Monday, December 9, 2013

Snow...And Owls....And Snow Owls....And Crochet!!

            You'll have to bear with me a bit this morning. My know...that old thing! all over the place. :-] It's trying to decipher aches and pains...*What is that?!...Where is that coming from?!...OUCH!!!*...and communicate with a snow-trapped husband...*NOT FUN!*...He really needs something to do with himself!!!! LOL...and schedule crochet time around a still slightly lame left hand! But...WILL DO!! ^_^ 
      And it all starts with the white stuff!...yes, snow....But not lots of it. Just enough to fall to the ground, along with some rain, be wet...and freeze! You know, just enough to cause problems!
      Me?!...I'm gonna find a positive way for my brain to decipher it. So, here goes!....Snow!.............Owls in the snow!...

     Snow Owls! :-) ...

      Crocheted Snow Owls!! :-) ...
     Flowers! :-) ...Flowers with owls under them!! :-) ... with owls under them....Wait!!....How about crocheted flowers with owls under them?!! ^_^ ... Ha! Ha!...Let me guess. You saw that coming a mile away, right?!
      Now, to put the story completely friend Cindy (of CinLynnBoutique) has some cute beaded owl jewelry in her shop right now. She said today was the last chance to get them...and I flew over there and bought me some...before they disappeared!! ^_^ or, as they say, flew the coop! ^_^ ...

      I bought these (above)...And I almost got these (below)...because I love the salmon orange color...

      But nope!...the red and black were more up my alley. :-) 

       I wanted to get her permission first before I bought them though, because I wanna deconstruct them, and make crochet flower and owl beaded necklaces out of them!! ^_^ She's such a great friend. She said YES!!...

      They're great AS IS too!!...It's just that I have a particular vision for these 'babies'!! ^_^ So, stay tuned for them in my shop soon!...In fact, I may start the flowers even before my owls get here...EXCITING!! ^_^ I haven't made any necklaces for a while!
      I also hadn't listed any scarves. But I did yesterday. And I listed another one in my Wuglyees shop this morning! :-) I call it my 'Winter Peacock' scarf! :-) ...

      There's more where these came from too! ^_^ I'll try to list the others today...we'll see how it goes!...with all of the aches and pains, and white stuff, and communicating...sorta, kinda...with my hubby! ^_^ ...*His communicating is all about shredding stuff, and organizing stuff, and DOING SOMETHING!!!!....Ugh! The cooped up mind is a terrible thing to waste!! LOL...By afternoon I'll mellow him out though...make no mistake!!! ^_^*
      Have a good day, Everybody! :-)


TRAPPED! Another snow storm!
Will this "STUFF" never end?!
We've be wolloped, punched, and socked,
and now?! Another one on the chin!

'Adding insult to the injury',
there will be an inch of ice!
I guess winter thought we needed
just a little 'SCARY' spice!

Do I sound bitter? Sick of it?
About to lose my snowed-in mind?!
Well, that would be correct!
That is, the brain cells I can find!

TRAPPED! Sick of snow,
and it's icicles everywhere!
Good thing I have crochet!
It will replace my pulled out hair!

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