Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"I Have No Birds!...Or Do I?!"

      I've been complaining to my hubby for days about how we still aren't getting any winter birds to the suet feeder...Yes! I know that to most people there's much more interesting things to talk about in the world! :-)) But I have 'MY' backyard world to worry about!! LOL
      As I was saying! :-)) ... I've been complaining about how, even though it's cold, and the suet has been hanging there for days and days, there's not one bird coming to the feeder! O_O Where are they this year?!...What?...do they have some pressing engagement somewhere?!...Is my meal so 'low class' that they can't tear themselves away from some old frozen berry bush around the way or something?! Humpf!
      Whatever the case, my hubby decided that if I couldn't have real birds to keep me company, he'd give me some artificial...sorta...birds to be beside me every day!...in the way of a 'mouse'. ^_^ That sounds so funny!...A bird pal that's actually a mouse! LOL

      Hubby brought this home yesterday. My computer mouse was giving me all kinds of problems. So instead of buying me the exact same one, he bought me one with birds! ^_^ ...

      I didn't even know they made mice with soft powder blue color...Never mind with birds and flowers on them!! :-)

      Now I can look at birds all day if I want to! ^_^ And touch them too! LoL...

      I'll just let the backyard birds come looking for me now!!...And let them try to figure out why I'm not pining out the window every waking minute looking for their elusive selves!! Humpf! LOL

    Anyway!...why do I need to look at birds when I have about a half an inch of snow to look at?! ^_^

      Yep! That's all we got!! :-) In fact, it may not be a 'whole' half an inch! They're calling it a 'dusting'!...It didn't even have the decency to cover the whole ground in the backyard!! ^_^

      You know I'm joking, right?! ^_^ I think this 'dusting' was PLENTY! Thank you very much!!! LOL (All due respect to skiers and 'white stuff' lovers everywhere! LOL)

      Oooo! O_O I just saw a bird!!!!...and it's actually starting to snow!! O_O ... Oh well!...To be continued, I guess! LOL...

      I'm gonna spend the day with hubby, chatting and sipping on hot stuff, while looking at occasional 'white stuff'. ^_^ And I'm gonna do some crocheting too!...Speaking of which, I got a sale last night! YAY! :-) I have to get it off to the post office too...before more than a 'dusting' hits the ground and the roads get to slippery to drive on! O_O Ugh!..."I am Poetesswug, and I am NOT a fan of the white stuff!!...just needed to say!"
        Later, Y'all!!...Have a good day!! :-]

Some Days

Some days the things that happen
leave you craving for some more.
Some days the things that happen
heave you running for the door.

Some days it's good to know
that you are stronger than you think.
Some days it's good to know
your eyes will automatically blink.

Some days you need some color
because you're done with black and white.
Some days the color comes
and flies you higher than a kite!

Some days just leave you wanting
something more and something new,
while others make you happy
that you do the things you do!
And make you happy you're just 'YOU'! 


  1. LOVE your new mouse!! What a great idea! I had no idea they made them that cute!! Move over plain Jane mouse!!
    Enjoy your day! Hopefully you won't get our blizzard tomorrow! Quit service early because of the bad weather. Sort of nice to be home anyway.

    1. Thank you, Bead! :-] It is a cutie, isn't it!!...The only thing that would be better is if it played music! LOL...By the way, it was on sale too!...$10!!! ^_^ I was floored!...ALso, we're getting a pretty good clip of snow right now. I hope it doesn't accumulate too much. Although we're in for the night anyway, so GO AHEAD! S-N-O-W!!! ^_^ ... I'm glad you're out of it safely too! And I hope it's gone and out of your traveling way tomorrow. You've got 'truth business' to do!! :-]


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