Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Tennis Watching Hummingbird?!!!

      This hummingbird painted gourd birdhouse, that I saw in the Etsy shop SharonsCustomArtwork reminded me that I hadn't told you about my hummingbirds lately. And it's really something to tell you too! :-)
      The 'something' has been happening ever since the Wimbledon tennis tournament started. {And I KNOW you're gonna think I'm making this up, but...I'm NOT!!}...First though, let me lay out my day yesterday....Friday.....'Date Night' day!! :-)
      As you know, I've been having all kinds of issues with my 'allergies'...{allergies that may not be allergies at all as it turns out. It may be another symptom of my 'Change' induced hormones!...I deduced this by the fact that the allergies have shown up at the same time as my growing impatience level, more hair growing in odd places at a rate even Superman would marvel at, and more regular night sweats! UGH!!!...Reminds me of when Archie Bunker told Edith to 'Go ahead and CHANGE already!!' LOL}
        I was sitting in front of my ever-blowing fan...
            ...waiting for the next tennis match to come on.  The smell of homemade chicken soup from the Crock pot was wafting through the house. 
      I went on Youtube and listened to a couple of songs...a common pastime between tennis matches...and then HURRAY!! It was coming on!...I turned the T.V. up loud and waited and watched out the window for my tennis watching buddy to come by. :-)
     I ate a few snacks....
         And then there he was!!! The hummingbird!!!...I know you're probably thinking this is some kind of joke, but No!! Every time I turn up the music or the  T.V. when the tennis match starts...I look out the window and my little buddy 'Horacio' is out there sitting in the tree, with his head going back and forth as if he's following the beat, or following the ball going back and forth across the net!! :-) 
      At first I thought it was just coincidence. So, I've been doing little things to test the theory: Turning up the T.V. when I'm watching a movie, talking loud at random times, turning everything off in the house and just waiting.
      But as soon as the music or tennis comes on...there he is!! :-) Even more funny, when the crowd gets loud because of a good play or something, he picks that exact moment to fly over to the window and look in and then dart off...or to go to the feeder and sip on nectar!! His little wings are flapping as if he's clapping along with the crowd!....NO KIDDING!!! :-))
    I knew you wouldn't believe I have proof!!!! :-]

    Now....what do you think of that?! I have a tennis watching hummingbird for a backyard pet!!! LOL
     In other news....and it's gonna be anti-climactic after the hummingbird thing! LOL...hubby and I had a very nice 'Date Night'! We ate homemade chicken soup and buttermilk cornbread, looked at the reruns of some tennis matches from yesterday, giggled, took a nap, and ate this...
      ...Truth is, 'I' had these....Well, a little bit of each of these mixed together. {As if either one by themselves wouldn't have been enough!! LOL} I hadn't had any in a while. It was time people!!!! ^_^
       It may be time for me to get this!
      Hubby had some natural oatmeal raisin cookies with pecans. I think he thought the word 'Natural' would make them okay for his cholesterol!! LOL...Anyway! If you can't look forward to eating what you want at least once a week...on a 'Date Night' is life ever gonna really be worth living?!! LOL It stops that 'ONE MORE DIET' from being right around the corner. ^_^ And we don't want to do another diet again...Just healthy eating now, the two of us! Today's poem is proof that we've been there/done that with the dieting! to talk to some people about a Kingdom! :-) Have a good Saturday everybody!!!

Starting A New Diet

We're  now starting a new diet-
thanks to help from 'Dr. Phil'.
No more delusions about food.
Its time for thoughts of 'Getting Real!'

This is our first day on this road,
and I can see it will take work;
But if we get to feeling better-
Then, 'Less' of us will be the perk.

We've  gone from sugar-laced oatmeal
to cereal that is all-bran;
and down to normal sized portions
instead of eating from the pan.

We're  kind of different, Jeff and I.
Oh-How our lifestyle change will be,
because he likes to eat all day,
and I get hungry after three.

We have to eat three meals a day,
But then, we have two snack times too;
and I admit-the time preparing
ain't that easy, y'all, to do!

My hubby carries his three meals
in a cooler, on his truck
so that when he's  feeling hungry
he can eat and not be stuck.

We're  eating vegetables and fruit
more than we ever thought we would.
We're  looking forward to the day
when we are thin, and feeling good.

That day, for hubby, will come soon.
For me, it might be quite a while.
As far as where we have to go-
he has an inch-I have a mile!

But after years of being fat
(But liking who I am inside)
I'm not so focused on weight loss-
as much as health is my true guide.

So, at the end of the day,
whether months, or years from now,
I'd  like to look into the mirror
and let out a hearty "Wow!"

Maybe I won't  be teeny-tiny,
and my clothes won't  be real small-
But maybe I can go in service
with no cane-But standing tall.

And hubby's, low cholesterol
could be a show of true endurance;
and we won't  have to pay as much
to get some better life insurance!

{Credit for above photos: 1950's Vornado Desk Fan by LuccaBales; Ben & Jerry Charm Bracelet by uniquecharmboutique}


  1. Anonymous6/25/2011

    Good-Morning, Love your hummingbird. That is just so cute. Great name, Horacio. Love the poem, hope the diet works. I need to get myself busy and get on one too. We are heading out on Sunday. Going to my hubby's dads in Alabama for a week. A much needed visit. He is 78 now and his step mom is 85. We haven't been able to get down there for a while. Partly because of all the flooding in Louisian. We have to go through Baton Rouge and thought it was best if we waited untill that was over. There health isn't the greatest. They both have went through cancer and are cancer free. The chemo and radiation sure does a number on the body and mind. Have a great weekend and a great week. They live in the sticks so there is no internet. I have to go into town to get it. Hugs Peg

  2. That is so amazing about the hummingbird. I love that story!! When something like that happens I always wonder if it's someone sending me a message - saying hi. :) Or maybe the hummingbird just likes tennis...

    I hope you'll enjoy the diet. If you are following Dr. Phil's plan, it's really less of a diet and more of a healthy lifestyle, isn't it? I find that much easier to follow than fad diets that make you feel deprived of all the foods you love... Good luck with it!!

    Hugs, Silke

  3. Awww, i love your hummingbird ♥ he's got good taste in sports! and good luck on the healthy eating. they make so many yummy things these days that are "healthy" hopefully you guys don't feel deprived and it works for you!

  4. Peg, Hello! I guess I missed you this morning!...I'm glad you like my Horacio, and the poem too. The poem was written a few years ago about a diet we were starting then. It was more than just a diet as it turns out. I learned a lot while following Dr. Phil's plan. Number one, I learned that diets don't work, but, rather, eating well does! It doesn't necessarily make you skinnier, but it does make you healthier!...Have a safe trip down to Alabama. Drive carefully and keep your eyes open. Things may not be all better yet...I'll be thinking of you. And you're right also that Cancer treatments are 'no picnic'!! O_0 See you when you get back!

  5. Silke, Isn't my Horacio magnificent?! :-) And no message. I just think that because I'm always looking out the window he may think I'm family at this point! :-)) And as a family member, living in this neck of the woods, you have to like tennis...or else!! LOL...And I'm not dieting now. Just following a better eating program than I used to. Dr. Phil's diet (and his book) really helped me learn some things though. It's a very good program...Okay, have a good rest of the weekend!

  6. OttosMom, Ha! Ha! You're so right about my Horacio's good tastes in sports...and in backyards to camp out in too I might add. ^_^ And thanks about the healthy eating. Sometimes it's easier than others, but always...we're working at it. After all, we only have this one body to work with! ^_^ {I must admit though, that I wouldn't be 'mad at 'em' if they had a factory somewhere where I could go and pick up a body with some better hips on it!! LOL} Have a good rest of the weekend! :-]

  7. I would love to see Horacio watching the tennis! It reminds me of one of my cats we had who would watch Garfield on TV. Saqqara would always make me smile when she did that :)
    I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  8. Jo-anne, Ha! Ha! A cat who watches Garfield? Well, you know exactly what I mean then, don't you?! ^_^ What amazes me is how much joy is gives me to see him show up!! Almost as much as watching the tennis itself!....Who said that?!! ^_^ ... ME! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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