Friday, December 27, 2013

♫ 'Still Crazy...and TALKING...After All These Years'! ♫

      This is my 1,345th blog post!...SHOCKING! O_O I just saw the number as I was getting ready to write this post!...*shaking my head*...Who knew that one woman could talk this much...every day...for YEARS!! LOL
      You could go back and look for yourself HERE, but back when I started this blog...back in April of 2010...I wasn't thinking about what I would be talking about every day up until 2013! Ha! Ha! No...I was worried about putting my creative juices on display. ^_^ I was also worried about whether my brain cells would hold out....DONE! ^_^ 
      To my credit, in that first post I warned readers that I was long-winded! ^_^ Boy, did that prove to be true!! LOL...because here I am, over three and a half years later, STILL TALKING!! ^_^ CRAZY!!!....Maybe I shoulda just warned people that I was crazy! LOL
      ANYWAY!! It's too late now! ^_^ ... So, what am I gonna talk about for my 1, 345th post?!...Autism and animals! :-) ...
      Don't worry though. I'm not gonna talk about it that deeply. :-)) I'm only mentioning it at all because I just saw a little documentary on 'Temple Grandin'. A friend recommended that I see the movie about her life (which I still can't seem to get my hands on anywhere!...just saying! Ugh!).
      I was fascinated with her 'visual thinking', and how she noticed the movements of animals...especially cattle...I have got to see her movie!!!...It was fascinating to me because I always considered myself a 'word' thinker. But after looking at her documentary I realized that I am probably more of a visual thinker than I previously thought!
      And I also realized that I'm very attuned to my surroundings!...the movements of my backyard animals...especially the birds...
      Lately it's been all about the woodpeckers! :-] ...
      I'm also attuned to people's movements and what it says about how they're feeling. I read my husband like a book all day every day!! ^_^ Yep!...CRAZY!!! LOL Not him......ME!! ^_^
      Is it possible that I'm like Einstein and other intelligentsia?!....Uhhhhh......No!!! I'm not so crazy as to be thinking that!!! LOL But I do think deeply about a lot of stuff that other people probably don't think that much about!, for instance, what a good thing it is that God didn't create humans with their ears on top of their head!! ^_^ Imagine the conversations you'd miss when it rained...having to spend half the time bent over, shaking water out of your ears!! LOL
     Well...more crazy talk!!! ^_^ What else did you expect on my 1,345th blog post?! That's what I do!...TALK!! LOL Nobody said it always had to make sense!!....and that's a good thing, because I'm still crazy...and talking...after all these years!! ^_^

      Now I'm off to plan a 'virtual date'! :-) Have a good weekend, Y'all! :-)

I Like To Talk

I like to talk;
I like to gab;
I like a girlfriend
free confab!

I like to chat;
I like to speak;
I find that words
are what I seek.

I like the chatter
of a crowd;
Not in a whisper,
but out loud.

But, please no talking
while you chew.
{Speaking does 
have manners too!}

I like the noise
that utterance does.
The constant
conversation buzz.

Maybe I need a
word-free diet;
No! I could not
withstand the quiet!

So, I will talk;
Oh yes! I'll dabble
in a constant
lingo babble.

And I'll talk,
and chew the fat,
while the time goes...
just like that! 


  1. Wow!! That's a LOT of posts!! I knew you could do it! LOL
    I'm actually listening to Pandora radio this morning and James Taylor is on my list! I have always loved his music!
    Have a wonderful day...enjoy it! I'm going to...sun today...FINALLY!!

    1. It sure is, Bead!! ^_^ But thankfully I only did them one day at a time, and I didn't think about what was down the road as it was coming. LOL I might've run!!! Ha! Ha!...Enjoy the sun...YAY!!!...and enjoy listening to music too. I'm doing the same right now! ^_^ I'm all about James Taylor though. I'm keeping myself in a calm mood for my 'virtual' trip...somewhere with great views, good music, and fabu food!!!! :-]

  2. What a wonderful blog!!! And kudos to you for being so dedicated to it! I took some time to check out some of your previous blogs (not all 1,345 of them!!!) and was quite entertained! I will definitely read some more! Thank you so much for including my Red Bellied Woodpecker photo! I especially love my Woodpeckers! They are quite entertaining, too!

    1. Thank you very much, Michele!! :-) And I'm happy to know you're enjoying the other posts too!!...Don't let me talk your ears off!! LOL And have a good weekend! ^_^


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