Thursday, October 6, 2011

No, But Really!....It's Good News!!

         It's another beautiful Fall morning in Massachusetts....
             Ahhhhhh!....Hubby took these photos when he went out on a run for me early this morning.  -_o I'll tell you about that in a minute, but first....I was in such a hurry yesterday that I forgot to tell you my good news! 
      Two things actually...One, my favorite scarf from my Wuglyees shop sold yesterday! :-]  The Candy Corn one! (below) {I don't know if you'll be able to see the actual link to it...but I included it anyway.}...
       If you saw my shop,...before my new banner that is, would know what a fan I am of orange. And this candy corn scarf showed my love of orange....and my love of candy corn...just saying! ^_^
        ...even though, in this scarf, I substituted the yellow for the brown!
      I've got a few other things on my "To Make" list, but I'm definitely gonna put some form of these colors together again.
        The other good news happened this morning. Etty2504 included an item from my Wuglyees shop in her new treasury...
       ...It was my Classic Black and White Glass Teardrop Crochet Button Dangle Necklace....WHEW! (I know....that's a lot of name for a necklace! But I'm battling 'SEO' for recognition....Gotta 'pump up the volume'! LOL)
      SAPPY ALERT!...The 'other' other good news is that hubby has been on vacation all week and I'm really enjoying his company. :-) No one makes me smile or laugh the way he does...And he's really good to have around as a 'Go-pher' too! LOL...You know....Go for this...and Go for that!! ^_^
       Hmmmmm...He found a long line at this stop though! I guess I'm not the only one needing a 'run' this morning! ^_^ 
      Oh No!! He definitely had to go inside! I couldn't wait this long!!!....*giggle*
     Alright, I'll get back to that......So, what have we been doing with our time?! Well, hubby and I have been playing Scrabble on a regular. {I been beating the socks off of him y'all!!! ^_^} And we've been getting some things done around the house that have been needing to get done for a while.
      Doesn't someone out there wanna pay my husband to stay at home?! ^_^ Just a small paycheck, because we don't need much...just a roof over our head, some night-gowns and pajamas every once in a while, and some occasional chocolate and candy corn.....That's all! LOL
      Oh Yeah.....and an occasional coffee! ^_^ Yep! I got me a cup this morning!!...
       Okay, so you found me out! ^_^ I woke up with a need for a 'cuppa' Dunkin' Donuts coffee this morning!
      It was kinda empty inside. Everybody was outside in the line! ^_^ They probably had all of the kids in the car, had their pajamas on, and had their pink curlers in their hair....What? You never left the house in a rush?! ^_^
       Nobody was standing at the juice refrigerator  either.  They were all waiting for their morning 'Cuppa' Joe, either in that ridiculously long line outside, or inside.....
      ...Where there was only one guy standing between hubby and his waiting wife! ^_^
      "Hello, Joe!" :-) ... And good news for was steaming hot! And hubby brought me a chocolate chip cookie...a big one! go with it! :-) Come on!! Doesn't someone wanna pay hubby to stay at home?!! ^_^ Have a good day everybody!!

I Like A Cuppa

I find I like a 'Cuppa' soup
when it's chilly out the door;
And I like a 'Cuppa' tea
every day around four.

And I like a 'Cuppa' coffee...
not a decaf 'Cuppa'...NO!...
any time of day or night
I like my steaming 'Cuppa' Joe! 

Oops! I almost forgot.....don't forget to enter my Giveaway! Click the afghan on the right hand sidebar for details!...Okay NOW have a good day! :-)


  1. It sounds like you may have a slight coffee addiction there lol. You can drink my share :) I prefer a nice cup of tea.

  2. Ha! Ha! Ya think?!!! ^_^ But at least it's only a 'two cup a week' addiction. I've known worse! So, I'm good with it! ^_^ On all the other days I indulge my green tea addiction. Somehow it balances out!

  3. I agree with Jo-anne! You DO have an addiction! Welcome to the club!! I love my coffee! I do tea too!
    Nice hubs to go out for you!! I wish I could pay for you and for me to have our hubby's home all the time. Glad you're having so much fun!
    Congrats on the sale! I love that one too!
    And...congrats on the treasury!
    I love your new avatar too, by the way!

  4. CinLynn, ^_^ Yes, I admit it. I have an addiction...Well, a temptation anyway. I don't know if you can really call two cups of coffee a week an addiction...and that's all it is for now. I had a cup on Monday and then this morning. And I wasn't haven't withdrawals or dreams about it since Monday either. I just woke up, was kinda chilly, and hubby was here! please! ^_^ Thanks for all the encouragement too, Bead. And as to the was just TIME!...Have a good day, my friend! :-)

  5. Hello Poetess Wug!
    You have a wonderful Blog! The pictures are great. I am fascinated by the breathtaking autumn scenes that I see in foreign countries. We do not have them here. The scarf and crochet necklace are also beautiful! You do great work! I can crochet but have only done centrepieces, three piece table sets, runners, chair backs and armrests. I am happy to become a Follower of your Blog.

  6. I love coffee too! I can't stand tea.
    But what exactly is a dunkin' donut??
    Enter me!

  7. Deb, congrats on your sale and on making it on another treasury. I hope that this time my comment will post this the third time I have tried. Please enter me in your giveaway. Lucky you to have a hubby that chases down coffee for you. It would be to far for my husband to get coffee for me cause he would have to go to southern Oregon or Idaho to get me a Human Bean Latte. But I could try and see what he would think about my request...LOL....Have a great day!!!

  8. Judy, Hello!!! :-) How nice to have you visit! I got to see a lot of different blogs I never saw before, due to the 'blog hop'. You also reminded me that we need to visit Jamaica on one of our Friday 'Virtual' 'Date Nights'! :-) You may not have Autumn, but you've got all kinds of things that we don't have here. Every place has it's own special-ness! :-] Thanks for the nice words too about the scarf and crochet necklace. And armrests,chair backs and table runners is SERIOUS crocheter's fare!! I look forward to seeing your work also! Have a good rest of the day! :-)

  9. gill, If you don't drink tea, you don't know what you're missing!! :-) There's some great teas out there too! Earl Grey, green, Chamomile, and a whole host of fruit blends! YUM!! ^_^ Of course, the same is true of coffee, but don't get me started!! LOL Follow the link (click on the words Dunkin' Donuts in the post above) to find out what Dunkin' Donuts is!

  10. SnowflakeDreams1, Thank you so much for not giving up on the comment. I know how frustrating that can be! Such nice words were waiting for me after all of your effort. I thank you! :-]...And you're right about my hubby. He's actually been doing a lot of errands for me this week. And I've been so mean to him too! {Our first couples blog is up. LOL} Be sweet to your hubby and ask! You never know! You may end up with the sweetest cup of coffee you ever had! :-)) And you're entered in the Giveaway too!

  11. Anonymous10/06/2011

    That scarf is great. Very pretty. :)

  12. Sarah, Thank you!! :-)


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