Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sometimes In Life You Get What You Want! And Sometimes......

 doesn't always happen like that....that you get what you want. What you've been craving for a week I mean!...But sometimes it does!! :-)
        I was telling y'all that I really was craving hotdogs for some reason. All week too! Well yesterday...I got me one!! :-) I got it with a few modifications, to make it a bit more healthy for me....But just a bit! ^_^
      Instead of regular hotdogs, I had all beef hotdogs. No 'unknown' parts and pieces of whatever was leftover and pushed into a tube! LOL...And instead of a regular white bread bun, I used 100% whole wheat bread...full of good old fiber! :-) 
          Instead of slathering it on like some kind of Mayonnaise-loving crazy woman, I had just a little bit of mayonnaise, and a little bit of catchup smeared on the bread {each had their own side of the bun. No crazy cross-contamination...until it got in my mouth I mean! ^_^}...Then a little bit of fresh cut onions, and a whole boat-load of mustard!! LOL And YUM!!!! It was sooooooo good! :-)
         Sometimes it's good to get what you want! In fact.......three of them!! ^_^
        As a little side muncher I had a few of these....
        Sea Salt & Vinegar flavored Kettle Chips...the hard crunchy ones! So good y'all!! And did you notice that they were 40% less fat?! :-]
         If you've never had Cape Cod chips you're missing out on a world of goodness!! And they didn't pay me to say that either!...You're welcome, Cape Cod chip-making company people!! ^_^
      Yes, I got what I wanted yesterday!...Including the fact that I finished writing my five minute 'Talk' (Play-like, Bible presentation)! YAY me!!...Now I just have to publicly deliver it! O_O ...No problem!
      Now here is where the post turns...because while sometimes you get what you want, sometimes you don't! And just in case you think I was being mean, I want you to know that hubby 'asked me' to take these photos. And he gave me permission to share them with you...poor baby. O_0
      Hubby is due for a haircut. He thought about going to get it yesterday, but he had some other errands that he had to run, including visiting his father at the facility he's in right now. And then, before we went to bed, he looked in the mirror and saw his hair......or should I say HEAD!
       Then the questions started. The questions that only a sensitive 'Tell-the-truth-girl!!' kinda wife can answer! The questions that I thought the camera should answer out loud...and not me! LOL
       Yes! Your face is getting easier and easier to see these days!...And yes! Your hair-line is trying to run away from your face!...And yes, 'dear', calling it a 'hair'-cut may be stretching it a bit nowadays!..*I will not smile!....I will not put a smiley face behind this sentence even!..........*_*
         After the honest answers were gulped down....he wanted to see for himself...*_* So, what's a wife to do?!......Show-it-to-him-Girl!!
        Sometimes you get what you want........and sometimes you really wish you didn't!! These photos almost made hubby want to take to his bed...permanently! He could feel the clear spots with his hand, but he had no idea it looked like that!!!!! (The exclamation points were from his tone of voice, not from me! ^_^)
        Even the nape of his neck hair is trying to head for the hills!
       This was the time when the sensitive wife had to remind her 'half-hairless' husband that it's not his hair that she loves anyway! And that if he can love her with all of 'her' issues, she certainly could love him 'without' half of his!!...
      ...And while it may be a 'Mission: Impossible' to have your hair go back to looking like Greg Morris'...
         ...No! I don't think it would be funny if you cut it all off!! 
        Let's leave the bald and funny to Sinbad!!

      Wonder if we should talk about Jheri curls, activators, and weaves now though! LOL

Bald Poem
A poem that will celebrate
all the wonders of my man's hair.
A poem that feels sorry for
his hair no longer there.

A poem that shows puzzlement
from him at women's weaves.
A poem that sympathizes
with his hair-line as it leaves.

A poem that says a "YAY!"
to the people who are bald.
A poem that blows a kiss and says
"I'm sorry dear, that's all!"


  1. Just saw that hot dog!!! I want one. We went to a Michael Symon restaurant the other day and had his brats!So good. Now I'm hungry darn it. lol And those chips are outstanding. We had homemade chips with parmesan fondue.

  2. Yummy!! I love hot dogs too. Yours looked and as you said, tasted delicious too! Glad you took care of your craving. I'm proud of you too for making it healthy! Woo Hoo! I've never had those chips before, but I love kettle chips!! Keep them away from me! I'll eat the whole bag!
    Sorry hubby for the thinning hair. My hubby has a LOT of hair, but even his is thinning. Receding hairline and some bald spots throughout. But he's almost all gray! You don't have those gray issues! Don't worry about the's only temporary! :)
    Have a great meeting and a wonderful Sunday!

    I have some wonderful news!! I'll email it to you or send it through a message on FB!

  3. Susan, ^_^ Sorry about making you hungry...I never heard of Michael Symon. But I do love a good brat!! And parmesan fondue?! WOW! I'm not living right apparently! LOL I hope you get something good to eat this morning...and have a good day! :-]

  4. CinLynn, Your news was wonderful!!!! ^_^ So happy for you and your whole congregation!...I'll have to send you a bag of Cape Cod chips sometime. But just a little bag! LOL And you couldn't see it, but...Shhhhhh!...hubby has some grays popping out in there too! Thankfully that doesn't bother him as much, as long as there's some hair up there to turn gray!! ^_^ He's gonna be so jealous that your hubby has a lot of hair though! LOL Thanks for sharing...Enjoy the meeting. :-)

  5. oh i want one of those hotdogs and the chips to go with it, thank you.

  6. We like to make our own hot dogs on bread to :)

  7. kamana, ^_^ I sure wish I could send it to you too!

  8. Alittlesprite, ^_^ It's the only way to go!!


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