Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Maybe If I Just Hold On...!

          You know...time is going by waaaay too fast! And things are changing so much from when I was a kid that I can't keep up with it!...I thought Carla's beautifully captured photo above showed it life is just speeding by, but some things in it seem to be standing still.
       What am I talking about this time...right?! ^_^ Well, two things happened yesterday that made me think about this. One of the things had to do with a sweet and crunchy memory I had as a kid. A sweet and crunchy memory...with a prize in the box!
         Do you remember Cracker Jacks?! The box of caramel coated popcorn, with crunchy coated peanuts (If you could find them I mean! There was never enough crunchy coated peanuts!! LOL), and the little prize inside?!
       The above photo is NOT a box of Cracker Jacks. It's a check-book custom wallet by RecordWallets!...Yes, really!...But the Cracker Jack box of my childhood looked exactly like that!
       And remember all of the things they used to make out of your favorite food and T.V. shows?! There were all kinds of lunch boxes, with their accompanying thermoses. They had all kinds of characters on the side too! There was a 'Knight Rider' lunch box...Charlie's Angels'...'Charlie Brown'...'Barbie'....and all manner of shows and foods! I could be here all day trying to tell you about the marketing industry that was wild, fun and crazy 'back in the day'! :-))
       And yes! There was a Cracker Jack lunch box too! :-)
        Ohhhh! The memories! :-)...But the other day, when hubby asked if I wanted to share some of his Cracker Jacks, and I was immediately transported back in time mentally to the sight of that little square box, imagine my surprise when he brought this into the room!...
      I know I've talked about it before on this blog, but really?.....You're changing something else on me?! O_0 
      The good thing is that the sweet coated popcorn inside....
     .....Ummmmm....Yummy, yummy, yummy!....
        ...It still tastes exactly as I remember! :-] ....And there still aren't that many peanuts in the box.......Excuse me, 'bag'...*shaking my head*...I'm gonna have to get used to that. O_0
         I'm gonna have to get used to 'CHANGE'! I'm gonna have to...because nothing is staying the same! Well, except me! LOL I keep thinking that maybe if I hold on one more day...things will go back to the way they used to be! :-)
       Okay, so I'm 'Slightly' delusional. ^_^ But you know what? One day things will change! And won't you be sorry you didn't take my warning?! ^_^ In the meantime....
      ..."Hello, Mr. 'NEW' Cracker Jack Man, in a bag instead of a box!" :-) And is that a new dog he has?! O_0 ... Oh well....'Change'...I embrace you!....Sorta kinda.
       The other thing that happened yesterday was that I saw Chynna Phillips, of the group Wilson Phillips, on 'Dancing With The Stars'! She danced to her song "Hold on"...a song that I LOVED 'back in the day'!! 

        I was amazed at how good she looks at her age. Even in those skimpy....and I mean SKIMPY...outfits they sometimes have to wear on these dance shows!....But I also got to hear the back story for why she wrote the song. She had a rough childhood, feeling abandoned by her dad, drugs, and a lot of stuff.
       But look at her now! She held on 'one more day'...and it worked out pretty good for her! :-]...I'm gonna have to try that...In the meantime, I'm grooving on the video of "Hold On" the way I remember it in my head... :-)

        ...and I'm holding on 'one more day' to see if things in this world will go back to the way they're suppose to be!!! LOL.....Have a good day Everybody!! :-)


Life is a dance, they always say.
It has a rhythm and a rhyme,
It makes you set a pace, while it
flows in the stream of time.

And dancing has expressions
that I think are kinda neat,
like dancing eyes and dance of joy,
happy dance and dancing feet.

Whatever dance you do today,
I hope life pleases you.
It really doesn't matter how.
Just dance! I hope you do!


  1. I don't mean to be pessimistic or negative, but....hold on to your butt....things won't go back to the way they were. You want to know why? Cuz things are going to be better!!! MUCH better!! Those times are in the past and we have the wonderful memories.
    I used to love cracker jacks too. The best part was the prize. Do they even have prizes anymore?? Oh well, my eyes are on the "prize" to come!!
    Happy thoughts my friend! Keep it real in your heart and mind and have a wonderful day with hubby!!

  2. Oh great memories...I know time is passing WAY too fast...sometimes I feel I should draw everything I see to record it...and then time passes and I don't have enough time.
    too many late nights...but....I have to use the time wisely!
    HUGS to a great post! (another one)

  3. Great post - sure have a craving for cracker jack now! Thanks so much for including my picture. :)

  4. Ha! Ha! I don't want things to go back...ALL THE the way things were!!! I had some rough times back there! ^_^ What I meant was back to a simpler, more fun, more easy-going time! I'm not talking about the particulars...just the 'spirit' of a simpler time, my friend. And yes that 'will' come!!!! And they'll be better, just like you said! LOL Don't be trying to pop my bubble this early in the morning!! ^_^ By the way, yes! Cracker Jacks do still have the prize....and it's still not that great!! LOL Have a good one. Off to get ready for too I suspect.

  5. I very much enjoyed reading this post. You brought back good memories with the mention of Cracker Jacks. Oh, it was such a treat to eat a box of crunchy sweetness! And that cheap, plastic prize was the icing on the cake!
    I very much related with the theme of this blog post. Life just passes by so quickly and there are new changes everyday. Some for the better, some not. At least we have our memories which allows us to appreciate the good old days so much more.
    Your wonderful "Dance" poem was the perfect way to end this post. Always a pleasure to stop by!

  6. We Blog Artists, I wish I had your skill of drawing, Char! I'd be drawing to my hearts content...and holding onto those memories by a number two pencil, crayons, and a Sharpie! ^_^ But you're right...where would I find the time?!...Thank you so much for the nice comment. And go catch a nap! I highly recommend those for memory holding too! :-)

  7. Carla, Thank you!! I was heading over to let you know your beautiful photo was up and I got side-tracked. Next thing I got 'here'...before I got 'there'! LOL Have a Cracker Jack on me!! Thank you! :-)

  8. Julie, Thank you so much for such a nice expression. :-] I knew I wasn't the only one feeling like this!! Life is passing quickly for a lot of matter what the younger folks think, with their remakes of stuff! ^_^ And you made me giggle talking about that cheap plastic prize! ^_^ Some things haven't changed at all!!...And somehow every time kids open a bo....bag of those Cracker Jacks, I'm sure they're still excited to see what kind of piece of junk prize is in there!! ^_^ That's part of the appeal! {How many little fake-ly tattooed squid arms are running around in the world still...? I wonder! ^_^}...Also, thank you for the nice words about my poem. I'm always so 'filled up' emotionally to know that someone appreciates my spin on things. :-) Have a good Poetically Photographed day!

  9. Sometimes memories are so beautiful ;-)) I agree with you though that life is flying by so fast. I think we should dance our own rhythm to life that way we can dance it and slow it down any way we wish to ;-))Love the sound of that popcorn i adore peanut butter. Have a lovely day. dee x

  10. I remember the excitement of opening a box and hoping there would be a ring inside. Seams I always got the tattoos, giggle. Big Hugs, please stop by tomorrow and linkup for the Thursday Favorite Things Blog hop. :-)

  11. Deb, how I wish that things would go back to what I remember them being. Like fuel only costing .89 cents per gallon when I first started driving. Oh the memories. Awesome post today. Beautiful poem. Did you get a whistle for as a prize? That is what I always was looking for as my prize....LOL.... Have a great day!!!!

  12. Great post and memories! I love Cracker Jacks as a child (not so much for the popcorn) but for the prize inside. It was normally some kind of tattoo or spiral spin toy:) Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  13. delia, How right you are about memories. And the speed of life is making the holding of our memories even more important!...We have to dance our own rhythm and sing our own song. Hopefully with the accompaniment of a beautiful united chorus...of memories. :-) {Poetry is part of my song. ^_^} By the way, too bad Cracker Jacks don't come in a peanut butter flavor...unless you know something new that I don't know! O_O Have a good day, Dee! :-]

  14. Katherine, Ha! Ha! You reminded me that there 'were' other good prizes we were looking for in the Cracker Jack box...bag *smh*...I remember the ring. My husband reminded me about the whistle and the little spy glass. There was also puzzles sometimes. Maybe that's why we were so crazy to tear into them!! ^_^ As to the blog hop. I have no idea what that's about...even though I see that a lot of people do it. I'll check it out though. Have a good rest of the day! :-)

  15. SnowflakeDreams1, Ha! .89 cents gas is a distant....DISTANT...memory! LOL .89 cents gas is somewhere roaming the forests that house baby fawns bouncing through the woods, whistling a happy tune, with butterflies on their noses and buttercup flowers all in a row dancing!! In other words...MAKE-BELIEVE land!! ^_^ In fact, .89 cents a gallon gas is using your Cracker Jack whistle to play his tune! LOL...Okay, back to reality!...*giggle*...I don't want to forget in my silliness to thank you for the nice comment about my poem too. Thank You. :-]

  16. Shelley, WOW! You got spiral spin toys?!! O_0 We've been 'gypped'!!! There were no spiral spin toys in our boxes!...unless you count the paper that had instructions on it to make your own toys...sorta like origami! ^_^ I never finished making one. The instructions were usually too involved...or else I was too impatient and disappointed that my ring wasn't in there! ^_^ I looked for the peanuts more than the toys anyway!...Have a good day!

  17. Crackerjacks look awfully like Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs that I used to eat as a kid. They were just so yummy! I haven't seen them in the supermarket for years although I don't really look for them. We never got toys though :(

  18. I had never heard of Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs before, so I Googled them! ^_^ Guess what?...

    ...they actual said they were remniscent of the American Cracker Jacks!! ^_^ And apparently they're still around!...Oh! I love learning new stuff! Thank you!

  19. Boy do I remember Cracker Jack Popcorn! I stumbled upon it again a few years back and many, many bags were consumed!

    I spotted another childhood fave the other day in the supermarket - Lucky Elephant Popcorn. It's candied popcorn and I remember having many boxes when I was a kid.

    I love flashback candy!

    Have a great day Wugs (it is now Thursday lol!)

  20. Lisa, I had never seen this Pink candy coated popcorn! Thanks for the link. Something else new I learned today! :-] And I'm with you on the flashback candy thing...I love it! ^_^

  21. I stopped by from Katherines blog hop. I used to love Cracker Jacks! :)

  22. melody-mae, Hello! Thanks for stopping by!....You're another Cracker Jack fan around here! Our numbers are increasing! ^_^

  23. Hi Debbie, thanks for visiting from Katherine's and wow, you got peanuts in your Cracker Jack?! Oh, they were the needle in a haystack. I graduated to Poppycock and different Crunch n Munches, but alas, they are all off limits now. Enjoy!

  24. New End Studio, Hello!! Thanks for dropping by! Yes, I occasionally did get some peanuts, but those times were few and far between!! LOL I also graduated to 'Poppycock' and 'Crunch n Munch'! They were fresher, bigger, and loaded with peanutty goodness!! :-] Thanks for reminding me. I almost forgot about the others!! ^_^


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