Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wanna Know What I Was Doing 'While You Were Sleeeping'??!

          I think the summer is finally really gone...around here anyway. It's Autumn scenery, Autumn weather, and an Autumn mood that's taken over...and I've got it! Not in a bad way either. I'm feeling very creative and like I need to be making something...N-O-W!!! :-]
       I've especially noticed that all the bits and pieces of leftover bundles of yarn are bugging me to no end! I find that when I sit anywhere near it my leg starts to jump....{that could be a spasm though. Just saying! LOL}...and my fingers start moving uncontrollably in the air, as if I'm knitting or crocheting something! ^_^
     The colors I have left hanging around though, don't have any rhyme or reason to them...until I put them into a 'Wuglyee' scarf that is! :-) This is the one I made yesterday... Yes....MADE!...
           In fact, I was gonna show it to you on Headless Tina (my mannequin, for those of you new here), but it's raining it did all day yesterday. {That spitty, "I-don't-like-you" kinda rain. LOL}
         As you can see, it's got all kinds of colors in it! Reds, browns, blues, some gold...
         It's even got some greens in it! :-)
       It kinda looks to me like an Irish plaid or something...I found this Tartan plaid wrap in a shop called irish1010 on Etsy to show you what I mean...
        See all those beautiful bold colors!...Okay, so I know it's not for everybody. But by now, if you don't know anything else about me, you know that I'm not a girl whose afraid of color! :-)
     I have issues with an arthritis-aggravating constant rain, a hormonal lack of sleep, and an ever-growing affection for coffee...which I have got to do something about!...tomorrow, not today! ^_^...but I'm not afraid of color!!
      If the rain stops, I'll have hubby dress Tina up in my new boldly colored CIRCLE scarf...Yes I did!!! LOL...and show it to you witin the next couple of days. :-)
     In other news, I'm having a hard time figuring out what to Giveaway this time. O_0 I've noticed lately that I'm not getting a lot of entries for my Giveaways. Now, one of three things must be happening:
1. You're all sick to death of my yarn creations,...
2. I'm not making everyone enough aware of the Giveaways, or...
3. You guys and girls don't need anything, and would rather focus on giving your own beautiful creations away! :-)
      Which is it people?!! LOL If it's number one....I can handle it! (sobbing uncontrollably right now! LOL) If it's number you think a little reminder at the end of every post would help?! And if it's number three...let me know so I can come and enter your Giveaways and don't have to keep photographing mine! ^_^
       Hubby is hoping it's not number one or number three. He's still determined to get all of my stuff beautiful creations out of this house, and out of his way! ^_^ He's on vacation this week. Maybe I'll be able to get him to take it all to a craft fair or something...and sell it all!! :-) If so, that'll be the end of my regular Giveaways! I'll just Giveaway something every once in a while......and STOP CLAPPING!! LOL
       Lastly, to entertain ourselves, hubby and I are thinking about starting a blog that we post in once a week as a couple. What do you think?!....And this week, we're gonna try to do a blog post video of him and I answering your questions...if we get enough questions to answer, that is! ^_^ So, if you have any questions for hubby and I, as a couple or as individuals, leave the question in the comments below.
     Oh Yeah, I also created my own banner for my Wuglyees Etsy shop! Check it out HERE and tell me what you think!...I couldn't sleep last night, so I went online and played around with my photos on Picassa and the idea came to me to try doing it.....Okay, it wasn't totally my idea alone. Hubby helped!..Thanks honey. :-)
      And I didn't create the original banner. I got it from Mariann of littlefoxphotos. It was a 'SALE' banner she made for me. And since I hardly ever do sales in my shop anymore...(never sold one thing doing it!)...I just altered it a little and put my Wuglyee bear on it! :-) My shop looks so different now! I like it and I'm getting used to it though. :-)
       Okay, off to get me some breakfast, and a cup of coffee....*shaking my head*....I know......!!...Have a good rest of the day everybody! :-)


Why have I become
so addicted to your taste?
Why have I not noticed
what you're doing to my waist?

Why are you the first thought
that I have when my eyes open?
Why is your solution
part of how I now am coping?

I don't know the answers.
All I know is that I'm UP!
And I have to leave you now
and go and fill back up my cup!


  1. Deb, I love the banner that you made for your etsy shop. It turned out great. I think that you are not making enough people aware of your giveaways. I also know that a lot of people would just like to enter a giveaway and not have to be a follower but then of course they would be crazy not to follow you. You are so inspiring and I learn so much from your blog. Hope this helps. Have a Great Day!!!!

  2. I love the idea for a couples blog! You should do it!! :)
    And I love the scarf!!
    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  3. SnowflakeDreams1, Thanks so much for the nice comment Velma. I think you're right about me not advertising my blog enough. I think I'll take your suggestion and maybe put the link to the Giveaway at the bottom of each post as a reminder. But as to people just wanting to enter a Giveaway...that's why I ask people to follow the blog! I could give stuff away to ANYBODY, but I'd rather it be people I have some knowledge of and who I know aren't just 'entering a Giveaway', but rather 'like what I make'! :-)...I'm glad you like my banner too. I guess I 'am' learning a thing or two around here, huh?! ^_^ Thanks so much for your input, and have a good rest of the day! :-]

  4. Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me, Okay!! One for a yes to the 'couples blog'! :-)) We'll put it under our hat...and thanks about the scarf too! Have a good rest of the weekend. Ours is good so far! :-)

  5. Aha!!! You are addicted to the "nectar of morninghood"!! It's about time!!
    I do believe the problem you spoke of is #2. Maybe a good reminder everyday will help. Because I know for myself, that I forget sometimes. <<Can you believe it?
    I'm glad your hubby gets vacation time! Great for you and I hope you have a wonderful week too.
    I'm looking forward to your couple blog! Great idea since he's game. My hubby would never be game to that. LOL
    By the way.....I LOVE that Wuglyee scarf! The colors are awesome!!
    And your banner looks great. I understand about the sale thing on Etsy. I've had this BOGO thing going and haven't had 1 sale! What's up with that!!??
    I take it back...I did get 1 sale, but she didn't choose a free item. What do I do????
    Have a great day!

  6. CinLynn, The "nectar of morninghood", huh? Ha! Ha! I guess now I know why they call it that! ^_^ I'm gonna wean myself off of it by the end of the week though, before it gets ridiculous and I start 'jonesing'!! LOL

    ( )LOL

    Anyway..! Thanks for the tip about the Giveaway. And thanks also for the nice words about the 'couple blog', the banner and the scarf! :-) I hope you had a good meeting. Nice reminders in the WT today, huh?! :-) Have a good rest of the evening...and a good start to the week, my friend! :-)

  7. Honestly Poetess I don't think anyone would be sick of your lovely creations! I love what you make. I would gladly enter your give-aways but having won a lovely scarf already I thought it would be nice to let others have the privilege of winning something you have made.
    I think that Cindy hit the nail right on the head when she mentioned how people forget. Perhaps a reminder every so often would help get more entries.

    I love the idea about a couples blog & the video blog post too. I have a question for you & hubby. Well probably more for hubby. It's about gardening. What is the best way to enrich the soil before you plant any flowers or veggies? I never know what to products to use. Our soil is clay-like if that helps :)

  8. Jo-ann, Awww! How nice. And here I was thinking maybe I was forcing my 'Wuglyee scarves and things' on everybody! LOL Thank you for giving me the good suggestion to put a reminder in the post too. You and Cindy are on the right track with that I think. I'm gonna do that...Thank you for the encouragement about the couple blog too. We're giving it some serious thought. Stay tuned! ^_^ Your question will be answered too!


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