Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm As Happy As A Pig In Slop!

       I'm getting old and I'm starting to scare myself! I find myself quoting my grandmother almost every day now! O_0 Do any of you do that?! Please say: "Yes!"...Anyway, the title of my post today was something my grandmother used to say all the time if anything good happened to her or someone she knew.
     When I got through opening my Giveaway gift package the other day, and I was sitting there on the bed with all of my goodies laying around me, that's what I said out loud: "I'm as happy as a pig in slop!!" ^_^
     After I got through explaining the expression to my Massachusetts born and bred husband...^_^...I put all of my things away and sat there with a silly grin on my face. And as I'm going through the pictures of it all to show you today, that's the same silly grin I have now! ^_^
    Speaking of pigs in slop though, before I show you the pretty jewelry I got, let me show you the ugly mess I made yesterday when I finally cut into one of the chocolate candy apples I got!!!...
       Is this sad or what?! I took the chocolate and nut apple out of the fridge and didn't know where to start to eat it!! ^_^ If I was a young kid, like I used to be!...and if I was running through the carnival Fair grounds holding a candy apple on a stick in my hands, like I've done a few times in my life!...I would have leaned my head sideways, took a huge bite out of it, and walked around chewing with a messy pig sloppy face! ^_^
       But I'm an old lady now! :-) So, I got out a plate to put it on, got a knife to cut it with, and tried to cut it slow enough so as not to have nuts flying all over the floor, and not slice the thumb off of my 'fool' hand!
       It took me a little bit longer than necessary because...*shaking my head*...I didn't cut it in the middle and the wooden skewer stopped me cold!! LOL I was sawing and sawing...and putting my glasses back on...and sawing and sawing....! Then it dawned on me that I probably should've gotten through the 'fool' apple by now!!...Oh boy! ^_^
       You haven't seen ugly...or pathetic...until you've seen an old lady with her glasses cocked sideways so she can only see out of one eye, a chocolate candy apple cut in pieces on a plate in front of her, and her eating it with a knife and fork, slurping the bits of nuts and chocolate off of the side in slow motion so that she doesn't get any of it on the floor where the dog or cat could get to it and die!...*shaking my head* What's even more pathetic is that I don't have a dog or a cat!! ^_^
   I am here to report though...with all ten fingers intact, and no dead animals laying around me!...that it was gooooooooood!!!...{Well worth me recommending you to take a  little 'look-see' around the shop of Nicole's Homemade Treats!}...Okay, on with the show! :-)
       This little colorful shiny box was also on top, in the back, of the pile when I opened my package...
        It was taped up so good that I had to use scissors to get into it! But 'get-into-it' I did!!...
      I got past the packaging...
       ...and found this beautiful ceramic green heart made by PotterybyJolene...
     Front and back...so cute! :-) I may make a crocheted brooch to put under it. You know me! :-) ...I went over to check out the rest of her shop too. I found this beauty there...
      She has some other ceramic heart pins there too, if you're interested. :-)
      The next gift I opened was this...
        It came from an Etsy shop called dorana...
       Aren't they pretty?!! :-) I can't wait to wear these! This 'piggie' is gonna be looking 'puuuuuuurdy!' ^_^ 
       dorana has all kinds of other pretty jewelry too...like this Breakfast at Tiffany's Sterling SilverFlower Weave Cuff Bracelet...
    Last, but not least,...jewelry-wise...was this gorgeous necklace...
       I couldn't find the tag for the maker. Maybe I'll be able to tell you later. But isn't it gorgeous?!!
       I'm a sucker for a flower anyway!! :-)) But this one is so pretty! :-) ...No! You can't have mine! But I did a search on Etsy and I found one sorta like it. It may be by the same designer. If I find out I'll let you know who it is. :-) ......{UPDATE: I found out that the necklace is from thecuriouscupcake! YAY!!}
      So, I'm off to work on either a new scarf or a hat today. My little 'secret' project I was working on is all done. Since I have some other things to show you tomorrow from this Giveaway gift package, I'll show you my little project tomorrow too. :-) Suspense! Can you feel it?! LOL...Don't get that excited. ^_^
      As my grandmother would have said: 'That's all y'all!"...But as the cartoon  'Porky Pig' would have said: "Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-That's all, folks!" ^_^ Have a good day! See you tomorrow!
In The Mirror, I See Me

The lines of history are there,
just like a book upon the shelf;
And they are written so that you see
that I'm no longer just myself.

I did not see it before now-
my mother's hair and brother's teeth,
my sister's honey-colored skin-
have stolen time, just like a thief.

The mirror's image always was
of me alone-just here and now;
But as I age, and years go by,
I see granddaddy's furrowed brow.

I see my auntie's pug, round nose;
and my uncle's sun-bleached spots.
It is amazing -one-by-one,
the way it all connects the dots.

They have written on the pages
of the book of life I see;
When I look into the mirror
I no longer just see me.

It is a thing I must accept,
instead of fighting who to be.
I will accept my life's reflection,
and I'll smile at what I see,
when, in the mirror, I see me.


  1. My mouth is now drooling after looking at that apple! You really know how to get those salivary glands working by means of photos! LOL
    I have to say that those earrings and that necklace are gorgeous!! So you!! I'm so happy that you got so many wonderful items!
    I can't wait to see your secret tomorrow! The suspense is killing me!
    Great poem too my friend. Got to run...have a wonderful day!

  2. CinLynn, ^_^ Sorry about the early morning watery salivary glands my friend! *Teehee* I still have half of the apple though, if you wanna come and get it! LOL By the way, my 'secret' project didn't end up being what I started it out to be! *Shaking my head* It's a 'jimmied-up' version now! LOL...And thanks for the nice words about the poem too...Have a good day, Cin! :-)

  3. Deb, WOW the poem hit home. Your poetry just amazes me some days. It's like you are reading my mind. I'm happy to hear that the apple was delicious. Lucky you and all your great little trinkets you received from the giveaway. The jewlery is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Have a Great Day!!!!!

  4. SnowflakeDreams1, Awww! How nice...about the poem! I'm glad you liked it. It was something that kinda was an observation when I was looking in the mirror. I figured other people must have felt this at one time or the other in their life! :-] By the way, I still have a lot of apple to go too! Gotta keep my knife and fork at the ready! ^_^ Thank you for stopping by with such a nice comment Velma. Have a good day! :-)

  5. I have to say no I don't quote my grandmothers at all. That's only because I never met them but I do find myself saying things that my Mum said a lot. Does that count? :D

    That necklace is lovely and those earrings look so delicate & pretty :)

  6. Jo-anne, *Teehee*..Yes, Jo, quoting mamas counts too! ^_^ I also do that!!

  7. wow congrats that's alot of goodies you received! guess what? most of the snow from wednesday melted today! expecting 70s this weekend. keep warm my friend!

  8. Elisa, Thank you! It sure was a lot of goodies! :-]...And I SAW on the news about the snow in Colorado. Guess what? We got snow last night!!! *Teehee*


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