Friday, October 21, 2011

It's Driving Me Dotty!!

      For those of you who read and commented on my post on the cats yesterday...Thank you! And I just wanted to let you know that I 'still' can't remember why I was looking up info on cats in the first place!!...UGH!...My memory has totally taken a 'bee-line' for nowhere-land!!! Either that or I think I'm getting 'dotty'!! ^_^
     And I'm not the only one going 'dotty'!...It's a different kind of 'dotty', but I heard on T.V. the other day that 'dots' are "in" again now. No...not 'polka dots', like us old decrepit out-of-fashion people used to call them! Saying 'polka dots' is "out"!! LOL  Saying 'dots' is "in"!!...*shaking my head*
      A few months ago I heard that stripes were back in! Now it's 'dots'! Everything old really is new again!! LOL How is it that the trends are just coming and going and I don't have a clue until it's too late to take advantage of it?! LOL....Anyway! I went to Etsy to see just how big this re-emerging trend of 'dots' is! :-] And WOW!!!...
      I found a Dotted Diaper bag by DeerpathDesigns...
         A dotted Purse Charm Key Chain by CinLynnBoutique...
        A dotted Double Bow Ring by thecraftypixie...

       Dotted Leg Warmers by bmoddesigns...

    ...and another cute multicolor dotted pair of Leg Warmers for toddlers by PoshPipsqueak...

       A dotted Paper Garland by paperladder...

       A dotted Daisy Skirt by kipepeoke...

       A dotted Wipe Case Cover by bump2baby...

      And last, but certainly not least, a Caramel Apple dotted with M&Ms by creativelycaramel!!...
       Yum! Yum!!! :-) I'm not so 'dotty' that I can't appreciate that!!! ^_^
     So, if you don't have 'dots' somewhere in your you know where to get some! :-) My husband has some 'dots' in his life.....ME!! :-)
      Speaking of my husband, usually I would be talking all about our 'Virtual Friday Date Night' right about now, but he's not feeling very good. He's had a bad tummy ache for a couple of days. :-(
      As husbands do....he's still trying to do everything exactly as he did before!...UGH!...and it hasn't been working very well. He came home from work yesterday looking my grandmother would put it....'death warmed over'!!  But, as wives do, I doctored him all up with some affectionate love and spit...^_^...and made him eat, drink a lot of water, take a hot shower, and GO TO BED!!!
    This morning he's feeling quite a bit better, but his tummy is not gonna take any exotic food or traveling tonight! So, our trip is gonna have to wait until next week. {It's probably just as well too, because we both would probably be considered really 'dotty' trying to travel around in the world right now!!....Have you seen the news?!...Yikes! It's getting crazy out there!! O_O}
      We have an appointment for a 'Date Night' at home instead, with some hot chicken soup, T.V. reruns, and a big fluffy pillow!...Are you jealous?! ^_^ Don't be! You can do the same thing if you want to!! :-] 
       Whatever you decide to do this weekend, have a good one!! :-)

My 'Boo' is Sick

My 'Boo' is feeling outta sorts,
under the weather, not himself.
So that means getting on a plane,
going 'Nowhere', is on the shelf!

My 'Boo' is feeling kinda 'sickly',
kinda rumbly in his tummy.
So that means this 'Date' is home,
and there's 'No' eating something yummy.

My 'Boo' is dragging pills and pillows,
things to fight his 'sickly' bout.
So that means I'm playing Scrabble,
by myself,....and he is OUT!

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  1. First off, I'm sorry your "Boo" is sick! :p I hope he feels better soon. And I'm glad you're not traveling this week. As you said, it's a crazy world out there and not too safe either.

    I love the dots!! I especially love the toddler leg warmers! I could so see Haley wearing those! Cute, cute!!!
    And thank you for including my purse charm! That is one of my personal favorites!!

    Have a good day. I'm off to convert the world....not! Tee Hee!!

  2. CinLynn, Thank you for the well wishes for my 'boo'! ^_^ And yes....go forth and give the world a little something to smile about and look forward to!! :-) It is a pretty 'dotty' world!

  3. I love dots and stripes it's hard for me to choose! although I am wearing some cream and brown spot socks at the moment ;)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. I love anything dotty - especially the caramel apple!!!
    Enter me!

  5. Bee happy, Go with what mood you're in Bee! :-) And the socks sound like they're a leopardy dream! ^_^

  6. gill, ^_^ Ohhh! So you're ahead of the dotty curve then!...And that apple 'does' look good!!

  7. Deb, I hope your hubby gets to feeling better soon. I'm not really into fashion and to the things that are in. So I guess I won't be going out to buy the new trend soon...LOL.. I wear what I feel comfortable in but still nice looking. Your info the cats yesterday was very good. I just was so busy getting my guys ready to go out hunting I didn't get to post many comments yesterday. Please enter me in your giveaway. Have a Great Day!!!!!

  8. SnowflakeDreams1, Thanks for the well wishes for my 'under the weather baby'. :-) I'm gonna 'doctor' him up good tonight, and hopefully he'll be feeling tons better by tomorrow...And when it comes to what I wear, I wear what I like too! :-) Selling in my shop though, I have to keep up with what's going on...if I want to sell anything that is! ^_^ And I do!!...By the way, I'm glad you liked the cat info too! It was very eye-opening even for me!...You're entered for the Giveaway. Have a good rest of the day, Vel!

  9. Sorry the hubs isn't feeling so well. I love the dots selections, especially those drawer pulls.

  10. So sorry to hear your husband isnt feeling well hope he gets better real soon. I love spots they just warm you up any colour although i do love a red and white ;-) Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  11. Malea, Thanks...He's feeling much better now. Now I just have to watch over him today to make sure it stays that way!...And I loved those drawer pulls too! :-) Have a good day!

  12. delia, Hi Dee!...Hubby is feeling much better now...And I know about your red and white 'spots'! ^_^ Vintage style!...Have a good weekend, Dee!

  13. Sorry to hear your husband is not feeling well. We were all sick last week some sort of flu. I hate this time of year, because someone is always sick and spreading it around. Namely my grandson, lol, petrie dish that he is.
    (Love him to pieces) What movie are you going to watch?

  14. Susan, Thank you for the concern for hubby. Thankfully he's much better now. We think it might have been some kind of bug trying to take hold too. But except for an upset stomach for a few days, it never went any further...I hope everyone in your household is all better now too!...By the way, we never watched a movie...just napped! ^_^

  15. Sorry to hear that your "Boo' has been feeling sick. I hope he feels much better soon.
    Gosh 'polka dots' are out but dots are in. What's in a name anyway lol. They look the same :D

  16. Jo-anne, Thank you for the concern...and I can tell you that my 'Boo' is all better now! ^_^ And isn't that the silliest thing, with the dots versus polka dots thing?!...*shaking my head*...What next, right?!! ^_^


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