Monday, December 16, 2013

What Is This?!....Monday?!

      Hello Y'all!...I'd love to tell you that I'm all peppy and ready to start the new week...but the reality is...I didn't sleep well, and I woke up with a headache, and 'wah wah wahhhhhh'!! ^_^ You can see where this post is going, right?!!...It's gonna be a blog post full of this and that, and whichama whatsit, and me trying to find something to smile about through the 'whiney' pain... In other's Monday...*sigh*
      What do you talk about on a Monday when you wanna just be in bed, with the covers pulled over your head, and your back being rubbed?!...You talk about something the pretty ruffle scarf in the header photo...And then you talk about something that somebody else, with a reason to smile, can smile about!...

      ...Something like a gorgeous solitaire ring! :-)

      Other than that...and a suet feeder full of woodpeckers, black-capped chickadees, and cardinals...I got nothing! O_O Well...nothing besides 'want to'. I gotta lot of 'want to'! But 'want to' and a dollar bill worth of dreams will get me....uhhhhhh...nothing! ^_^
      Tell me again...why did I even get up this morning?! O_O Eh!....I think I'm just gonna go back to bed!!...Have a good day, everybody. :-]


Do you find that you have lulls?
Times when life just has no 'Pings!'
Times when all that you've been planning
has been done! ... and nothing 'sings!'

You don't know what you should do.
Taking naps seem so sublime!
Knowing, when you look around,
that No! You haven't wasted time!

Lots of things have all been done.
But many things that you could do.
But nothing 'Pings': "Let's do this next!!"
The lull just gets the best of you.

Right now I'll try to ride the wave.
No expectation. Just relax.
Keep flipping books for inspiration.
Enjoying colors, brights and blacks.

Soon I know I'll be off again,
deeply engrossed in some new thing.
I'll get such satisfaction from it.
And that familiar little...'Ping!'


  1. Fabulous! Thanks so much for including my scarf for your nice blog!

    1. It was entirely my pleasure!! :-]

  2. Thank you for including my ring in your blog!

    1. I was happy to have something this pretty to smile about today! :-]


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