Saturday, December 28, 2013

"Oh!...So You Want Some More!?!"

      I've been a 'lady of leisure' long enough! ^_^ All week it's been inordinate sleeping, being waited on hand-and-foot by my attentive husband, lovely visits with my doctors, fascinatingly (NOT SO MUCH!! O_O) engrossing medical exams, tests, and procedures, and a wonderful 'virtual' Friday date night trip to the Riviera! ^_^
      Now it's time to get to business!!...after a nice breakfast, and a nice hot cup of green tea with honey and lemon, of course! ^_^ ...

      I've finally got some crocheting to do! :-) Timely, right?!...If I didn't know better I'd think Jehovah God stopped all the sales in my shop, and slowed everything down around me, just so I wouldn't be stressed during this 'trying' week!! :-) That's...if I didn't know better I'd think that!...Hmmmmmm! :-]
      Yesterday I got 'custom order' requests from two different previous customers!! :-) ... I have to stop here and say: "I LOVE my customers!!!" :-) Especially customers that have bought from me, and are coming back for more!! ^_^
      I made a bunch of flower brooch pins for one customer to give as gifts. Now she wants three more! :-) She wants me to choose the colors, but I HATE choosing for other people. HATE IT!!! O_O ...

        I'd MUCH prefer if the customer just told me EXACTLY what colors and styles they wanted, and let me be the 'worker bee' type of crocheting fool girl that I am!! ^_^
      That's exactly what my other customer has done! :-) She ordered these mittens before...

      ...and she loved them so much that she wants another pair exactly like them!!...large...and black! ^_^ ... I was all ready to make her some red ones, or gray ones, or even blue! But nooooo!...She wants what she had before! :-) ... Will Do!! ^_^

      I've got some phone calls to make, and you can Saturday is gonna be kinda busy. I've just got to take some time this morning and mentally make sure all of my ducks...or cats!...are in a row! LOL...

      In other words, make sure there's nothing I'm forgetting about! That happens sometimes these days! ^_^ I'm no 'spring chicken', you know!! LOL...I will be a 'cooked goose' though, if I don't stop all this 'yakking' and get my schedule started!! LOL Have a good Saturday, and weekend, Everybody!! ♥

Rebuilding The Nest

The winds, they did their damage.
Blew the nest twigs all apart.
But it couldn't stop their building
with a firm determined heart.

Oh yes, there was connecting
and rebuilding to be done.
And though doing so was work,
it also brought them lots of fun.

The nest, no longer empty,
and no longer windy and cold,
was a joy to snuggle into,
and a sight for eyes to behold.

Whether nests of birds or people,
whether wanting to or willed,
when the winds have caused it damage,
you must gather and rebuild.

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