Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm A Backyard Fashion Don't!

       Hello Everybody! :-) Nothing special to talk about today...except sharing some nice photos of the backyard that hubby took yesterday...
    ...and interspersed in between the pictures, I'm gonna share a silly conversation hubby and I had this morning that got us giggling...once again...about how, fast and massively, the world is changing around us now that we're getting older.
     The conversation started because we were talking about how differently we dress now, versus a few years ago.
      He's needing a new pair of shoes again, and he was recounting how he used to love going shopping for shoes and ties, and how we used to make a day of it! I'd be strolling for dresses and "apparatuses" in one section of the store (bras for you non-girl types! LOL), while he was in the mens wear department, getting his "dapper" on! :-)
       Then we'd go out to eat! It was such fun...back in the day!...But now...UGH! Neither one of us have any desire to shop for anything (clothes-wise I mean)...not even online! And who wants to wear it after you've bought it anyway?! Especially when what's in the bag is 'apparatuses', steel-toe shoes, girdles, button-up shirts, panty-hose,...(wait! They don't wear those anymore.....the ashy-legged nuts!! LOL)...wool socks, and high-heeled shoes!!
      Although, the amount, and particular kinds of,...what my hubby calls..."accoutrements" has changed considerably over the years!...When I used to get dressed up, I was all about some nice make-up, nice-colored lipstick, straightened hair (with a little curl for good measure), a comfortable slip underneath, a nice flowy type skirt or dress, a silk scarf, a kitten-heel shoe, and a comfortable "strap-those-buns-in" device! ^_^
     But these days?! It's all about 'hanging everything you got'...out!....EVERYWHERE!!  The clothes are designed to hug your curves so people can see the size of your 'rump' (Really?! Do we need to see it ?! All the time?!).  And if you can't see it good enough by the huggy-type clothes, then they make sure you can see right through most of the thin fabrics when a light hits them!!
            And of course, now there's a huge industry of fake eyelashes, hair extensions, pony-tail clip-ons, glittery make-up and fingernail polish, 'ten foot pole' tall high heeled shoes and boots with chunky heels, and hoop earrings large enough for little dogs to jump through while you're walking!! LOL
     Oh Yeah! The world has changed!...Don't get me wrong...I'm not trying to tell other people how to dress! I barely wanna dress myself anymore! ^_^ But it's just something hubby and I were talking about this my "girls" (you 'girl' types will know what I mean! ^_^) were dancing around in a field of daisies, enjoying the freedom, and he was sitting on the bed sticking his finger through the hole in the front of his shoe! LOL
        I love my backyard.....and the symbolism it has for me this morning as I talk about this subject. :-) It's all free and ain't got a 'stitch' on!....and it's just beautiful! :-)
        It does have color, and a few patches here and there though.....just like me and hubby! :-]
     Okay, I'm off!...gotta get back to work on a white scarf I laid down a few days ago, because of the rain.  And figure out what the next Giveaway is gonna be! :-) Any suggestions?!

Fashion Don't

Fashion may be over-rated!
Pulling, poking,everywhere.
Hugging all your 'stuck out' places.
Coloring every bit of hair!

Does everything need glitter?
Is a thong a fashion "Do"?
Well then, I'm a fashion "Don't".
And I'm probably naked too! 

By the way, have you seen hubby and my's new blogspot?! It's HERE. Come and visit! :-)


  1. Things certainly have changed. I am not so old but even I think that girls these days dress like two dollar hookers. lol :)
    Your back yard is so beautiful. The lawn is so green! Love the colours..if I lived there I would be over there painting it every day :)

  2. Always love to read your Blog.
    Your back yard is Beautiful.
    Oh and I hate shopping too, but I do want some new fall boots that go way up my legs so I don't have to wear those stupid pantyhose..
    Have a great day!

  3. Alittlesprite, "two dollar hookers"? OUCH!!! Even I wouldn't go that far! ^_^ But you're right. Things have certainly changed from when I was young!...And thank you for the nice words about the backyard. I would love to see some of your paintings of my backyard!! :-]

  4. Dulce, Aww! Thanks!...So, "stockings"...I mean pantyhose "ARE" still "IN" then?! LOL I'm so out of the loop!! ^_^ Have a good day!

  5. Fashion like so many other things is geared toward the 12-35 year olds. And I'm really glad my 12 year olds are now grown up. It's scary how they dress. Yes, shopping just isn't what it used to be.

    Nice yard though, Poetess.

  6. Jansjems, Yep...12-35 year olds. And I'm years past the 'target market' anymore! ^_^ I think I'm happy about that too!! My curves don't need that kind of attention!! LOL...Thanks about the yard too!...Have a good day! :-)

  7. Things have for sure changed. Isn't that what is supposed to happen? Kind of reminds me of Sodom and Gomorrah! I would be so embarrassed to see my rolls hanging out under my shirt, or knowing that my booty was shaking with every step! Argh!!!
    Your backyard looks pretty good for this time of the year. I was trying to show some photos of my backyard (without the big tree) this morning, but I can't figure out how to flip my photos. I've given up!
    No service today. We have the C.O. this week and we get to go to the zone meeting on Sat. Busy ALL the rest of the week. Today, I'm digging up bulbs that were growing under my tree (stump)!
    Have a wonderful day my friend!

  8. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! Ha! You said exactly what hubby and I were talking about!!! He used to jokingly say: "It must be jam because jelly don't shake like that!" SILLY!!! ^_^ I can't believe they feel comfortable with that little string between their 'OTHER' cheeks! I spent over 30 years trying to keep things out of there!!! ^_^ And yes, the backyard 'is' holding up pretty good, isn't it! I hope your tree-less backyard looks good too, when I see it flipped right side up. LOL And have fun digging up bulbs too! ^_^

  9. Your back yard is looking good :) I don't like to wear figure hugging clothes and stretchy fabrics, not me at all ;)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. Bee happy, Thank you! I'm trying to enjoy it until that white stuff starts falling from the sky. {I can't bring myself to'it' yet. ^_^} And I'm with you on the loose clothing! The looser the better!!...Have a good day!

  11. Deb, Oh my gosh you had me laughing so hard. I don't care for the new styles even when I was younger and had the bod I didn't show it off. One year I even had a swim suit made cause the biggest craze was the bikini swim suit. I have never worn a bikini swim suit ever. The other thing that drives me crazy is the people who wear thier P.J.s everywhere. Didn't thier mommas
    ever tell them get up and get dressed first thing then you are ready to go anywhere at the drop of a hat. Your back yard looks wonderful, very inviting. Thank you for sharing. Have a Great Day!!!!!!!

  12. SnowflakeDreams1, Same here Vel...about not wearing the tight-fitting stuff even when I had the 'bod'. I did like a nice fitting jean though. But even when I wore jeans I would wear a jacket with them to cover up the top part of the derriere! I was more interesting in looking casual, but classy. Not "sexy". Seems like all people talk about these days is trying to be "sexy"! Is "sexy" the fashion goal?...for kids too?! O_0 And I had forgotten about the pajama thing! You made me laugh about that! ^_^ Thanks for the laugh, Velma. Have a good rest of the day!...And be watching for your mail! :-)

  13. Your yard is gorgeous.

    I've always been a bit of a fashion don't. LOL! I've never cared what others think of how I am dressed, and I try to look nice, but am more concerned with comfort and function. :) One of my favorite parts of my old job (at a hospital) was the attire - scrubs are basically glorified pajamas! Hahahahaha!

  14. Malea, Ha! Ha! Hello 'Fashion Don't'! Welcome to the club! ^_^ I worked in hospitals and nursing homes too. It was easy...wear a white dress, only post type earrings, your wedding band, and a watch. White shoes, white pantyhose. EASY! :-) Oh if only I could have worn 'scrubs'! That would have been the icing on the cake!


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