Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday 'Take-It-Easy-And-Look-Around' Time!

      Sitting here sipping on a cup of hot chocolate, and staring into the backyard at the slightly snow-covered ground, and the partially-eaten bird suet, while watching the weather man, out of the corner of my eye, talk about the snow and freezing rain that's on the way later today, I contemplate what this day will bring.
      Winter doesn't officially come until the 21st of the month, but, oh yeah, it's starting to feel like winter!...I'm finding it harder and harder to get enough light through the windows to take decent pictures, and I'm craving soup, hot apple cider, and hot chocolate. :-)
      It's funny how a 'time-of-year' can change the way you look at the world, but winter does that. It makes you wanna 'hunker-down'. :-) Instead of wanting to 'Go!' wanna 'Stay Put!' Instead of craving sun and beaches, you crave 'comfort food' and warm blankets....Or, at least, that's what it does to me! ^_^
      It also makes me more aware of music....soft music. Creativity. Well-spoken words. Quiet. And nature....Is that why these particular items caught my attention in my Etsy scroll this morning?!.....Who knows! :-) That could just be the randomness of my brain! LOL But whatever!!...They caught my eye just the same! ^_^

       I can also tell you that this time of year  has made me give a second look to my scarves that I've made! I was thinking of deleting them from my shop all together, but I found some yesterday that are all nicely packed and ready to ship...but they were never listed in my shop!! O_O I had them ready, but needed to take photos of them...and forgot!! O_O
      They are so soft and nice! I just can't leave them in my house! So I've decided to list them in the shop. I'm gonna ask a reasonable price for them. Enough to cover the shipping to...wherever! And if they sell I'll give thought to putting the others that are in my 'expired' list back in the shop too.
      I took pictures of the six or so scarves that I found. I put one online in my Wuglyees Etsy shop yesterday. It's a gray and white alpaca and Caron Simply Soft yarn scarf...

      I almost wasn't able to get it listed...My hubby kept talking about how 'NICE!' it was...and how 'NICE' it would look with one of his suits! ^_^ I've already made him all kinds of scarves. He's even given one of them away, because a relative 'fell-in-love' with it and begged it away from him! LOL But if it doesn't sell in the shop, I'll give it to him anyway. :-) He's certainly earned it by way of much cooking and back rubs. ^_^
      I'm not sure if I'll list the other scarves today or not. I'm all about taking it easy right now. It's quiet. There's a little ground snow. Birds are pecking at the suet. The smell of muffins and ham are in the air. All of my Watchtower, for the meeting, has been studied. And I'm mulling over in my mind the conversations I've had with my sister and my father....Ahhhhh! Sunday. :-) ... Have a good one, Everybody. ♥


Yes, I knew you'd finally get here.
Every year you come around.
Even when you're not so punctual,
you always make it to the ground.

No, I'm not always glad to see you.
Every sighting leaves me cold.
Even when you're kinda pretty,
you always remind me that I'm old.

Yes, you make me kinda grumpy.
Every word of you brings woe.
But even when I call you "white stuff",
you still fall as poetic, snow.


  1. Thanks for the shout out for B'sue Boutiques at Etsy! We have even more goodies at visit us one day soon! I love those butterflies too. They are a good ornament for your art. For jewelry makers, you can drill the top and use as a nice pendant.


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