Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy 'Powder Blue' Saturday!

      Happy Saturday, Everybody! ^_^ For all of you who had date nights with your spouses last night, I hope you got a chance to relax and laugh. I did! ^_^ That's why my mind is in a much better space this morning. I'm relaxed...thinking creatively...and ready to get my weekend on!! LOL
      And I'm blue too!...but not blue like when you're feeling down. No! I'm blue, like when your backyard skies are still trying to recover from two snow storms, and the sun seems a little scared to pop it's head out! :-) Or blue, like when you go to your Etsy shop and see an email from another Etsy shop owner who has included one of your shop items in her 'powder blue' Etsy treasury! ^_^ ...

    "Powder blue second to none"! ^_^ It's a very good treasury, isn't it?....Of course, I could be saying that because I like that my little crochet brooch is in there! ^_^ But it's not wrong to be slightly biased, right?!...slightly! ^_^ ...
     Besides, I like some of the other powder blue items she chose this pretty scarf!...

      I even like the brooch she showed on the scarf in the photo!...Speaking of brooches! ^_^ ...

      Okay! maybe I'm more than slightly biased! LOL

      But what does it say about me that I love the powder blue copper wire she chose too?! O_O ...

      I says that I have good taste! ^_^ ... Or I'm over-tired from my date last night...Or I need to go and clean my glasses! LOL Personally, I think the first option...that I have good what it says about me! :-)

      Today it's powder blue...Tomorrow?...Red! :-) Why not!! There's certainly a lot of red around these days!...See you then! :-] And have a good rest of the day, Y'all!! :-)

Color Is

Auburn is the setting sun.
Blue is a mood.
Black is the night sky.
Brown is dog food.

Green is the grass.
Yellow is the sun.
Gray is the stormy sky.
Purple is just fun.

Pink is carnations.
Plum is a fruit.
Tan is for shoes.
Beige is just cute.

Turquoise is terrific!
Teal is where it's at!
Blue-green is the color
that I have to have...STAT!

Gold is a metal.
White is plain, mild.
Red is a fire.
Orange is hog wild!

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