Monday, October 3, 2011

Silver and Blue,...Brown and Black!!

         Yep! I'm almost feeling like being a seahorse could be to my advantage here in Massachusetts today...because we certainly are gonna get enough water to swim in around here, with all of this rain!! LOL But if I was the pretty seahorse (in the header photo) I wouldn't need water! I'd just need to swim around in the good company of other creative shop owners on Etsy! :-)
          This seahorse is in this beautiful Treasury!...     
       The curator of the treasury couldn't put anything of her own in there, but she has some really beautiful jewelry in her own shop. This is one piece...
     Here are a few of the other items in her treasury...

         This is the item of mine that she included!!.....
         And as if that wasn't enough, lookie, lookie!! :-)) This treasury has a piece from my shop in it too!!!...

        Thanks Betty....for including my little 'baby'! :-)...
       And here are a couple of the other items from this one that I like!...

        You know I had to end with a flower, right! ^_^
          I'm on a dead run today...mentally included! LOL I've got a few things to share with you, but I'll do that tomorrow. I also have to tell you what the next Giveaway item is. And since I don't know yet'll just have to wait too!! ^_^
      Off to spend some time with my friend and my husband....and eat some breakfast WITHOUT coffee!!! *shaking my head* I gotta get off that stuff before the 'monkey gets on my back'!! ^_^ Junkie slang early in the morning. Don't you love it?!!!
      Have a good day everybody!!! :-)
I wish I was a seahorse

I wish I was a seahorse;
with a curly floating tail,
and I lived in open oceans,
not in Massachusetts' rainy jail.

I could waste a lot of time,
look for things that I could bite.
Oh, but how would I crochet?
Sing with bubbles, also write?

Okay, I guess I'll be a Wug;
Make my flowers, jewelry too.
I can always just be 'wet'.
In this town, easy to do!    


  1. Your flower looks beautiful with all the's great how you're trying to get off coffee...I am a Tea girl...but love a latte every now and then!

    Have a great day Debs.

  2. Love the colours of these picks, so pretty :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. Very cool seahorse! And really pretty treasuries. And I love the color of your flower...earthy. I like earthy and natural.
    Good luck with the coffee quitting! I'm glad I never started drinking it.I'm happy with my herb tea!

  4. I love the wrap bracelet!

  5. We Blog Artists, Thank you for such a nice complement about my flower. :-) And about the coffee, guess what?! I didn't have ONE cup today so far! ^_^ And I'm not having any side affects yet either...that I'm aware of anyway. :-] I did have a cup of green tea though. It was good too!...Enjoy the rest of your day!

  6. Thanks Bee! :-) And you have a good day too!

  7. Art and Sew Forth, I agree with you. I thought that seahorse was pretty cool too!..And the treasures also. :-) I appreciate the nice words about my 'earthy' flower too!..By the way, I'm usually a tea drinker also. But I find lately that I really like the taste of coffee. I'll still be drinking it...but only on occasion, so I don't get hooked! LOL

  8. Me too! Wish I had made it too! :-)

  9. Great collection, Deb! Thanks so much for including my flower!

    Best wishes,
    Timea :)

  10. VividColors, Thank you very much! And it was my pleasure to share it! Beautiful! :-)

  11. No coffee??
    I can not wait for the next giveaway...
    Hope you had a nice weekend.
    Happy new week

  12. Love the colors! I just repainted my livingroom and it turned out nothing like the color's sort of like those blues pictured in crocheted flowers...pretty, but not what I wanted in my livingroom! Oh well, I'm too lazy to repaint so I have to live with it. Maybe if I get that jewelry and wear it in my home I'll feel better!

  13. What??? No coffee??? Tee Hee!!
    Those are gorgeous treasuries!! I've been seeing so many lately that just take my breath away! I love that seahorse! Outstanding! And your flower fit in so well!
    The brown and black is so classy! Congrats on the includes my friend. Have a wonderful rest of the day with you know who!!

  14. What beautiful selections! I adore the sea horse!

  15. PriscilaPetersDecor, Nope! I haven't had one cup today! So far no withdrawals either. I guess I hadn't drank too much yet. LOL I was drinking the VERY large cup from 'Dunkin Donuts' too! ^_^ Soooooo good!!! But all I had today was orange juice and green tea...*smiling* But I'm sure I'll have a cup before the week is out. I like the way it tastes too much now! :-) Have a good week! Here we go again!

  16. yaya, Ha! Ha! That's what I say all the time...a piece of jewelry will make you feel better about everything!! ^_^ I'd sure love to see that living room though!

  17. CinLynn, I knew you would find the concept of 'No Coffee' shocking!! Ha! Ha! And I agree about the treasuries...So pretty! I'm just glad somebody was looking around my shop anyway! I had crickets in there yesterday! LOL Thanks for the nice words about my flowers too. :-] 'You know who' says "hello!", by the way! ^_^

  18. Malea, Aww! Thank you very much!...And I have a little affection for that seahorse too now! :-))

  19. This is such a wonderful collection! Thank you so much for choosing my necklace!!!

  20. Some beautiful treasuries! Hope your week is going well!

  21. Annie, I agree! There's so many talented people represented. I almost wish I had curated the treasuries myself! :-) And it was my pleasure to share your necklace!

  22. Lisa, Thank you. I agree. They were some beautiful treasures. I felt very fortunate to have some of my shop items included...And my week is going great so far! Getting to spend some extra time with the hubby! :-]


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