Friday, March 1, 2013

It's Time To Wake Up And Smell The Silver Flower?!

     No, these aren't silver flowers! They're just beautifully painted flowers! :-) You know I do like a pretty flower, right?! ^_^ These are so beautiful that I started sneezing as soon as I saw them!! ^_^ Okay...the painted flowers weren't the reason I was sneezing. I'm sneezing because I think my allergies are starting back up again very early this year....*sigh* :-(
     I've noticed that for a few mornings now I've woke up very congested. It's become a morning ritual for me to drink a bottle of water and then spend a half an hour blowing my nose clear!...*shaking my head*...And I thought this year was gonna be better with my allergies because of all of the tons of snow!! I was sure it would kill off any leftover allergens....WRONG! 
     Oh Well...another year of less fresh flowers in the house! :-( ... But I'll always have some flowers in my house anyway! :-) I have crocheted flowers!!...Speaking of which, I told you yesterday about my silver lame' flower I was crocheting. It was finished, and it went into the Wuglyees shop already too! :-) ...

     I have to wasn't the easiest flower I've ever made! The lame' is nowhere as soft as my DMC cotton thread! It was slow going...

     But it's done! :-) ... And hubby really likes it! I even got blueberry pancakes for making it!! :-) ...

            .... Okay! The blueberry pancakes weren't because of my silver lame' flower being done. :-)) The blueberry pancakes were because we wanted to use, and eat, the blueberries my girlfriend gave us before they went bad!... ^_^...and I wasn't in the mood for chewing on bits of blueberry in a blueberry 'smoothie'! 
      Let me just say that 'Pancake Sunday' is not gonna live up to these 'babies' unless I get some fruit in 'em! YUM!!! :-]

      Okay, not much else to talk about today. I've got a schedule 'yay' long...including a package I have to ship this morning, and 6 boutonnieres with backings waiting to be applied!...and time is 'too' short!!...I'm gonna go and do that now....Tomorrow I'll tell you about what I've been doing on Twitter! :-] ...Have a good day, Everybody!!

 Thankful Thursday

The week is almost over.
That's one thing I'm thankful for.
Let me think about it,
'cuz there must be plenty more.

I'm thankful on this Thursday,
that I have some things to do,
'cuz my brain can sure waste time
when there is nothing there to chew!

I'm thankful that there's projects
every morning I can plan.
And I'm thankful for my crocheting,
and pancake making man.

I'm thankful for new customers,
and custom orders too.
And I'm thankful for a sip of tea,
and time to spend with you.

I'm thankful on this Thursday
to appreciate my gift;
And appreciate other people's,
and receive a little lift!

Yes, I'm thankful on this Thursday.
Also thankful, let me say,
that my talking is not endless.
I know 'YOU' are thankful every day! ^_^


  1. I'm thankful for Friday...the end of a long, stressful week at work. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and maybe I'll just have to make some of those pancakes! (you and your hubby are welcome to stop over for breakfast and I'll just let him man the griddle!) Have a good weekend. I love the silver lame' flowers!

    1. I love Fridays too, Yaya! My reasons are different from yours though. I no longer have long stressful days at work...but I 'DO' know what you're talking about!!! I've 'been there/done that' in the past. I remember being sweaty from head to toe and having the sorest feet in the world!!! ^_^ I wish I could send my pancake making hubby over to make you some pancakes...and for comic relief! ^_^ ... Thanks for the nice words about my silver flower too!...Have a good, relaxing, weekend, Yaya!!


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