Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's Thursday!...Abstract Photos Of Birds Day!! :-]

      Hello 'White Stuff' lovers! :-) If you had been here when I opened the bedroom blinds this morning, I'm sure you would have shrieked with joy! :-] We got some of the 'white stuff' overnight. Not much!...but enough to bring a smile and a little awed sigh from 'white stuff' lovers everywhere, I'm sure. ^_^
       I have to admit...I did a little shriek of joy myself! ^_^ But not because of the blinding 'white stuff'! It was because of the vision of my suet feeder swinging and moving around with a....BIRD!...on it! :-) ...

      And before you yell at me for trying to pull off the above photos as actual photos of birds...Ha! Ha!...let me add a disclaimer here!...I didn't take the photos!!! ^_^ Oh No! I'm not taking credit for these!!! LOL
      These 'abstract photos' he calls them...were the product of an excited, not quite fully awake, no eyeglass wearing, husband!...who shall remain nameless. But I think you know who I mean!! :-))
      I have been complaining for days about the fact that we haven't gotten NOT ONE bird to the feeder since we hung it!!...and then this morning!... O_O's as if someone hung a BIRDS, THIS WAY, Birdie 'Holiday Inn', sign on the suet!!! ... Every bird in the eastern seaboard is here!!!! O_O I'm not kidding!!!...If you can look through the abstraction of the photos below, you'll see what I mean!....***as more birds are dancing and flitting and flying outside the window right now as I'm typing this!!*** :-)

      And yes!...that 'IS' a cardinal!!! :-) ...

      Actually there were THREE cardinals!!!...They all showed up together!!!!! :-) Two males, and one female!...Shocking!!!!...

      Because I know it's so 'abstract' that you can't really tell...I'll tell you!...the above 'abstract photo' of a a female cardinal! :-) The males were dropping food down to the ground and she was gong up and down picking it up from there!! :-) ... My type of girl!! LOL...

       Other birds waited, and took turns coming, in between the cardinal's arrivals and departures. :-) ... This led to an epiphany for my husband as to why people use the expression 'pecking order' Ha! Ha!...He said it without realizing it..."WOW! It's as if they have a pecking order." O_O ...And then he got that look on his face that people get when they've reached a definite moment of clarity...Then he said: "Ohhhhhhh! That's where that expression comes from...Pecking Order!!!!!!!" ^_^
      For about the next 15 minutes, he was at one with the birds out the window. ^_^ I knew there would be no reason for me to try to talk to him about what our schedules are today, or breakfast, or the fact that he needed to put some clothes on, or nothing!! LOL...Anyway, birds have seen men standing in windows with pajama bottoms and shirtless before, right?! ^_^ ..

     It made me wonder who was more fascinated with whom...when the cardinal started checking out our window!! LOL...

      Oh Well, onward to Thursday, People!! ^_^ And have a good one!! :-)

All My Plans Unfurled

With all my plans unfurled today,
and nothing urgent pressing me,
I might crochet another scarf
or have a steeping cup of tea.

I might watch an old movie,
or take a nap, just for a minute.
Or I might take out a book to read,
or jot a few nice words down in it.

When you don't have any children,
and no job to do from home.
You can stay in your pajamas,
and have hair you don't have to comb.

Yes, with all my plans unfurled,
there could be lots that I could do.
It's always true...I could be busy,
but kinda nice I don't 'have to'!


  1. Isn't it fun to feed the birds in the winter? I love to see the cardinals against the snow! And those cute little black cap chickadees have always been a personal favorite! For "abstract" photos, I can at least figure out what I'm looking at! LOL
    Enjoy your day!

    1. Yes, Cindy! ^_^ It's so much fun to feed and be entertained by the birds!!! And now that they've started to come, it's an endless flow of one kind of bird, and then another!!...Considering the fact that I had a doctor visit today too, having the birds come to the feeder has made an otherwise 'not-so-fun' day...rather nice. :-]


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