Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Okay.....So It's Not QUITE A Zoo Out There!

       Yesterday I mentioned to you that there was a lot of enjoyment of my backyard going on. Today I'll show you what I mean...But don't get thrown off by the zoo menagerie of table decorations above...even though a backyard full of those cuties wouldn't be bad!...No, I don''t 'QUITE' have a zoo in the backyard....YET! ^_^
       There was enough going on out there to make 'Baby Wuglyee' curious though! :-) You know how much 'Baby Wuglyee' loves sharing me with other objects of my attention! ^_^ Remember the whole conversation we had--> HERE?! 
      Even 'Baby Wuglyee' would approve of these guys enjoying the backyard though...
       Can you see him?!......Let me give you another angle...
      It's a squirrel...Well, I should say 'THEY' were squirrels! Hubby couldn't get a lot of good pictures of them. They move fast!!
      But we had a whole yard of them! It was as if somebody had put up a "Sale, Aisle 9!" sign! ^_^ I'm used to robins, hummingbirds, an occasonal cardinal or a blue jay. Even a skunk every once in a while. But a whole yard full of scurrying squirrels?!.....Unusual for my backyard!
       I hope this doesn't mean they know something we don't know, and that winter is coming sooner than we think!! O_O Rather than them hiding nuts for the winter, I'm gonna choose to think that maybe they were just so happy with the Fall weather, and my backyard, that they decided to go on a playful scavenger hunt just to see what they could find! ^_^
      And, of course, no scavenger hunt is any fun alone. So they enlisted a few 'play' buddies! LOL Even the neighbor cat was enlisted....
     ...but he didn't play along for long.....Cats have their own agenda. And usually it doesn't include playing well in groups! ^_^ But, thankfully, whatever the cat found he kept it to himself!
       I remember one day...a few years ago...when my friends and I were going door-to-door to talk to the neighbors about the Bible...we came across this house with a yard FULL of dead mice!! A yard full!!!....Ewwwwwwwwww!
      The lady of the house was very matter-of-fact about it. She said her cat loved her so much that he was always bringing her dead mice. O_0 ...Now that's love, huh?! But considering the amount of mice in the yard, we wondered what she was serving for dinner, or what kind of cat bed this neighborhood wandering cat was laying in at night that made him so in love with her that he would fill up the yard with them!!! 
      I should talk though. I do have a childhood memory of our cat dragging a big dead snake in the window!! LOL I don't remember what happened after that.......I think I blacked out! ^_^
      Okay...enough silliness!...'Baby Wuglyee' got his hat and scarf washed this weekend and he wants to go somewhere! :-)
       I may have to take him for a little spin...
      ...or I'll get hubby to! They've been 'best buds' lately. :-]
       I've got other things on my agenda...just like the cat. :-) I've got a talk to write, some studying to do, some reading, a nap.....of course! ^_^...and maybe, if there's still some daylight, I can do a little more crocheting on the new white scarf I started yesterday...
    It's just some leftover yarn I had laying around. And because of the bulkiness of it I haven't done anything with it. But I'm gonna make this scarf...if I have enough white to finish it! White scarves are not something that everybody crochets! So...leave it to me! :-)) There must be some winter brides out there somewhere! :-)
      ...Or maybe I'll just start another knitted hat. Yes, I said knitted. O_0 My other one I had in the shop...
      ...SOLD!! :-) And while I'm not that thrilled about doing another knitting project, this hat pattern wasn't hard at all. So I might actually enjoy it!...*gulp!*
       What are your plans today?! :-) {Don't forget to put entering my Giveaway for the lacy oatmeal colored afghan blanket on your list! :-) Click the picture of it in the right hand side bar for details.}

All My Plans Unfurled

With all my plans unfurled today,
and nothing urgent pressing me,
I might crochet another scarf
or have a steeping cup of tea.

I might watch an old movie,
or take a nap, just for a minute.
Or I might take out a book to read,
or jot a few nice words down in it.

When you don't have any children,
and no job to do from home.
You can stay in your pajamas,
and have hair you don't have to comb.

Yes, with all my plans unfurled,
there could be lots that I could do.
It's always true...I could be busy,
but kinda nice I don't 'have to'!


  1. Baby Wuglyee is so adorable!!
    Enter me!

  2. gill, ^_^ Thank you! Being a 'one of a kind' adds to the adorableness!

  3. Deb, the squirrels are lucky at your house. If they were at my house like they are on occassion the dogs here like to chase them. They have never caught one basically cause we don't let them. You yard looks fantastic so green. I'll be working on some things that I have in the works. Maybe I'll get a video tutorial finished. Have a Great Day!!!!! Oh I almost forgot enter me in your giveaway please. Thank You.

  4. SnowflakeDreams1, 'Poor little squirrels', huh?! Or should I say 'Poor little dogs'?! ^_^ I think that's why there are so many squirrels around here now...No dogs!...By the way, I think it's great that you're doing a tutorial to show how you do things. I've toyed around with the idea, but so far...no go. Maybe one day! :-) And you're entered! Have a good rest of the day, Velma. :-)

  5. The squirrels here have been very busy too. But I hear that there's a reason for it!! I know...you don't want to go there. But we'll be forced to soon.
    When I first saw the cat photo, I thought it was a large black and white bunny!! LOL
    I think the white scarf is going to be very pretty!
    I've been not only in service, but also trying to decide about opening another shop on Etsy to sell my very old collection of salt and pepper shakers. I just don't want to tie up more time, so I'm up in the air about it. Hubby says we need to part with them. They're just sittling in a box in the basement. They're not displayed, and I have no intention of displaying them either. I think he's right. I'm working on figuring out what they might be worth. That's hard!!! :/
    Hope you've had a good day and got that water leak fixed!
    Enter me!

  6. Even though we have 4acres of woods we don't have many squirrels..that is until yesterday when I spotted 2 near the house. The cat has been keeping them away I think! But to see these gathering the nuts from our black walnut tree makes me nervous..do they know something I don't even want to know? Maybe I should take up knitting to keep warm this winter! The white scarf will be beautiful!

  7. OH MY!! You have.. SQUIRRELS?!?! I love squirrels! LOL! You are so lucky.

    Enter ME!

  8. CinLynn, First off, about the squirrels,...say it isn't so!! :-( And Ha! Ha! Ha!, about the cat/bunny. I had to go back up and look at the photo. ^_^ Now, about your salt and pepper shakers...have you checked online to see how much they're worth?! I say "Google it"! It always works for me! :-)) It's always so hard...these decisions! Pray on it. I'm sure you'll get a clear answer then...And lastly, you're entered! :-) Have a good evening Bead. Sleep well. Tomorrow is another squirrel nut-gathering day!...UGH!

  9. yaya, Oh No! Your squirrels are gathering nuts too?! O_O What is this winter gonna be like?!!...*cold shiver* Yeah, you better get to knitting! :-)) And hey!...at least your cats were paying attention to the squirrels! Our neighbors cat just ignores them! ^_^ Thanks so much for sharing with me. :-]

  10. Alittlesprite, Ha! Ha! Yep! At the moment, we have TONS of the little furry-tailed little fellas! Come and get 'em!! ^_^ {You're entered too}

  11. You've got a terrific site here!
    Enter me! Please?

  12. Bluebird49, Awwww! Thank you so much! :-) ...And you are now entered!

  13. How cute was that little squirrel!
    I love your poem. I wish I had a pyjama day on my cards but that would never happen. I guess a girl can dream :)

  14. Jo-anne, ^_^ I wish hubby could have gotten a picture of all of them. There were about 6 of them scurrying around the yard! They were having a great old time!...And thanks for the poem love too. Sending good poetic thoughts of PJs and hot apple cider your way! :-)


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