Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You Ever Take Your Seat For Granted?

         This bit of 'Eye Poetry'...(that's what it says on the banner in this etsy shop....Oooo! I like that!! ^_^)...caught my eye when I was thinking about writing a poem this morning about things we take for granted.
    I was thinking about one thing in particular...which, don't worry, I'm not gonna get in depth about here!...and stop applauding too!! ^_^...I was gonna write about that particular thing when I started thinking about how there's really a lot of things I sometimes take for granted. Things that are always there. Most of the time inconspicuous. But soooo necessary for me to enjoy my life. I'm sure I'm not alone in this!
        For some reason, when I was just about to write my poem, I thought about benches. I guess I thought about them because they're a perfect symbol for things we take for granted, aren't they?!
        The poem, which is at the end of this post, has a lot deeper meaning than you'll ever know. But, of course, that's what poets do, don't they?!  See deeper meaning in mundane things?! ^_^ And I...even though most of the time I'm talking or showing off my a Poet! :-) So, you'll have to insert your own meaning into this poem. I don't think you'll find it hard to do. :-]
       So, what things do you take for granted?! I'm not gonna talk specifics about what inspired the poem, but I'll tell you a few things I've taken for granted...People! For sure! People who were steady, always there, helping me out when I needed it. In fact, I took them so for granted that I didn't notice how much they were doing for me until they weren't there anymore! *shaking my head* Isn't that always the way?!
     But I've taken other, more obscure things, for granted too. Like the ability to walk freely, without a cane....Or the ability to write for hours without muscle cramps or scattered thought!
          The ability to see!^_^ It sounds funny, but when you look at little crochet stitches and little words on paper all the time, and then one day you realize you need glasses on to see them!.....Oh yeah! I've taken my sight for granted!...And maybe my youth too! :-)
        And I've taken benches for granted too. Maybe that's why they came up when I thought of this subject...Over the years, as my mobility became less and less, I found that I lived between benches!...Anybody with bad legs or without the ability to stand up for long periods of time will know exactly what I mean! :-))
       Thinking back about it now, what comes to mind are some of the choices I made because of a bench! No kidding!...I chose doctors because they had good benches, either outside their office or in the hallways. And I changed doctors for that very same reason one time too!...I chose places to eat because they had extra waiting area that had good benches! Ha! Ha! 
      I even chose an apartment to live in one time because my bench would look pretty on the over-hang porch! ^_^ I even mentally rated parks and vacation spots based on the availability of benches!!
        And when parks changed their layout, doctors changed their furniture, or restaurants went with a different aesthetic, most people probably didn't even notice. I mean who notices benches anyway...besides great photographers I mean?! ^_^ But I retrospect. I took them for granted until they weren't around as much as they used to be.
       They were making my life so much more comfortable and easy without me hardly noticing. They were steady. Reliable. A good place to rest and have a chat. The best place in the world to have to wait! {And I had to wait a lot in my life!} They were quiet places for mental poetry. And with a little sun coming through the trees....superb places to people watch! :-)
       Now, I know today's post is a little bit off the beaten path of my usual crocheting and talking silliness, but some days it's just like that! ^_^ I was in a kind of 'need-to-be-more-grateful' mood and I thought I would the way that "I" do! :-)
      I hope this post makes you think about some of the things you take for granted on a daily basis. And if it's objects or arrangements...give 'em a little love today! They may need some water, or need to be cleaned, or whatever!! LOL 
     If it's pets or people...(friends, relatives, etc.)...give them a little love today too! 'You' choose how. :-) I have some phone calls and some letters to write!...Have a good day everybody! Don't take it for granted!


Wooden, with an indent.
Sturdy, aged by the sun.
A place to rest when you are tired.
A stop when you are on the run.

A slatted back, for resting shoulders,
and cemented to the ground.
A wrought-iron rusted swirly arm-rest,
and a place to put bags down.

A place for you to catch a bus,
or to feed a hungry squirrel.
Where good friends can stop and chat
about the big news of the world.

Alone and beaten by the weather,
chipping paint, long past brand new.
Almost like some people we know,
who are inconspicuous too.

So reliably unnoticed,
all the benches that we pass.
Sitting there, just waiting for us,
if we do run out of gas.      


  1. You're poem is so cool! Yep...I take things for granted too. Such as where I live. I remember being on a schooner in Mexico whale watching, and a woman from Pennsylvania said to me "wouldn't you just die to live in a place like this?" And I responded, "I do live in a place like this and take it for granted." Since then I've been working harder on not doing that! We spend a lot of time down by the pier and boardwalk. I'm posting a couple of photos I took last night on my blog this morning.
    I take my eyesight for granted too. I can't see anything close up anymore without double glasses! Hard to do jewelry.
    Good day to reflect my friend. Thanks for making me do the same.

  2. CinLynn, Awww! Thank you so much for the nice words...and the personal experience too. :-) It is kinda easy to take the place you live for granted, isn't it?! I try not to do that. I appreciate living in Massachusetts...even if I do complain on occasion! ^_^ But I take enough 'other' things for granted to make up for it! LOL Have a good day, Bead!...*Heading over to CinLynn Boutique right now! ^_^*

  3. Love the benches Wugs! Beautiful! Very deep post today. You can take so much for granted when you really think about it. I think my goal for today will be to take a lot less for granted!!

    Enjoy your day!


  4. Lisa, I thought these photos were beautiful too! I think when you can take photos like this, you probably take a lot less for granted than other people!...And I'm with you today, about having the goal of not taking things for granted today. :-] Enjoy it!

  5. Deb, Love the poem. I to have taken many things for granted. It's funny how I have been thinking about that the past few days and here you write about it and write a poem.I love all the photos of the benches. Thank you for sharing. Please enter me for your giveaway. Have a Great Day!!!!!

  6. SnowflakeDreams1, Thanks so much for your comment. Once again it appears that we're on the same wavelength, huh?! :-] It's easy, isn't it, to start taking things...and people...for granted?! It's a work in progress every day, for me, to keep things in front of to speak...instead of behind!...Thank you so much for the nice words about the poem too...And I'm with you on the love of the photos of the benches. They're so beautiful!...Lastly, you're entered!

  7. Anonymous10/12/2011

    What a beautiful and thought provoking blog! Thank you for including my work, "Bench in Burano", in your fine piece of prose.

    I will be sharing this excellent blog and poem....

    Thanks again!

  8. J² Studios, Thank you very very much!! Thanks to your beautiful photo I had very good inspiration. :-)

  9. I too take things for granted. I guess its time I stop & think a bit more about the other things I should be thankful for :)
    Love all the photos of the benches. I could almost see one or two of them hanging on my lounge room wall.

  10. Jo-anne, I think we all take some things for granted at times. That's why it's good to take a little time every once in a while to reassess ourselves. You do that every Thursday, so I think you do alright!...By the way, I could see these bench photos on my wall too! :-) Oh, if only I had the money!!

  11. I'm here, finally.
    I agree. Nice benches's pictures. And, the poem is great!

  12. Priscila, Well hello there!! ^_^ And thank you on both counts.


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