Sunday, November 6, 2011

She's "TIGGER"-tastic!!

          For the sake of conversation today, let's just say that my name is NOT Poetesswug. It's 'Pooh-Wug'...And further...I'm not gonna complain about anything!...Novel I know! LOL But no! No complaining!...Instead I'm gonna talk about one of my girlfriends. A girlfriend that I don't talk to you specifically about usually!
         Her and I have a once a week 'girlfriend date' where we just spend time together. We either have breakfast, giggle and talk, listen to music and sing and dance, or search the internet to learn new stuff! :-) ...It's a time of the week I look very forward to!
       I was telling hubby last night about the great 'girlfriend day' me and my friend had this week, and as I was talking about her I thought of 'Tigger' from Winnie The Pooh! :-) That's because she has such an upbeat and bouncy personality!... :-)

          And then, a second thought...I thought of myself as 'Pooh Bear'! :-) Because I'm 'The Wug', bear mama to 'Baby Wug', and full of sweetness on occasion! ^_^ 
       But if I'm being totally forth-coming, and just for information's sake, I actually identify with ALL of the Winnie the Pooh characters in one way or another!...      
          ...In that I'm wise sometimes, like "Owl" who acts as a teacher...But Owl believes he's the cleverest animal in the wood, unlike matter what you've heard!! :-)) The truth of his cleverness is seen in the fact that while he can spell "Tuesday",  he spells his own name as "wol"! ^_^ 
       ...I'm also sometimes like "Rabbit" who gets very mad when Tigger bounces on his prized garden...Or when hubby's cancel their Friday Date Night's...just saying!...And like "Roo" I can be childish, which I prefer to describe as child-like. :-) 
       ...Like "Piglet" I have a few self-declared talents, including poetry, crocheting, and the love of singing. And  I overcome my fears with the help of good friends. :-) ...Like "Pooh" I can be very friendly and thoughtful, but my love of sweet stuff can sometimes get me into trouble! LOL
       The only character I don't have 'as' much in common with is "Eeyore". He's ever-glum and pessimistic, and has trouble keeping his tail attached to his bottom....Wait a minute! I have been known to have problems with my bottom too! ^_^ 
      ....To end this trip through The 'Hundred Acre Wood', my hubby would be my Christopher Robin, best friend to the menagerie of "ME"! ^_^
      Now what was I talking about?!...Oh Yea! My girlfriend date day! ^_^ I was telling you how much I love the time I spend with my girlfriend!
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          My girlfriend had been without power all week this week due to the surprise snow storm, and I wasn't sure she was going to come. But right on time she bounced in! She was all bundled up from head to toe, including long johns, :-] and had the coldest hands you ever felt, and was sporting the warmest heart you ever saw! :-)
       She was as happy to see me as I was to see her!....And happy to get into my warm house too I might add. :-)) We had tea, exchanged laughs and information....{some information was not so good. :-( I'll tell you about that at another time}...We listened to music, including some Barbershop Quartets and bluegrass! :-) We searched the internet for random stuff that informed us and gave us our itinerary for next week's visit! And when she left I had a crock pot simmering with smells that would make the securest onion cry! :-)
      Yes, I have lots of friends....I do! :-) Friends who are supportive and loving in all kinds of mental and physical weather...
        ...Friends who give me rest and peace and help me keep the pessimism down to a minimum...
         But not one of them can take the place of my bouncy, cheerful, 'Tigger-tastic' week-date friend! :-) She's in a category all her own! And, as I opine in my poetic way to her on as many occasions, and in as many ways, as I can...
        ...I think she's the bouncing-est best!! And I love her very much!! :-)
         I know I'm not the only 'Wug' on the planet with a bestest friend like this one. You have them too. I just know it! So, let's consider this a 'Tigger-tastic' day to let our bestest friends know how much we love them, okay?! :-] And if you don't talk silly like me, maybe you can just give them a wink and send them to my link and say: "This One's For You!" :-)
        Have a bouncing good day hour earlier than you did yesterday!! ^_^

I Am Rich

I am rich in loving friendships.
Rich in loyalty and love.
I am rich in deep emotions,
and in my love for God above.

I am rich in complications.
Rich in insight from my years.
Rich in belly folding laughter.
Rich in sympathetic tears.

I am rich as I can be,
in things not taken in a flash.
Not all abundance can be counted.
Rich is not always in cash.


  1. Wugs, I've been catching up!! I still can't believe the ugly snowstorm that hit! What's even weirder is we didn't get any of it!!!

    Love the story about your friend - hot tea for a friend with cold hands is a friend indeed!!

  2. Lisa, WOW! You didn't get even a piece of the storm?! O_0 That's not fair...and great...all at the same time! LOL Let's hope it stays that way for you for the rest of the winter too, because that was a plain MESS! People are still...this morning...out of power!!...Also, thank you for the sweet comment about my friend story. :-) Have a good rest of the day Lisa!

  3. I can see Pooh Wug that you really do love your dear bestest friend! I have to say that I, on the other hand, don't really have a bestest friend. I know that's sad, but I have so many friends, as you do, that I can say that one is my bestest! Except, of course, for my hubby and my God! I tend to be more of a loner.
    Your friend sounds just like the kind of friend I would love to have for sure! I'm so happy you have her! And I think it's cool how you relate so much to the Pooh characters! I love them myself! LOL
    Thanks for the wonderful story and poem today and have a wonderful Sunday!

    BTW.....say "hi" to your friend for me!! Also you're other friend too (hubby)!

    ....ENTER ME please.

  4. CinLynn, Yes, Bead, I really do love her. I wish I lived closer to you because I think that you and I would be 'bestest buds' too! ^_^ I can't believe that you are a loner. I can't believe it!! LOL Anyway, I'm glad you liked my post today. Enjoy the rest of your day and the meeting. I'll send your regards to my friend and I'll put your name in the Giveaway box too! :-)

  5. I'm amazed that so many folks in your area are still without electric. That has to be so hard and frustrating! I'm glad you have such a great friend to hang with! She's very lucky to have you too! Have a warm and wonderful week!

  6. Yaya, Hi! Yes, I know...about the electricity. Thankfully the number is dwindling fast though. Hopefully everybody will be back in the light by tomorrow or Tuesday. TOUGH!...And about my friend, I'm thankful to have her too! :-) Have a good week upcoming Yaya! And thank you for the nice comment.

  7. You are a fantastic friend to your 'Tigger-tastic' girl friend.
    I love how you could see all the qualities in Pooh Bear & the gang. We love Pooh in our home :) Shhh just between you an me, Angus still sleeps with his Pooh Bear that he got when he was 6. In fact he's had about 10 different Pooh Bears over the years. Don't tell him I told you ;)

    I do hope that the power comes on for your friends. I cannot even imagine being without power for that long. It surprises me that they have been without it for so long.

  8. Jo-anne, Awww! Thank you! I do try to be a good friend. :-] And Shhhh! but Angus...I mean 'Secret Agent Ang-Pooh' ^_^ a real friend!! 10 years with Pooh by his side day and night!! ^_^ I'm almost jealous!!...By the way, they say that there's only about 2,700 or so still without power now. Hopefully by Tuesday at the latest everybody will be sitting in the light!...Thanks for the nice comments Jo! Have a good week too! :-)

  9. Great post, I love Tigger :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. I have been a Pooh fan for a long time! I have the book the Tao of Pooh. My grandson and I do stoutness exercises in the morning. lol Wanted to tell you about a book called Granny Squares Now. I buy used books on line from Abe Books.

  11. Bee Happy, Thank you!...Have a bouncing good day! ^_^

  12. Susan, I've been a Winnie the Pooh fan for a long time too!! Never heard of the book you mentioned though...But I have tons of books of granny squares!! TONS!! I haven't made anything with a granny square lately though. I'm all about flower! :-]


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