Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Sister Is Coming To Visit!

      We woke up to a bunch of fog this morning...pretty! It makes the backyard look serene and quiet. I'm sure drivers in the Holyoke hills around here aren't that crazy about the fog...sorry. :-] But since I'm not driving my bed anywhere...I'm good with it! ^_^
      I'm good with everything...almost...this morning, because my sister is coming by for a long over-do visit! :-) It'll be good to see her!...Good, as in: "What's new?!...Let's laugh about some stuff!" LOL
      What I'm 'not' good about is that I had to call the doctor yesterday...Ugh!...and I have an appointment to see him sometime this week...including the dreaded blood drawing! O_O If you saw my post about the last time I had blood drawn, you know how much I'm 'NOT' looking forward to it again!!...But whatever. It's necessary right now just to give myself some peace of mind...Life!...It is what it is. So, you might as well fix your brain about it, and dredge forward in a positive manner. :-)
       Let the fog distract you, if you have to!! LOL

      Before I head off to make sure things are in place for my sister's visit...including something good for her to eat! :-)) ...I wanted to show you the 'Thank You' Etsy treasury by Kim Cole...


      She added one of my crochet necklaces!...

      My necklaces haven't been getting much attention in my shop lately, so it was nice to see it take a spotlight position in her treasury. :-) Thanks, Kim! ♥
      With my hand/left finger still acting up, I haven't been crocheting the last few days. But I do have a new lapel pin to add to the shop today. I finished it last week, but just realized this morning that I hadn't taken photos of it to list it!...*shaking my head*...



      I'll do it before my sister comes...

      Other than these things, let's see...what else is going on with me?!....'The Voice' was good last night!...My favorite weather man, Sam Champion, is gonna be leaving his regular show and going to 'The Weather Channel'...also good, because I watch that too! ^_^
       Let me see what else.....hmmm....Oh Yeah, I now realize that I'm a bit picky with my food...again! O_O I used to be like that when I was really young. Now I'm finding myself turning stuff over with my fork, examining stuff waaaay too closely, and going without eating sometimes because things smell 'funny'! LOL
      Hubby is 'TOO THROUGH' with me!! ^_^ He's the one doing the cooking mostly, so he's wearing himself out trying to fix things I'll eat!...Sorry, Honey. ♥ ...I think it must be my hormones, because every month of my life...and ladies, you know what time of month I mean!!...I have avoided eggs and fowl...OF ANY KIND! O_O And I'm like that almost all the time now!...Even the 'look' of an egg can send me mentally running for the hills, arms out-stretched!!! LOL Not to mention meats not thoroughly well-done....and by well done I mean 'shoe leather' texture almost!! LOL
      Oh Well, what can I say?!...Growing old is not for sissies!! ^_^ And this old lady had better stop the conversation here, or else she'll be here all day 'spouting on' about the mysteries and frustrations of menopause!! ^_^ And who wants to hear that 'dribble' for hours on end?!!! LOL Or write it for that matter! Ugh!
      So, let's head on off to our Tuesday, shall we!...fog surrounding us!...and let's have a good one! :-)


You teeter totter, in the middle,
Lean a little, OOPS! You're off!
Now you know that you're not balanced,
and you hope the ground is soft.

It's not easy to achieve,
and once you have it, to maintain.
In almost every part of life
our balance is so hard to gain.

You have to balance your emotions,
how you eat, and how you spend.
And when you're balancing your checkbook,
try to keep a level grin.

Staying somewhere in the middle
takes a conscious, careful touch,
because it doesn't take a lot
to go from balanced to 'too much'!

So try to keep a balanced eye,
 a balanced plate, and balanced life.
Keep your feelings all in check,
and minimize the stress and strife.

And don't compare your sense of balance
 to your neighbor's...you're alone.
Because your neighbor's also trying
to get some balance of his own!


  1. Hope everything goes well with the blood taking. Enjoy your time with your sister :-) dee x

    1. I hope it does too, Dee!!...It didn't happen yet. Maybe today. But my sister's visit was fabulous!! :-] ... Have a good day!...Nice to see you around.


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