Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I'm Still Here!...Cold...But Talking!
      Hello Bloggers!...Yes, it's still me! ... No, I haven't gone anywhere yet! ... Yes, I still have things to talk about! ... No, I will NOT stop talking my head matter what they do to me!!! LOL
      The only real thing I have to talk about today though, is 'white stuff'...piles of it that we got last night. Or should I say MORE piles of it! Because we got about 6-8 inches over the weekend, and last night another 4 or 5 inches!! O_O
      This morning the snow that had fallen on the ground is all frozen too! YAY!...NOT! :-)) It's frozen because the temperatures are in the teens!!...Brrrr!...Can't you tell how much fun we're gonna have today?!...*rolling her eyes* ^_^
      But I 'can' say something positive about the white stuff....At least it's not rain!! LOL And at least I don't have to be out in it, trying to shovel it anywhere!! ^_^ I'll leave that to the people paid to do it!...and to my hubby, who has to shovel a bit of it off of the car so that he can take my package to the post office. ^_^
        That's one of the other things I can talk about today...I got an international sale last night, in my Wuglyees Etsy shop! :-) It's been a while since anyone 'across the pond' bought anything from my shop...And I can talk about the cute items I found on Etsy...after I avoided all of the Christmas trees, reindeer, ornaments, and so forth. (All respect to those who do, but I don't celebrate Christmas.) ...

      So, for today, that's all I got! ^_^ Stay tuned. Maybe there will be something tomorrow too! 

Ease, By Rhyme

To ease my mind,
I jot down a rhyme.

When forced to think,
my brain cells link.

With emotions on paper,
anxieties taper.

With the flow of my pen,
I'm  at peace again.

And to jot down this rhyme,
brought ease to my mind.

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