Saturday, December 14, 2013

I Think The Birds Took It Down!!...I Saw The Tracks!

     If you look closely at the header photo you'll be able to see that the extended feeder arm, where the bird suet usually hangs, has no feeder. O_O Nope! No feeder there!...It has no feeder!...It has no chain!....It has no hook!....and it has no birds!! O_O
      Just for the record, I have to say: "I knew it!...It was bound to happen eventually!!"...There were so many birds in, around, and on that feeder that it was bound to come tumbling down!!...One minute the feeder was there....and the next minute I looked  out the window, and it wasn't there!!...***Between you and I, I think it might've been those large cardinals that took it down!...all sitting on there at the same time***
    At any rate, the feeder was on the ground, and so were lots and lots of tracks!......everywhere...all around the feeder!!...Sorry, but I just couldn't take a photo of my poor sad feeder laying in the 'white stuff'!...Okay, the truth is...hubby took a picture of it, but it wasn't distinguishable. ^_^ Instead I got LOTS of bird tracks!! LOL...

      And the neighborhood cat's tracks (above)...and more bird tracks (below)...

     ...and bird tracks mixed in with cat tracks! LOL...

      Or at least that's what we 'think' the tracks are! ^_^ Since we weren't there, it's all a case of circumstantial evidence! LOL...You know, black cat seen prowling the perimeter of the backyard shortly after finding the feeder down...Confused black-capped chickadees in the tree, watching the ground, and every movement of the cat! LOL...and of course, the tracks everywhere! :-)
      Before we saw the feeder on the ground, I was entertaining mental images of a hawk grabbing the chain off of the hook, and toting the whole contraption through the Massachusetts skies, off to his nest up on a cliff somewhere around here! Ha! Ha! Ha!...My mistake was repeating that too my husband. LOL He's still teasing me about it this morning!!!! ^_^ ... I mean...I'm not teasing him about playing his air guitar while singing an off-tune version of 'Hot Blooded' on our date last night!...just saying! LOL
       Anyway!!! ^_^ The feeder is back up!...

      ....And while there's still bird tracks everywhere!...

      ...and bird tracks mixed in with cat tracks! :-] ...

        ...Things are back to normal in the backyard. :-) ...

      The suet feeder is swinging in a slight breeze...

      And I'm sitting here, sipping on my green tea while watching the weather forecast of the bad storm that's due to hit us hard tonight. O_O ...*sigh*...We're due to get more white stuff. Somewhere between 5 and 14 inches...Ugh!
      "Don't look at the weather, Wug...Look at the feeder!!" ^_^ ...

      "Look at it closely!!" LOL

      Have a good weekend, Everybody!! :-)

Happy Weather People

Weather people are so happy!
So excited about their maps!
Always smiling on the T.V.,
like there's sunshine in their laps.

They're a chitty chatty bunch.
Talking radars and jet streams.
Strangely when the weather turns
their eyes glaze over, and face beams.

I don't know how they are so happy
when there's snow and rain and sleet;
When they do outdoors reporting,
smiling, while with soaking feet!

The places that they go
are where most folks are running from!
Are they brave, selfless informants,
 or just really, really dumb?!

I cannot imagine
how they hold their heads up high,
when most folks can't stand their forecasts,
and they make folks want to cry.

They seem so proud and happy;
Fancy ties and great hair-dos!
Disgruntled comments bounce right off,
as do our frequent hiss and boos!!

The conclusion that I've reached
is that they have a 'Happy Gene'.
But, no doubt, they would just say
that they're reporting what they've seen.

Hey! They were not there
when wind and force moved things around!
But they're happy to be able
to now tell us where it's bound!

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