Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snow!....But Not Much.

     Imagine our dismay after coming home from our 'virtual' trip to Costa Rica last night, and finding ice and snow! ^_^ Oh, Where would we be without our fun 'date night' excursions that take us away to sunny places?! 
      I'm not that upset about the snow though, because we didn't get much...maybe a half an inch. And I know it could've been worse. A lot of people across the country got lots worse! Ours is just pretty in the morning light. In fact, it almost looks blue! :-)

      And where are the birds?! O_O  For a couple of days now, we have been looking for our winter birds. The suet has been hanging for a couple of days or more, and we haven't gotten one bird to it! NOT ONE!! O_O

      And we haven't seen any in the backyard either. Not even crows!...which we did see hanging around the backyard last week...Oh Well, I guess they knew the ice and snow was coming too. Maybe because they weren't sure how much it was gonna be, they 'high-tailed' it outta here! Ha! Ha!

      Whatever!...If you see them, just tell them that we have some hanging frozen food for them...whenever they decide to show back up! ^_^

      In the meantime, I'm having a slice of ham, a blueberry muffin, a green 'Granny Smith' apple, and a cup of hot green tea for breakfast!...Not one frozen thing anywhere! ^_^ ... What?! O_O Somebody has to eat around here!! LOL
       And, for those wondering, the hand has not improved. :-( I'm awaiting the results of my blood work, just to make sure there's no chronic hand bug, or something silly like that, that I might have to worry about! ^_^ I know....I'm stretching. LOL But who just wakes up with a hand that doesn't work?!!....ME, that's who!! ^_^
      Have a good Saturday, Y'all!!....Stay away from 'hand bugs'!! LOL That was my service announcement. ^_^

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!

Scurry, scurry, scurry!
Hurry up to go nowhere.
Rushing, rushing, rushing!
Faces with that worried glare.

Bob and weave and dart!
Pulling children by the arm.
Scurry, scurry, scurry!
As if they heard a smoke alarm!

Flitting here and there,
in and out, up and down.
They wake up and they're going
from the time feet hit the ground.

Speeding everywhere,
at an aggravated pace.
Pushy and annoying,
as if they are in a race.

So, really, what's the hurry?
Slow it down. Find a chair.
Is it time that you are chasing?
Because it will still be there!

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