Monday, October 24, 2011

Do I Talk Too Much?!...O_O

      Do I talk too much?! ^_^ maybe I already know I talk more than the average non-poetic person! But is it too much?! O_0 Just wondering because of something I heard someone say recently. Not about me. It was about themselves. But got me to wondering!
       My life is an open book. Yep! Not many secrets here! LOL Wait!...I do have a few. But only a few!...Mostly I feel like 'What's the big mystery?' We're all so much matter where we live or how much money we have...or don't have!...that it's kinda scary anyway!!
      Maybe it's my upbringing. I'm from Georgia (U.S.), and southerners are notorious for telling you all kinds of things about themselves that you probably don't want to know! LOL They'll talk you to death!! ^_^
    Have you ever tried to quietly shop in a small convenience store in the south?!...MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!! ^_^ Georgians will ask you so many questions that they'll have you wondering: 'Why did she ask me that?!'...And later, 'Why did I tell her all of that?' ^_^
        Well, if you're me, an 'open book' kinda girl...and a Massachusetts resident transplanted from Georgia (I've found that Massachusians are notoriously quiet about themselves O_0) find keeping your life a mystery almost as hard as trying not to yawn if you see somebody else do it!!
      But, on the good side, if you're used to writing down every syllable of thought you ever have, then it makes for some good conversation and sharing, and a peaceful stress-free empty head!...Wait! What am I saying?! LOL What I mean is that nothing stays with me too long. I say what I need to say and.....move on! ^_^
         I was thinking about that when I saw this beautiful...and I mean BEAUTIFUL...writing journal (above)!! What a beautiful place to write down every random thought you ever have, huh?! :-) ...I hadn't intended to show this to you today. I had intended to show you some more things from the package I received over the weekend!...I still will, but once I spotted this, it HAD to be first!!
            Isn't it exquisite?! :-]
         I could do a lot of talking in a book like this! :-) 
      The etsy shop owner has great feedback in his shop about his work, and he makes other beautiful things too. Look at this eyeglass case!!...
         Oh! Beautiful!....Now you see what I mean about me and talking. *Teehee* I write as I think, and I think about all kinds of things....randomly!...Maybe I do talk too much! O_O 
      But then again, if I hadn't talked about this...would you have found it on your own?!...So my talking my grandmother used to say...'six of one, half a dozen of the other' or 'Come-see, Come-saw'! LOL In other words...WHATEVER!! ^_^
      Okay....on to my package!!...You probably saw yesterday that in the top of the box I received was these little fishes swimming around on something! :-)
      I think it's a bath set. It appears to be two flannel-like washcloths and a little towel! :-)
         Can you tell I don't have any kids?! *Teehee* I'm not exactly sure that's what it is!!! *shaking my head*...And I'm not exactly sure what shop it came from either. It wasn't directly labeled. It was just in the box. (Unless in my haste to open everything I lost it off of it! O_O If so, I'm sorry. Whoever made it...please let me know and I'll credit you. Thank you!)
     I can tell you one's soooooo soft! I may have to give it to someone with kids. It would be a shame to let all of those soft colorful fishies go unappreciated! :-) in the box was this cute little pin...
          It's small enough to put in the middle of a fun crochet brooch of mine. We'll see!...I also got some larger pins too...
      I didn't wanna look at the fronts again. SCARY!!!! LOL But very well made. Thank you scary pin making person! ^_^
       And last for today...
         ...It's a medium size handmade flannel hat! :-)
         Again....sooooo soft! And something I'm going to have to....unfortunately....give away. It's for a 19 inch head. Mine is definitely a 22 inch head....DEFINITELY!! LOL {It's all the words that are tucked inside there! LOL}
        I was trying to show you how soft it is. Can you see it in this picture?!...I'm so appreciative! But I really may need to share some of these with some of you!! :-)
      But this is nowhere near all of the things that were in the box!! Tomorrow...the jewelry I got!! :-) ...Until then...wanna go shopping with me? In a Georgia convenience store perhaps?! I'd love to find out some more about you?! ^_^

Mind-Less Talk

Lack of communication
is like a fall without the 'Splat',
like a brim without a hat,
and like a 'This' without a 'That'.

Without two minds that think as one
there is a start, but there's  no end,
there is a tear, but there's  no mend.
There is a foe, but there's  no friend.

When there's  no mental harmony
its like a sunset where there's  no night,
its like a bark where there's  no bite,
its like a wrong where there's  no right.

Without communication
its like a coat put on in June,
and a song sung out of tune;
A band-aid on a bullet wound.

And if you get it right
its like a talking symphony.
Its like the bumble , with the bee.
Its like no 'You', but always 'We',
because your heart they truly see.

{I've shared this poem before, but it seemed really appropriate today! :-) Okay...don't forget to enter the Giveaway! Details when you click the picture on the right hand sidebar.}


  1. First of all, I love the poem and it DID seem appropriate!
    That is on AWESOME journal!! Wow! I must go check out his shop for sure! Thank you for sharing it with us! As to talking to much, don't talk too much! I love to hear what you have to say. Makes my day!!
    You really did get a lot of goodies in that box, didn't you! I know you'll find homes for the things you can't use! Congrats again on the win!
    Have a great Monday!

  2. CinLynn, I love you, Bead! :-) You always 'get me'!!...And couldn't you see my poems in a book like that?! My mind is drooling just thinking about it!! ^_^ By the way, if you thought the things you've seen so far were good, wait until you see the jewelry!! So pretty!...Have a good day, my friend. Rest up. There's a lot of week left!! ^_^

  3. Deb, Thank you for sharing the beautiful journals. Your right if you hadn't led me to that crafter I probably would have never found him on my own. Very nice poem today. All the goodies that you won are amazing and I can't wait to see what else you received in that box. By the way how were the apples? Please let us know. Have a Great Day!!!!!!

  4. I think its great that you talk and share about things in your life. And i have to say you write a journal every day by writing your lovely blog ;-)) But the book is really lovely and something rather special. What a lovely box of goodies to i know just how soft that hat is that fleece fabric is lovely and cozy ;-)) Enjoy the rest of your day. dee xx

  5. SnowflakeDreams1, I'm so glad you liked the journals as much as me. If I can justify the price at some point, I'm gonna get me one too! I really love it!...Thanks for the nice words about the poem also...By the way, I haven't eaten either of the apples yet. As soon as I do I'll tell you all about it! :-) Have a good day Velma!

  6. delia, Awwwww! Thank you so much for the nice words about my writing. I sometimes forget that my 'talking' is really a form of journaling! I look at it like writing down what I'm saying...exactly. I think of my poetry as 'writing'. Isn't it funny how the brain compartmentalizes?! ^_^ I can almost see my poems siting in such a pretty place as this book already....And you're right about the fleece fabric too. It's sooooo soft! I need a pillow made out of it! :-)) Have a good rest of the day, Dee!


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