Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's Time To Button This Thing Up!

         I'm smiling!! :-) ...Aren't these gloves pretty?!...I love them. They inspired me. I needed inspiration too, because I bought some new buttons...from a very very far away place...and they've just been sitting in my house 'staring' at me...Yes, my buttons 'stare' at me. Don't yours?! ^_^
      I've got to do something with them. They're too pretty to just be sitting there doing nothing...and showing off nothing! I want them to show off something...like the above gloves are being shown off by those pretty buttons...
      Or the way these Tubeway Arm Warmers by gayeabandon is showing off these pretty buttons!...
           It doesn't have to be gloves though!...Case in point...
        ...look at the way this burlap pillow is being shown off by this pretty row of buttons. {Her shop also has some pillows that look like 'clocks' and 'written documents' too...just saying!}
        These are the buttons I bought. They're cloth-covered...
           As you probably can tell, they're kinda big buttons...
            The one on the left (above)has an illustration of a clock. The one on the right is of an old-style telephone...
        Below is a suitcase (left), and I 'think' the other one (below) is a coffee grinder or something. (Either that or an old style stove or a really lonely birdcage! LOL)
         They're big enough to use the way ozetta used these big buttons on her Vegan Acrylic Winter Hat...    
          ...or on her gorgeous Selawik Cowl Button Wrap...
           Oh! It just looks so sophisticated and yummy! :-)
        I think these big buttons would look great in the right place, right?...
        There's also a big camera button...
        A fan...
      And a bottle of ink alongside some letters...
       Do you have any suggestions for me, as to how or where I should use them on my crochet projects?!...for after I finish the white scarf I mean?!
       I kinda like the way allyadeney used buttons on this Upcycled Olga Berg Bag...
           I could see one of my crocheted pocketbooks with these big buttons on it! That might be kinda cool actually! :-]
         Those weren't the only buttons I bought. I also bought these pretty 'babies'!...
         Anyone that knows me won't be surprised about why I bought these! ^_^ In fact, if not for these (above) buttons, I might not have ordered the buttons at all! Especially since I had to wait for ten days for them to be delivered!....But ten days is not long to wait to get flowers, is it?! :-)
         These aren't as big as the others...
        I could put these on one of my crochet flower necklaces any time.
       They're so pretty and feminine. :-] Maybe I could put these on some brooches and maybe find some way to use the bigger ones on some men's boutonnieres or something....I'm thinking out loud here. Can you hear me?!...Yoohoo!!!!!....Can you help me out?! ^_^
       Anyway!.....there's so many great uses for a button...This is one of my favorite uses....
       In order for me to do something like this though, I'd have to get into the button jewelry making business instead of the crochet jewelry and poetry writing business!.....No go!! I need to stay in my lane. 
       Yes, my lane does have buttons strewn all over the place too!.... ^_^ ...but at least I know what I'm doing with those buttons! When some crochet yarn or thread is in the vicinity I'm all over it usually! I just need inspiration...H-E-L-P!!!!....I need to keep my smile! LOL
Reasons To Smile

I don't really need a reason,
to let out a great big grin;
But I do from time to time,
just to exercise my chin.

Sometimes I do it just to see
what reaction I will get,
in the places where I've gone,
and the people that I've met.

Sometimes it's just for me!
To amuse some silly thought;
Or to show just how excited
I have been at what I bought.

Sometimes a smile can change my mood,
when weather forecasts make me blue;
Or when I see a baby playing!
Oh yes! Oh Yes! I smile then too!

Truth is, I really don't need a reason.
Frowns just,frankly, aren't my style.
I could sit and write about it,
But even that would make me smile.
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  1. I love buttons too!
    The big ones are gorgeous! and I love the button necklace
    Enter me!!

  2. gill, Another button lover on the loose! ^_^ Thanks for the comment!

  3. Deb, Those buttons are just beautiful. I love reading your blog because you show us how to really look at things differently. I always thought of buttons as just a way to keep a blouse closed. Now I see it as ways to decorate. Thank you for sharing. Have a Great Day!!!!!!

  4. SnowflakeDreams1, Thank you Velma, about the buttons. I really like them too!...And thanks for the nice words too about the blog. It wasn't me that thought up the different way to use these buttons though! Wish I did! ^_^ I'm getting inspiration from them!! Although I do use my buttons in my etsy shop in an unconventional way I guess. And I'm still looking for more ways to use them too! ^_^ Let me know if you think of something...Have a good day!

  5. Nice buttons! I think you should make another pillow and use them somehow on it. Maybe in colors to accent them. I think it would be awesome!! But what do I know anyway. LOL
    I'm sure you'll think of something. Yes, and I do know why you chose the second ones! Cute!!
    Have a great day!

  6. Fun buttons...makes me want to go to my button tin and sort through them! I think I love the white hat the best...but what a great idea to use them on pillows. That's a project this non sew person can do!

  7. CinLynn, You know....that's a great idea Bead! I think I'll consider that too! Maybe a beige on black pillow, huh?!...The flower ones would look good on pillows too, wouldn't they?!....Hmmmmm....*got my thinker on* ^_^

  8. yaya, That's right! You have a tin of buttons too! I remember! :-] And yes, the white hat 'is' pretty! And that large button on the side is just great! ... You may just have to break out the tin! LOL

  9. I love buttons to! I remember pulling out my Mum's button box and playing with them for ages, and she still has it to this day!
    Your buttons are lovely. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  10. Oh btw, that IS a coffee grinder.. I used to have one :)

  11. Alittlesprite, Yep! I have a button "box" too! And I'm immediately attracted by an interesting button on anything too!...What does your mum do with her buttons?!

  12. Alittlesprite, I thought so!! Thanks for letting me know. :-)

  13. I just love the cloth buttons! I have been a button collector since I was young.

  14. Susan, Thanks! I love them too!...And "Hello" fellow button collector! ^_^


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