Thursday, December 19, 2013

I'm POSITIVE About This!
      Good Morning!...(or 'Good day' to everyone in other time zones of the world. ^_^)...I wish I could show you how good my morning looks, with the Wug bird sanctuary in my backyard right now.  ^_^ We have chickadees, cardinals, blue jays, woodpeckers, etc. What we don't have is pictures of it!! LOL
      Considering how sad my pictures of the sweet little birdies have been lately, I figured that you'd do better just visualizing the little birdies flitting and chirping and fighting....Oops! LOL Don't visualize the fighting!!!! LOL
      Anyway!!...I'd rather spend my time talking!!! ^_^ ... Talking about how good my green tea tastes this morning... and talking about the state of mind I wanna be in for the rest of the day!

      I've got some thinking to do about what I need to have with me at the hospital...It's now a definite "Go!" I'm gonna need some specific tests done, and a hospital stay to get them done is in my future...*sigh*...I'm not exactly sure if it will be before the new year or not though. We'll see...But either way I have to do some thinking about what to take with me...besides my hubby. :-) ... He's definitely a "Go!" now too!! :-)

     It's not TODAY though!! ^_^ So, today I'm looking for positive!! :-) POSITIVE!!!... And I just saw 'positively cute' on the news...a pair of hamburger ear muffs!!! ^_^ ...I'll have to look into getting some photos of them for the blog some other day. The only photos I feel up to inserting today is ones that I don't have to do too much linking on.....MINE!! :-) {If you're interested in any of them give me a holler. I'm even willing to negotiate the price!}

     There's other positive news too!...It's not raining or snowing! YAY! ^_^ And rising temperatures are on the way for the weekend. YAY!...Not like I'm planning a vacation or anything. LOL Just a date for tomorrow. :-) A date where we may just skip going to somewhere in the world, and just go 'back in time'! ^_^ Hey!...'Virtually' you can do that!! ^_^ I'm positive!!!
       So, what are your plans today....tomorrow....for the weekend?! There's gotta be something else that's positive around here to talk about!!! ^_^ At any rate, have a good rest of today, Everybody!! :-) See you tomorrow.


Have you ever been disappointed
by expectation not fulfilled?
Thinking someone would do something'
and finding no one really will?

Have you ever got so mad
that you didn't know what to do?
Where you knew you couldn't 'blow up'
because that really isn't 'You'?!

Have you ever wished that people
would behave a different way?
But you found that how they did things
was more thoughtless every day?

Have you ever been discouraged?
Have you struggled to hold on?
Have you maximized your patience,
and your 'wait-and-see' is gone?!

Yes, I've danced with disappointment.
Given frustration a nod.
But I've dealt with all of it
because I've always had my God.

He, for sure, is disappointed
at the things that men will do.
But if he can suffer through it,
then I know that I can too!      


  1. Wug.....I didn't know you needed to go to the hospital for some testing. That's what happens when I let my life and my mind get so busy I neglect everything and everyone else. I hope it's nothing serious. Please keep me informed!
    As to your photos....personally I think you SHOULD show off more of your things! It IS your blog afterall! LOL
    Enjoy the warmer weather my friend. We're in for freezing rain and sleet starting tonight and into tomorrow. I hope you don't get that.
    Enjoy your weekend and let me know when you have to go in.

    1. Hi, Bead!...Yes, I'm sure you didn't know. I was trying not to know myself!! LOL And anyway, you're on some business that I want you to STAY on! Not on the business of worrying about me!! ^_^ ... And here's hoping the freeze is off soon in your area...and that you don't share it with us!! LOL ... ♥ you, my friend. And I'll keep you informed, no doubt.


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