Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's Gonna Be A Colorful Wednesday!

      I'm not gonna do a whole lot of talking today. I've got a full schedule ahead, which includes some phone calls, maybe a letter or two written, and an appointment with a woman who is doing an assessment of my health needs to see what other services I can get!
      Add to that some crocheting, breakfast, laundry, reading, etc....*Phew!*...It's gonna be a long day!...That's why I wanted to add some color to it! Color always puts me in a good mood! :-)

       I just hope that the color is enough to keep me going! After being questioned within an inch of my life...I'm sure!...and getting tired of talking...*Okay, that's laughable!* ^_^...I'm hoping I still have some good mood and colorful personality left!!
      Add to that all of the reports of snow and sleet heading our way over the next few days...Oh Yeah!...I'm gonna need some COLOR!!! ^_^ ... I may have to crochet some more of my own! I started with these two boutonnieres already last night!...
        This one is peach and silver...

      I heard that the peach and silver color combination was one of the 'to do' colors for weddings this year...O_O ... After finishing this one all I have to say each his own!
       I much prefer the chocolate brown, green and blue one I did! ^_^ ...

        After a few better pictures of the silver and peach boutonniere, I hope to put both of these in the Wuglyees shop later today....MUCH later! LOL...But if you'd like to check out some of the other 60 or so boutonnieres I already have in the shop, just click on one of the boutonniere photos above, and follow the link! :-)
      Okay...other than that....Uhhhhh.....I got nothing! LOL But I'm sure that after all the questioning and talking and colorful personality I'm gonna have to try to exude out of this tired body today, I'm gonna have plenty to talk about tomorrow!! ^_^ See ya then!...Have a good day, everybody! 

What Should A Written Letter Be?

Should it be a simple "Hi!"?
A casual "I was thinking of you!"?
A 'Catching Up' on times now past?
A calendar of the things you'll do?

A sad reflection of how they're missed?
A needed word when someone's died?
To say you wished you could be there?
To say you really, really tried?

Solicitations for your business?
Requests for info? A note of thanks?
Impersonal salutations from
Insurance companies and banks?

Heartfelt apologies?
Explanations of what you did?
A place to 'let off a little steam'?
To, without loudness, 'Blow your Lid'?

Well, whatever reason for them,
they put a smile upon your face,
that no Facebook, Tweet, or typing
ever, ever, will replace!

I hope they never go out of style,
and keep the mailman's job secure;
because the smell of a written letter,
like hugs and kisses, should endure.


  1. Awwwww, thank you so much my friend for featuring my necklace in your colorful post!! I love that sweater purse!!!
    Hope your appointment goes well for you and in your favor today.
    AND I adore that peach and silver boutonniere!! Awesome!!! Should fly out of your shop!!
    Have a good day....I have to boogie on out real soon myself!
    Thanks again!

    1. It was my pleasure to feature that pretty and colorful necklace! :-) I hope somebody takes it off of your hands soon!!...As to the appointment, I'll keep you informed. O_O I'm hoping it goes well. We're getting up against it now!...Talk to you later. ♥


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