 'Show and Tell'....................HUH?!...Okay, so I 'snuck' that last thing in there because that's what I'm doing on this Monday. ^_^
     I want to 'show you and tell you' about a great shop on Etsy. I 'personally' know it's a great shop...not like the times I was just nosing around browsing through shops and 'assumed' it was a great shop. I'm a happy repeat customer of this shop. And I'm probably gonna be a 3-peat customer...and a 4-peat, forth and so on too! :-))
    The shop is txbutterfly74...In her shop announcement and profile she says that 'she loves to make gift cards, gift tags, miniature pieces of art and film photography, and that every item that's in her shop is made with love and special attention to detail.'...I know for a fact that this statement is absolutely true!! :-)
      I ordered some cards and tags from her a while back, to send to my customers.
        Almost every time my customers have received my items with these little cards and tags attached to them, they've made a special point to comment about the cards or tags!
     As well they should! :-) They're cheery, inviting, colorful, and not flimsy at all. And with the ones I chose, there's a 3-D butterfly on them! I love knowing that my customers will open their package and BAM!...get hit in the face with a pretty butterfly. :-)
    But the reason I decided to do this post was not only because she makes good cards and tags, but because on this re-order I just received I got to see her heart. And her pride in what she does. And her love of a good customer....ME! :-) Look at what I got with this order! {And keep in mind that I paid exactly the same amount this time as I did the first time I ordered from her!}
      What I was expecting to see when I opened the package for my order was a nicely wrapped bunch of cards. But what I saw was this GORGEOUS box!!
      A pretty box?! Sturdy? With flowers and butterflies all over it?!....I almost wanted to cry....seriously! You know how much I like a pretty box, don't you?!....Don't you?!!! Have I not talked your ears off about stash boxes, and earring and ring boxes?! :-)) I couldn't wait to open it!!
        As you can see, the flowers and butterflies were all over the inside of the box lid too!! :-)
      Underneath the bubble wrap....stuff to pop! Oooooo!... ^_^...was my pretty cards, tags, and FREE stuff in a pretty bag!...
     ...Not to mention the prettiest business cards!...
       ...which I will be very happy to distribute.
           Her profile also says: "I am from Austin, Texas. Being inspired and creative is one of the most beautiful things to me. I love art and music and Austin is a great place to be for both of these things... "...I can tell that these things are true...except for the Austin thing. I don't know about that! LOL But being creative?....Yes you are!...Loving what you do?.....Clearly you do!! Thank you too!!! :-) 
        Now, I'm sure that by tomorrow or the next day I'll be back to my overly chatty self. But today I just had to 'show and Tell' you about a great place to shop for your cards and things!
     Now, excuse me while I go and examine my box some more.....Oooooo! There's flowers and butterflies under the bottom too?! :-]
      Hmmmm.....What am I going to give the honor of being stored in this box?!...I'll think of something!! :-) Maybe the schedule for the tennis matches for the next two weeks!! YES!!! It's Wimbledon time again!!! ^_^
       Have a good day everybody! Happy Monday!!

My Special Little Box

No, I don't have a baby
with tons of golden locks
that need a place of memory
like a special little box.

No, I don't want old watches,
or the parts to wind old clocks
to mar or scratch the insides
of my pretty little box.

No, there's no baby pictures.
No, not even baby socks,
that'll occupy the insides
of my flower covered box.

No, I can't have it damaged
by some clumsy, nosy ox.
My butterflies must be safely kept,
secure upon their box. 

Let's see, will it be chocolates?
or my diamond studded rocks?
Yeah, those would do just fine
encased in my little box!

Oooo! Special boxes rock!


  1. What a great post for txbutterfly74! She must be thrilled to have such an appreciative customer too. I know I'm thrilled for her! I think you should just store your tags and cards in that box. It IS a pretty one and I can see why you love it!
    Enjoy your tennis today! I have a full service day lined up but I'll be thinking of you!

  2. CinLynn, Thanks for the nice words Bead! :-) I hope she does like the post...And I have the cards and tags in the box now. I may just keep them in there...until they all run out anyway. :-)) Then it'll be decision time again! ^_^ Have a good day my friend. Talk pretty to all your potential new friends! :-)

  3. I love shops that have great packaging! What a fun box, too!

  4. Shannon, Me too! And I think anyone that pays close attention to the little things, like wrapping things securely and pretty, really want my business...and they will get it too! :-)) Thanks for your comment. I love input!

  5. Thanks for letting us know about her gorgeous shop.LOVE Butterflies!!!
    Hope all is well.


  6. We Blog Artists, Believe me, it was 'my' pleasure! I like sharing, especially when I know how good it is!!...I hope you're not too busy these days! Happy Monday and a happy week upcoming too! :-]

  7. I adore those butterflies! What sweet cards and tags...I can see why all your customers would comment on them, they're lovely!

  8. ag., Well, I can see that you're a person of discriminating tastes! :-)) They really are the cutest!

  9. Those cards are gorgeous. So pretty.
    Thank you for your visit again, Debbie.
    Happy Monday!!

  10. Priscila, They are some pretty cards! I keep opening the box and looking at them...*Teehee* Happy Monday to you too! :-]

  11. I am speechless and smiling from ear to ear with tears in my eyes!! Thank you SO VERY MUCH for featuring my Etsy shop! I am so so so happy that you love everything, including the box I sent to you! :) You just made my week! My month! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have to go read the post again and again and share! I am so happy!! :))))))

  12. awwwwwww, awesome box! Cherilyn shop does rock! I have some of her tags on my wall.

  13. Cherily, Awwwwwwww! :-)) It was my pleasure!!!...And YAY! You were able to post your comment this time!...Thank you!! :-) Have a good rest of the week!!

  14. A Thyme To Bee Comforted, Thank you! It sure is a beautiful box!...Ooooo! You are a customer too! Well, you know exactly what I mean, don't you?! :-) Thanks for letting me know!

  15. What a lovely box. Would you believe that I have a thing for pretty containers too, well containers in general. I like the idea of placing chocolates in your special little box :D
    I'm off to check Cherilyn's shop.

  16. Jo-anne, WOW! We're more alike than we are different, huh?! :-) Actually, I think that's the case with most of us humans. I think we all just like to 'play up' the differences more because it gives us something to talk about! ^_^ Enjoy your browse through Cherilyn's shop, and have a good day!

  17. I love cute packaging too! That is such a great way to receive an item. Cute everything (box, wrapping, cards). Beautiful! I hope that you have a wonderful day!

  18. Shelley, Thank you! And I agree about t being a great way to receive an item too!...You have a wonderful day too!! :-)


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