Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Date Day!!!!...With An Old Friend!

      I know you're thinking that the 'old friend' that I'm talking about...because it's my Date my loving hubby. But nope! ^_^ Although my hubby is 'old', and he is my dear, dear 'friend'. ♥  That's not the friend I'm talking about today!...And shhhhhh!...He probably wouldn't like that I called him 'old'. :-) Somewhere in the recesses of his 'denial ridden' mind, he thinks he's still young, and rambunctious. Ha! Ha!
         No, the friend I'm talking about is my tiny stuffed 'Baby Wuglyee' prototype bear! :-) ...

      Back when I first started selling my crochet items on Etsy, in my Wuglyees shop, I used to give one of these little bears as a free gift to my customers. :-) I bought a whole bunch of them, and I used to crochet a little hair braid from his ear, and connect a keyring.
      If you look close, you can see where he has black writing across his belly. That's where I wrote my shop name, in a black 'Sharpie' pen...Uhhhhh...Not my best idea! LOL You couldn't even read it!!! ^_^

      Thankfully I had sense enough to stamp my website URL on the tag! :-)) 

      It was nice to find this 'old friend' yesterday.  I didn't even know that I still had one of these bears. I thought they all were sent to customers!...I guess this one slipped down beside the box...Hubby found him yesterday when he was looking for something else. :-]
      He's so cute! :-) I kinda wish I had more of them! But the place where I got them had stopped making them...That's why I just started giving away other free items along with every customer's purchase. I still do that. :-) I like for it to be a surprise for the customer as to what the free gift will be now. :-)

      Okay...I'm off to get my 'Date Day' started!...It's not gonna start all that great though. O_O I just got the call that my blood drawing is gonna be this morning...*sigh*...They would wait to today, wouldn't they?!! Grrrr!
      Anyway!!...Once it's done, and my arm is all bandaged up...I don't stick easily. OUCH!!! O_O...I'll be able to relax and enjoy the rest of my day with my 'Old' Honey Bear! :-) ♥ It'll be a good day, I'm sure. It always is. ^_^ ... You all have a good day too!! 

My Beloved Wuglyee

Crocheted with the greatest care.
Leaving off a tail and hair.
Button eyes that shine like coal.
Made from yarn, recycled and old.
Parts that spin, and dangle too.
Things they weren't suppose to do!
Took so much time. I could write a book!
Even made some clothes to hide his look.
He's just as ugly as ugly can be!
My beloved Wuglyees 'Baby Wuglyee'!!


  1. I hope your blood drawing episode goes well. I had that done a few weeks ago and I am tired of being poked!! It's over in a flash though.
    Have a great day and date night my friend!

    1. It's all done now, Bead....NOT FUN!!!...I had to get stuck twice!....Crazy Loosy Goosey Veins!!!! LOLI'm glad yours was over in a flash though!...Show Off!! LOL Have a good day, my friend! ♥


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