Monday, March 4, 2013

National Breakfast Week...And Other Stuff!

     Forget the fact that it's national breakfast week....Yeah, Really, it is! :-) ...and forget the fact that I woke up hungry again....Look at this photo in the header! It's gorgeous!!! It's simple and yet hmmmmm, what room is this, with all of that gorgeous light?, and is that all they're having for breakfast?! ^_^ 
     It's not what I intended to talk about this morning, but I saw the photo after I heard on the morning news that this is 'National Breakfast Week'......and off my brain went! ^_^ I mean, I've been talking about pancakes and waffles for weeks and days!...and I've also shared photos of my oatmeal and peaches, bacon and eggs, etc. And did I say I've been talking about and sharing photos of my pancakes?...Blueberry pancakes?! ^_^
     So, now I'm wondering...what kind of breakfast eater are YOU?!... O_O ... Me?!...I'm a leisurely eater. Breakfast can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half!...or more, if I'm crocheting something in between! ^_^ I mean, take a bite...sip some tea...wash your hands...crochet a little...etc, repeat!...What's the hurry! :-)
     I'm still eating my breakfast right now from this morning! :-) Only, I'm typing in between instead of crocheting! :-)) ...One bite at a time on my scrambled eggs and ham...

     ...and oatmeal, peaches and cinnamon! YUM! :-) ...

     That could be why doing this post is taking so long! O_O...Sorry...Anyway!...I know that not everybody is like me when it comes to breakfast! Some people like to grab a cuppa...tea, hot cocoa, apple cider, or coffee!...and go, go ,go!!...

    They have busy lives and don't have time to hang around eating and sipping 'mosely' (slowly) on a cup of coffee or tea! ^_^ They've got things to do and places to be, and eating is something they can do on the run, while doing their things or going where they need to be!...Is that YOU?!...Are you an on the run, 'sippy-cup-with-a-close-spout, toting-a-breakfast-burrito' kind of breakfast eater?!...
       ...Or are you, like my husband, a 'grazer' know, you eat whenever the feeling hits you, or whenever you happen to be in the kitchen or somewhere that they have food! ^_^ ...

         I'm surprised that my hubby isn't bigger than he is, considering how 'much' he likes to graze! His 'saving grace' though is probably the fact that most of the time what we have in the house to graze on is 'grazably good' food! ^_^ Some apple...a few Cheerios...or some 'trail mix'! :-) ... Or else leftovers! And our leftovers are usually not really bad stuff...We had leftover pizza for dinner last night that was full of fresh bell pepper and onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes!....Yes, it had sausage and pepperoni on it too, :-)) but certainly not enough to put anybody in the danger zone!...Places are getting too 'stingy' with the meats these days to put anybody in the danger zone!! O_O
      Anyway, that's all I have to say about breakfast for today...especially considering it's not what I was gonna talk about anyway! ^_^ I still would like to know your thoughts on it though, as to what kind of breakfast eater YOU are! :-]
     For now I'm gonna share a couple of the things I found cute and interesting...and 'call it a day'! ^_^ ...

     It's 'A Day'! LOL ... Have a good one, Y'all! :-)


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  1. I guess you could call me a "reluctant eater". I'd rather eat pizza and corndogs than eggs and sausage for breakfast. I do like to eat muffins and milk, but I HATE cereal. Who wants to feed on pencil shavings??
    Even though I do have my breakfast favorites, I'd much rather skip it. I know it's the most important meal of the day, but it's definitely my least favorite.

    1. Yep!...Reluctant eater! ^_^ Although pizza for breakfast would make me a bit less reluctant to eat! LOL...I have to say too, that I went through a time where I didn't eat ANYTHING until around 3p.m. every day! For some reason, eating made me tired and sleepy, and I had things to do!! I add protein with my meal now, and fiber. It seems to be better. But nothing is 'perfect', is it?!...Not yet anyway! :-)

    2. Breakfast is anything but perfect. ;) On Fridays I get to sleep in around 10, so I don't typically eat anything until 11 or 12, and I'm perfectly okay with that! :)


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