Saturday, June 11, 2011

Well, Now I Can Check That One Off Of My List!!!

        Doesn't it look delicious?!...Wanna know what it is?! :-) Well, remember the other day when I was talking about the everyday FOOD magazine I had gotten in the mail with the recipe for Spanakopita, and how I didn't know what it was?! Well, now I do?! :-)
      Hubby and I have a 'Date Night' every Friday. And yesterday's 'Date Night' was more like a 'Date Day' because he had the whole day off from work!...We spent the day doing 'this and that', nothing too special. But last night hubby left the house and said he'd be right back. O_0
     Then, about 30 minutes later, he called and had to give away what he was up to!..*Teehee* He said: "What was the name of that thing she said you could get at the restaurant over here?" That was my clue to read between the lines as to who "she" was, what "restaurant" he was talking about, and what the name of "the thing" was! LOL
     It didn't take me long. I mean...we 'have' been married almost 29 years!! I can almost read his eyebrow raises and head tilts now! ^_^ ...I quickly deduced that he was talking about my Bloggie buddy from the blog Holyoke Home. The other day when I had mentioned that I didn't know what 'Spanakopita' was, she said: "Go to Pizza D'Action on Lyman Street in Holyoke (tell Scott or Fran that Maggie sent you) and order their Spanikopeta and a small salad. Perfect summer meal! YUM. MEE."
      So, hubby was gonna surprise me by bringing it home for me! But....he couldn't remember the name of the dish, or the people we were suppose to ask for, or the person we were suppose to say sent us!! Ha! Ha!...But hey! He did know where Lyman Street was! That was 'something!' ^_^
     Anyway...he brought it home, I got a fork, and dug in!!!
      YUM-MEE!! Maggie, you were right!! Delicious!! :-) Now I know that least 'this' Spanakopita...has Spinach, Cheese, Egg, onions, some other little odds and ends, and Phyllo dough! (Yeah!! I know what that is too now!! ^_^) 'And' I know....IT'S DELICIOUS!!!
       My only addition, being the meat girl that I am, would be a pork chop or a ham steak on the side! :-)
     Big thanks Maggie, for the restaurant recommendation, and for letting me know that I really didn't have to go that far in order to have a new experience! :-) ....My only regret?! That hubby didn't have his camera so he could take some pictures of the restaurant! I love the black and white, kinda 1950s decor!! Or at least that's what it looked like on their website. Hubby said that's exactly what it looked like to him in person too. He loved it!! :-)
     Okay, now that I can mark that experience off of my list, what am I gonna do today?! I'm sure I'll think of something!! ^_^ Have a good weekend everybody!! {By the way, what are you gonna be doing?! Are you making anything new?}

I Love A New Experience

I love a new experience!
No matter how it's learned.
A fact that's new to me,
or a new food that I've burned.

A place I've never been,
or a person I've not known.
A book I've never read,
or a gadget on my phone.

A song that's not my norm,
or a craft I've never tried.
A veggie fixed a new way,
whether boiled, sauteed or fried.

I love a new experience!
A jolt for my old eyes.
To make my life worth living,
and each day a great surprise!      


  1. Yum! Looks delicious!

  2. Shannon, It was! It was! :-]

  3. mmmm I love Spanokopita. I should make some sometime... maybe that can be one of next week's meals. As far as I remember it's not that hard.

  4. Creating Trouble, I love it now too!! :-) I have a recipe in my everyday FOOD magazine, if you need it too! :-)

  5. That really does look delicious! I love Greek food! Sorry about it being meatless, but at least you got your protein from the cheese and spinach! Your poem really reflects your experience too!
    I have to finish a bracelet today for my niece's graduation party next week. And we have some new end tables that have to be put together. All this after service of course!
    Have a great day and enjoy whatever you're doing!


  6. Hello sweet bloggy friend. Yea! I love Spanakopita. This looks absolutely perfect. I love discovering new recipes. This is an excellent post.
    Well my sweet bloggy friend, I know I'm a bit slow, but...your wuglyee will be featured in an upcoming blog post about fabulous giveaway prizes.
    I hope you realize how much I appreciate your bloggy friendship. Your visits and comments at Katherines Corner always make me smile. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs!♥

  7. CinLynn, Thank you Cin! I don't know whether I've eaten much Greek food or not. I just eat food! We've been to many gatherings and had food ingredients explained, but I never knew what nationality it was associated with. But I can tell you whether I thought it was good or not!! LOL And you're right about my protein. No shortage there!...Have a good time making your bracelet. I'll be finishing my shawl I hope...and on the phone! :-) You're entered again, by the way!

  8. Katherine's Corner, Another lover of Spanakopita!! Well, I'm glad to finally be 'in the know' about what Spanakopita is!! :-) And I wasn't in any expectation about your 'Wuglyee'...:-] But I'm happy to hear that it has a loving home. :-) And F.Y.I., I enjoy your blog. It is my pleasure to stop by and comment when I can!...Have a good rest of the weekend Katherine! I hope it's nice weather for you!

  9. That looks soooo good. Right now, I am going to go find me something good to eat!

  10. That looks so delicious. Its got me thinking what can I cook for dinner tonight ...

  11. Dee Dee, It tasted even better than it looks too! :-) Yep! You go find you something to eat. I hope it's as good as what I had!! :-)

  12. Jo-anne, :-)) I hope it's good...whatever you decide!! :-)

  13. Brodie decided for me. We are having impossible pie (quiche) with mushrooms. Yum!

  14. Jo-anne, Yum! Sounds like a good choice Brodie! :-))

  15. That looks really yummy. Like the zucchini slice Hubby makes.. mmmmm How sweet of your Hubs to go get some for you :)


  16. "a new food that i've burned", ha! that holds true for me.

    yay for 'date days' and i hope you have a great weekend :)

  17. Alittlesprite, Oooo! Your hubby makes a Zucchini Slice?!...Okay, now I wanna know what 'that' is!! LOL It sounds delicious. Is it a dessert, like Zucchini bread?!...Anyway! :-) Have a good rest of the weekend!

  18. s + b, Ha! Ha! I love that you can find my personal confessions in my poetry!...And 'who hasn't' burned new stuff you were trying to cook?! ^_^ And you have a great rest of the weekend too!!

  19. Anonymous6/12/2011

    date day instead of a date night
    how fun!

  20. Kamana, It really was too! :-]

  21. No its kind of like a Quiche. Has Zucchini, eggs, bacon, potato, cheese. Baked in the oven. As you can tell its not very "healthy", but it is so good. Hot or even cold.

  22. Alittlesprite, Ohhhhh! Okay! A Quiche with potatoes 'and' bacon? YUMMY!!!...And it sounds pretty healthy to me! :-))

  23. YEAH!!!!!!! I am SO GLAD you enjoyed it!

  24. Holyoke Home, I sure did!!! Thank you!! :-)


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