Thursday, October 13, 2011

Darkness And Rain Doesn't Stop Me!!

          It's another dark, heavy raining day here in Massachusetts...*shaking my head*...Massachusetts, Massachusetts, Massachusetts!!
       Anyway!!...The good thing about rainy days is that it gives me an opportunity to take an even closer look around at other blogs to see what everybody is up to! :-) And then I get to share it with you!! :-)
       Lately I've been exploring this whole 'blog hop' thing. I haven't joined a lot of them.....Okay, I've only joined one!...*Teehee*  Yes, I have time, but I don't have THAT kinda time!!...:-)) 
     I have been doing a little 'sneak looking' at some of the blogs on some of the 'blog hop' lists though! And I've actually started following some new blogs too!...Food blogs mostly! Ohhhhhh! The food!!!! :-)
       Apples and Twinkees blog...(You already know why I'm following this blog, right?! ^_^)...has a recipe right now for Double Chocolate Pudding!
             Who knew I could make my own?! ^_^ And it's almost as easy as ripping off the lid on one of the store-bought ones! :-))
              Ezra Pound Cake also has a recipe for Morning Glory Muffins!!
             Need I say more?!....Yum!!! They've got grated carrots, shredded coconut, raisins, pineapples, pecans and apple!! The recipe is at the link above....RUN, don't walk your fingers over to the blog to get it!! ^_^ ...If I had the ingredients in the house, and the money to hire a chef to come and make them for me, I'd be having these for breakfast this rainy day in Massachusetts! Along with a hot cup of coffee!! :-) {Nope! Haven't had any for a couple of days or more now...but this morning?!....hmmmmm!} (I guess I 'did' need to say more! ^_^)
      And I can't show you the have to go to the blog to see it for yourselves...but another one of the new blogs I'm following now, Sprinkled With Flour, has a recipe for Banoffee Surprise Pie!...Let me just say three things about this recipe that'll make your clicker finger go crazy!....Bananas, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and peanut butter!!...Hello! Are you still here?! O_O
      Oh well, I knew I was taking a chance on losing everybody if I said the ingredients! Ha! Ha!...For those of you still here, Vicki...of the blog 2 Bags Full...has a Giveaway going on right now. It's for this wonderfully colorful bag!...
        And there's flowers on it too! :-) There's also an opportunity for another bag, and another little goodie too! You have to follow the blog link above, over to her blog, to read all about what it is, and to enter! The drawing for them is November 4th!
       You know, a rainy day in Massachusetts has some perks! :-) Including music...

      No, I don't foresee much crocheting going on today. But I do have some studying to finish for my Bible based meeting tonight. And after a little massage, and a nap or two, I might even watch an old movie or something. Who knows...I might even play a game of one man Scrabble!  (I like playing by myself when hubby's not here...honing my 'beat-your-socks-off' skills! LOL)
          Ashley, Aron, and new baby, Hudson...of the blog Hither & Thither...went on a road trip last weekend...
           ...and hubby and I thought that their destination was such a great, great idea, that we decided to go too! So I'll be making some travel plans and fixing an itinerary for the trip today too...We don't know why we never thought about going here for 'Friday Date Night' before!...DUH!!!...I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. :-)
       For those of you who watched the above Bee Gees video. Here's that second song they were talking about at the end. Enjoy!! :-) And have a good rainy or dry Thursday everybody!! :-)


They're blogs of folks I hardly know.
Why do I like looking at them so?

I watch their children laugh and grow,
and every bead and artwork crow.

No, I don't do it for the 'dough'!
On my blog there's no money flow.

I like to scroll and take it slow.
An easy read, and 'Peep and Go'!

Updated blogs, all in a row,
and a new day. What will they show?!

I'm not some kind of stalker though.
I'm just a blogger/looker pro!


  1. Deb, cute poem today. I am still here. Peanut butter and bananas are not on my like list....LOL... I'm glad to hear that are not going to let the dark day get you down and stop you from doing your things. Stay busy you won't even notice the gloomy day. Thats what I do. Have a Great Day!!! I bet you thought I forgot huh? ....LOL....Please enter me in your giveaway.

  2. Sounds like you're in pain today my friend. I understand! We have the tree people here today, removing our trees. :( They have emerald ash borer anyway...
    I love morning glory muffins!! I was thinking about making some yummy scones! Maybe I should post my recipe! It's a great one!
    Thanks for sharing, and I can't wait to hear about your "trip!"

  3. SnowflakeDreams1, Hi Velma! Thanks for the nice words about the poem...and're not a peanut butter and banana person, huh?! ^_^ I wouldn't have been all that excited either, except for the CHOCOLATE that was added too! That changed everything for me!! ^_^...And the darkness hasn't put me in a bad mood yet! ^_^ In fact, the rain hasn't been as steady as I thought it would be...And otherwise my napping works wonders! LOL I'm entering your name again! :-)

  4. CinLynn, Hi Cin!...Yes. 'Ouchies' today. But it's been bearable. At least, as far as I know, I don't have emerald ash borer! Ha! Ha! Poor trees. :-( ... Guess what?! I don't think I've ever had an actual 'scone'. They look a bit like biscuits with sweet stuff...fruit and them. So, I'm sure they're delicious. I am a big fan of a good, moist muffin though. Raisin bran being my favorite! ^_^ Morning glory muffins come in as a close 4th, after 2, blueberry nut, and 3, banana walnut. :-)) I REALLY need some coffee!! ^_^

  5. Very interesting and informative post. I note that it is raining over there in Massachusetts. We have been getting some well needed rain here in Jamaica. Right now it is sunny and even a bit warm but we are likely to get some rain this afternoon. October is usually a rainy month in Jamaica. I have also come across some great recipes on the internet. Talking about recipes, I will have lunch in about 15 minutes time!:) Take care and all the best to you.

  6. Judy, Thank you for your nice comment! I'm glad you found it interesting and informative. Your comment was informative to me too! I didn't know that October was a rainy month in Jamaica! Good to know since we almost had our 'virtual' Friday night date in Jamaica this weekend! ^_^ Our plans changed, but Jamaica is still on our list...not this month now though. *Teehee* Enjoy your lunch! :-)

  7. My mouth is watering after reading this delicious post. I think I gained 10 lbs. and I have not even checked out those fabulous food sites yet. After I finish commenting here I going directly to the Double Chocolate Pudding recipe site. Yum!

    It's raining here in Chicago too. Perhaps some chocolate pudding will be on the dessert menu tonight. Stay dry!

    As always, a pleasure to visit your outstanding blog. I wish I had the time to stop by every day because you are an absolute joy!

  8. Julie, :-] My mouth was watering after I saw these recipes too!! I got a sugar high of the eyes! LOL I hope you get your pudding! ^_^ ... And isn't rain wonderful?!...Thank you so much for the very nice complement too! Everyone in the world should be so complemented by just being who they are. I almost get embarrassed sometimes by the comments because it seems like I'm working so hard on my blog. If you only knew how effortless it is most of the time! I was born with this brain...and have allowed it to be trained by my God. ^_^ If I had any other credentials I'd be dangerous, don't you think?! LOL

  9. I'm off today and tomorrow... all I want is sunshine!
    I follow couple food blogs myself and I love them. Just looking at pretty cakes and hot chocolates...yummy.
    Love Bee Gees.
    Good evening, Deb

  10. oohh those recipes are mouth watering i have to say ;-)) I am popping over to Hither and thither that car has some interesting fun vintage retro items in i need to see more ;-) Thank you for your comment i have to say my little man slept all morning but is fine now apart from a lovely bruise and a lump on his forehead. Take care, dee xx

  11. Priscila, I'm glad you have some time off...but I think you might have a problem in your search for sunshine around here! ^_^ Maybe on Saturday, yes. But it's suppose to pour rain all day tomorrow too! Maybe the Bee Gees "Staying Alive" would be an appropriate theme song for us! LOL ...And my favorite food blog up til now has been The Pioneer Woman. But these new ones are on a par with hers! So good!...We may have lots of 'wet' time to look at them too! ^_^ Enjoy your time off though.

  12. delia, I should have known you would spot the vintage retro items! You have a keen eye for such things. I hope you can see it. :-) And YAY!!! I'm so glad your son's bump wasn't serious. It's always something, isn't it?! Have a good weekend, Dee! :-]

  13. I like the sound of that Banoffee pie :D
    Gosh I hadn't heard those Bee Gee songs in a long time. I was sitting here happily singing along with them.

  14. Jo-anne, I like the sound of it too! ^_^ Now, if I could just get 'somebody else' to make it for me!..."Come on! Have sympathy on a ex-coffee drinker!...Wah, wah, wah!" LOL...Probably won't work! ^_^ Better just keep singing along to the Bee Gees! :-))

  15. Banoffee Pie sounds yummy! I may have to make it. Although my son and I will be the only ones eating it.. Hubby hates peanut butter...
    Love the bag to.
    Enter ME!

  16. Hey! I've played one man scrabble before! lol!! I have never heard of anyone else doing that! yay us! :)

  17. Alittlesprite, It does sound good, doesn't it?! I have it on my 'To Make' list now too! Just tell your hubby that the chocolate makes up for the peanut butter part. ^_^ And you're entered in my Giveaway. You also should go over and enter Vicki's Giveaway for the bag! :-)

  18. Kristin, ^_^ YAY us is right!! But here's the you keep score and then try to out-score yourself for the next game?! ^_^ I'm kinda lame...Anyway, glad to know I'm not alone!

  19. Yeah, love those morning glory muffins!

  20. Jansjems, Yes indeed! Delicious! And probably even better homemade! I'm gonna find out! ^_^ ...Thanks for stopping by.


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