Sunday, October 9, 2011

Reflections On Direction

        I hope you're all enjoying your weekend. We are...even though... :-('s the end of the vacation for us. Who knew that after over thirty years together we would still long for, and enjoy, time alone together?! :-]
        That's part of what I'm reflecting on this things aren't always what they seem. Like, for instance, Hubby and I got married for all the wrong reasons all those years ago, and yet look at us now! {We'll be talking about that kind of stuff on our other website...In the house...Mr. and Mrs. Wug... though, so I won't elaborate anymore about it now.} We're a great pair! And we love just hanging out together...just the two of us. :-)
       This week was suppose to be a time for getting the "To Do List"...DONE! But somehow, even though we kept trying to make sure there was...
        ...things kept veering off!!
       Hubby had planned to get rid of our old washing machine this week. We were able to give the dryer to a relative. But, even though it's still a working washing machine, we can't seem to get it out of here!
      One friend thought she knew another friend that would love to have it. Turns out that while that friend would've loved it....she wasn't allowed to have it! Her landlord wouldn't let her! Grrrr! 
      I think the landlord pays for electricity and water for the apartment, and she just wasn't having a washing machine...that was probably gonna be run every day...hooked up to her electric and water bill!!...I guess I can understand it from the money standpoint, but from the human standpoint, I have a problem with it!
       Anyway...everybody we called about 'giving it to them' either already had one, couldn't take it, or couldn't afford to have an increased electric bill....So, we tried to call washing machine repair places to see if they wanted it...for parts maybe.....No! They didn't! O_0 In fact, one guy actually said he 'thought' he knew someone that would come and pick it up, but he might want to be paid.......What?! Pay for a washer we're giving you for free?!.....NO THANK YOU!
       Then hubby said: "Maybe your dad could use it at his house. They have all of the kids and everything!"...So we called. Dad said: "Yes! Bring it over and we'll put it in the basement."...Ummmm...bring it over?! How?!....We don't have a truck to transport a washing machine! And all of our friends have down-sized and no longer have least those within a forty mile radius!
       Next stop....the junk yard! ^_^  Guess what?! They said: "If you can get it here, we'll take it!"....UGH! So....we still have the washing machine.....If any of you want me and be prepared to COME AND GET IT!!!! LOL
         The other left turn this week was the weather. We had expected the first four days of the vacation to be rained out, but instead we had one day of 'spritzing' rain....and the whole rest of this week has been a Fall to write poems about! :-]
         It's been absolutely beautiful!! The squirrels have been hopping around the yard....apparently hiding nuts for the winter. The birds have been joyously flying all over the backyard. And all of the red leaves on the trees have either fallen down to the ground, or turned color and are getting ready to. (Peak 'leaf-peeping' season has passed us by I think)
       The good weather affected hubby and I too. Instead of 'To Do'-ing our list, we slowed down. Waaaaaay down...We've been napping, playing Scrabble, watching ball games, reading, listening to music, reflecting and talking. 
      My kitchen cabinets didn't get completely organized. His oil and tire change on the car got side-lined. {When he went to do them at his mom's house, so he could spend some time with his mom also, he a found plumber's truck and trailer in the yard. His mom had her own "To-Do" list going...and she was doing it! LOL} 
      I had planned to finish my 'Ugly Wuglyee' scarf this week, but...even though the weather has been arthritis has kicked up terribly, and my hands hurt just lifting a bottle of soap! So, no crocheting...Well, not 'much' crocheting. You know I had to try!! LOL.....O-U-C-H!!!!
       So, things just weren't turning out as planned. Plans were getting re-routed all over the place! And then hubby saw something in the yard that poetically reflected our week. He saw that one of his sunflower plants had broken.... :-(
        But wait!...It broke...Yes. But somehow it took a left turn.....
        Do you believe that?! LOL This little sunflower plant decided that being broken didn't mean that life was over. It just meant that life needed to be re-routed! :-)
         But even though it had to take a lot of twists and turns, it was all worth it!....Even more than that...upon's actually pretty wonderful!! :-)
     Yep! That says it all!!!!


Sometimes you expect a little 'This', and you get 'That'.
Sometimes you will wave away some dust, but it's a gnat.

Sometimes it's an image in the distance that's right here.
Sometimes all the straining isn't worth the things you hear.

Sometimes you will find that 'pretty bad' has got a perk.
Sometimes a vacation is the thing that you call work.

Sometimes conversation meant to heal can go too far.
and sometimes on reflection you are happy who you are.

Sometimes poetry can be so random, and yet deep.
And sometimes it's, upon reflection, thoughts you ought to keep.

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  1. Good morning! You guys did exactly what you should do on vacation...enjoy each other's company!!! Those other things will get done! I'm so glad the weather was good for you, but I'm sorry old "arthur" is acting up so much for you. :( You and I would be a great pair. My back is killing me today and your arthritis is killing you. Wow...could we do some whining!!! LOL
    Have a great day my friend.

  2. CinLynn, :-) I guess you're right about the vacation thing. And anyway...we're not regretting it! It's been great just hanging out. :-) I'm sorry to hear about your back though. Why couldn't our backs and arthritis behave the weather, huh?! LOL Whine...whine...whine! ^_^ I hope you have a good rest of the day though.

  3. That's funny you should put that song from Oklahoma on your post. I was singing that the other day :)
    Your sunflower is amazing! I guess it was determined to do its own thing.
    Sorry that your hands are sore. I hope they feel better soon.

  4. Jo-anne, Ha! Ha! I'm liable to break into songs from Oklahoma at the drop of a hat, so it just seemed fitting to put it here! ^_^ ...And the hands are feeling a bit better. I finished my scarf last night...determination!! LOL


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