Saturday, October 15, 2011

We're like two Cuban Music Loving Squirrels This Morning!

     After our rainy 'Virtual Date Night', riding around looking at wet Fall foliage,...which was just as beautiful wet! (Just saying! ^_^)...hubby and I are just like two squirrels that have gathered their riches of nuts! :-) It was wonderful!
     I'm saying that and I didn't even have a hotdog! ^_^ {That's what I was craving all week! Who knows why. O_0} But I did have something at the Tanglewood Jazz Festival!...

          Hubby and I both LOVE music, but he's the Jazz man in our family. I like it, but he LOVES it!! And he loved the Jazz Festival music. {You can check upcoming scheduled performances at their website HERE.}
        We also REALLY loved the Norman Rockwell Museum! And guess what? They have great benches! ^_^ We only scratched the surface of things to enjoy in the Berkshires, so we're planning another trip in the future. :-)
       Okay, on to today's business...the Giveaway winner! :-) I no longer have my old cardboard box as the place where I keep all of the names of the Giveaway entrants. Thanks to the wonderful Art Life blogger, Briana, I now have this beautiful quilted bag. I won it in her Giveaway. I use it to keep the entries in now! :-)
       So, hubby reached down in the bag, stirred up the names, and drew one out.....
          Congratulations to.......
         ....Velma, of SnowFlakeDreams1 blog!! :-) ...Velma, your new Lacy Oatmeal afghan blanket will be on it's way to you soon! :-) I think I already have your address, but if there's any changes send me a quick note, will ya?! Enjoy it!! {The new Giveaway for November 1, 2011 will be posted soon.}
        Okay, off to get some breakfast, while listening to some more music from Tanglewood... :-) Loving it! {Below will be some more Jazz, for those who want to hear.}...And then I've got to 'put my nose to the grindstone' to speak. I've got a five minute Talk (sorta like a little Bible-themed Play) to write! I have to deliver it at our meeting on Thursday...YIKES! O_O
       In the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! :-) {If you need a laugh, hubby and I updated our blog,...In The House...Mr. and Mrs. Wug. The theme was 'Nicknames'. :-)}...Okay....breakfast and Music!! :-] (An old poem is below too!)

Going Out With My Baby

Going out with my baby.
Or going nowhere, but it's alright.
Playing games and constant laughing.
I think it's gonna be a great 'Date Night'!

Going out with my baby.
Or staying in, and hugging tight.
Eating all the things we shouldn't.
But smiling through every single bite!

Going out with my baby.
And visiting 'virtually' every sight.
All dressed up or in our jammies,
We're having fun. You know that's right!!       


  1. Sounds like a great trip Wug! Glad you enjoyed yourself. Even though you didn't get that hot dog, you could still have one today!! Hope your talk comes together well. I haven't had one in a while...due! LOL
    Congratulations to Velma! I'm so jealous! LOL
    Have a great Saturday and weekend too.

  2. CinLynn, Hi Cin! It was a great trip! :-) Now I've got to get down to business with my Talk!...And you know I'm gonna have a hotdog before the day is done, right?!! ^_^ Enjoy your day, my friend!

  3. Deb, Love the jazz you shared with us. I like just about every kind of music. My husband is a country music man. I'm so excited that I won. Thank you for the chance to win a hand crafted item of yours. Your baby will be well loved. Have a Great Day!!!!

  4. SnowflakeDreams1, I'm so glad you liked the Jazz! It was great! You and I have that in common, about liking all kinds of music...And I have no doubt you will love my 'baby'. You're been a good 'baby Mama' to one of my creations before! :-] I'm gonna get out in the mail to you right away! Have a good day Velma!

  5. Congratulations Velma!

  6. gill, Awww! How nice! :-]

  7. aww phoowy! But congrats to Velma!

    Deb my favourite Cuban band is the Buena Vista Social Club.. they are great.

  8. Alittlesprite, *Teehee*...Maybe next time, about the win, Little Sprite. :-)) But at least you have MUSIC!! ^_^ Thanks!


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