Sunday, December 15, 2013

Let's Talk About Cardinals And Thrill Seekers!

      My blog conversation about cardinals and thrill seekers doesn't have anything to do with that beautiful bag in the header photo. :-) I just saw a bird on it, and saw that pretty color, and just had to share it! ^_^ ...

      Of course, the fact that I was thinking about my backyard cardinals this morning, and when I scrolled Etsy's activity feed, there was something with a bird on it, might've had 'something' to do with it! ^_^

      This morning there are no cardinals at the suet feeder though. I think the snow...Yep! About 6-8 inches of it!!...might've turned them away. O_O They're probably huddled up in some make-shift bird Hotel somewhere, cooing sweet nothings in each other's ears! LOL
      I guess the other little birds aren't that particular about where they spend snow storms. :-) There are quite a few little ones, all colors and shapes, going back and forth to the feeder right now...I think hunger may have been their real motivation! :-)) Yeah....hunger tops snow storms every time!!

       But yesterday?!...There were birds all here together. Including chickadees and male and female cardinals!...

      I couldn't believe it when I looked out the window!!!...

      There they all were, taking turns pecking away! :-) ... And then the chickadees left...and the cardinals stop pecking...and just sat and 'hung out' with me for a while! :-) ...

      The female cardinal just sat on the feeder facing left...

      While the male cardinal sat in the tree close behind her, facing right! :-) ...

      And I just sat in the room staring at them with my mouth hanging open, and my eyes trying to tear up...facing out! :-) It was a special and beautiful moment for me...

      What can I say...I'm easy to please. Just give me a window and some birds to look at, or some background noise of tennis balls being whacked back and forth across a net, or some pretty music to listen to, or a husband that plays an air guitar in his socks and long Johns, and I'm good!! LOL
      Just because there's tons of white stuff on the ground doesn't mean you have to be a 'thrill seeker'! ^_^ Who needs to be barreling down some tall mountain slope on some long skis that have been waxed within an inch of their life, or bundled up in nine layers of clothing and be dragged around the yard on a sled, or be racing through the woods on a skidoo, dodging trees and hilly mounds?!....NOT ME!!!! ^_^
      Give me a cup of hot green tea, some hot breakfast consisting of leftover pork and gravy over some grits, a female cardinal that just returned to the feeder...RIGHT NOW! :-) ... and a pair of black mittens that have just sold in my shop, and need to be wrapped to ship! :-) Yep! Happiness is!
      The only bad part of this whole scenario is that we just got a call that, because of the weather, our meeting for today has been cancelled. :-( ... Oh well, I still have cardinals, other birds, a singing hubby, and lots of white stuff!! ^_^ I'll just have to make do!...Have a good rest of the weekend, Everybody! ♥

All My Plans Unfurled

With all my plans unfurled today,
and nothing urgent pressing me,
I might crochet another scarf
or have a steeping cup of tea.

I might watch an old movie,
or take a nap, just for a minute.
Or I might take out a book to read,
or jot a few nice words down in it.

When you don't have any children,
and no job to do from home.
You can stay in your pajamas,
and have hair you don't have to comb.

Yes, with all my plans unfurled,
there could be lots that I could do.
It's always true...I could be busy,
but kinda nice I don't 'have to'!


  1. Great post and thanks for including my bag

    1. You're very welcome! :-) And keep up the good work, Susan!!


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